And what if the answer came from the ship itself?To view this episode’s full list of sources, please visit, In small-town Georgia, there’s a strange monument with bizarre instructions for reordering society. Reaching out for the skull with a stick, he stopped short as he realized that the skull was not from an animal, but from a human. During research for his 1969 book, “Murder by witchcraft”, Donald McCormick purportedly contacted an ex-Nazi called Herr Franz Rathgeb, who had spent time in the English Midlands during the war. He told Yuna that he had recurring nightmares where he saw the woman in the tree leering up at him.

It was wartime Britain and as such, food was heavily rationed, it was not uncommon for people to stretch the boundaries of the law for a good meal. The two academics were hoping for a pleasant trip. In the early 1900s, Eleanor Jourdain and Charlotte Moberly visited the Palace of Versailles.

In fear of reprisals, the boys decided to keep quiet about the skull and keep it amongst themselves.

The police then went back to the possibility that the woman was involved in some kind of covert operation for the Germans. (13), From poisoned partridges to false legs - Punt PI's top cases.  •  The process of making the hand of glory is written in a publication from 1722, named petit Albert and it reads as such: “Take the right or left hand of a felon who is hanging from a gibbet beside a highway; wrap it in part of a funeral pall and so wrapped squeeze it well. According to Jacks story, the woman was still alive when he left her. Outside of magical candles, Murray also cited her research into witchcraft and Covens.  • 

It stated that “whilst speaking to a Birmingham prostitute, she had told him that a woman named Bella who used to frequent the Hagley road had been missing for about three years.” This was presumably also followed up and lead nowhere as there are no more details of the prostitute named Bella. But though myths and stories surrounding the “Beast” are still around to this day, nobody knows what exactly was roaming through the area… To view this episode’s full list of sources, please visit, In September of 1890, inventor Louis Le Prince got on a train in Dijon, France, on his way to present his latest invention to the world… But no one saw him get off, and he was never heard from again.To view this episode’s full list of sources, please visit, On the last day of 1992, Debra and Tony Pickman moved into a rented house in Atchison, Kansas. Was the dead woman named “Luebbella?” The police were excited – that was a very unusual name and so it might be easy to track down a woman of that name in official reports or by talking to residents of the area.

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