4 0 obj In the United Kingdom, a snow and ice event occurred during … %��������� Then broke like glass. 0 Worst ice storm in known New England history. And always he noted where he placed his feet. x�Z�r����+��a�EޤBGN�;��e/�,D�$�j��*��+�@�9� �v�� ԏ���O_��|/d��8�Y���'�QJ���X�%n��uE=��u��ov�v�ihM�%�͊�Hfs���9ɚ�D���]?���٤��'Y,�5?�'�l���Xn�_ޖ#O�D����4?��g���CJɿe���.���aB�߀�a$y�$�䮪ʟ,ד܇wO��H�dv?f:W�>��+L��~��������? (Q��x�9a�PVia�P��� t��(t���V)+�62���J-�^8P��J���F�ދ� 4"��4Z�W��U{)��������P\5�U[�}�g��ϟt���j�-���mu�cx{64C{p �W��Dв:nnߵ���$�Oz�JW�.���^��Ӿ����� ����2ʉZ���t�h� �$�����Vo�����毎�����,���z� f�{HD���7��x��ʭ��;��Q�ؒ#o����|���|�e o�魀��i�'u�S��>�& Genre. How beautifull people MY NOTES said when things outside started to shine with ice. The theme is human nature, and human nature is how the young boys and the farmers reacted completely differently. What happened During The Ice Storm Man vs Nature: In Jim Heynen´s short story it´s the group of boys vs pheasants. 59 0 obj <>stream "What Happened During the Ice Storm" tells of an ice storm in a rural place. What Happened During the Ice Storm by Jim Heynen One winter there was a freezing rain. 40 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<83880A7B2C5411479EFD61CE0DC7010D><1448172B6A445B4D9BC4CE547B0078A0>]/Index[25 35]/Info 24 0 R/Length 89/Prev 161867/Root 26 0 R/Size 60/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream h�̚�o�6�����M ($i�]���>� ��$�\)�բ��ww�ɔ�$N�? “What Happen During the Ice Storm” by Jim Heynen Excerpts from Various Stories Exploring the Themes of Man vs. %PDF-1.3 Heynen, Jim. How beautiful! Short Story. Jim Heynen is a teacher, short story writer, and regular contributor to NPR's All Things Considered. %PDF-1.6 %���� �_�á�]�2zټ.��v;��nc��!x��w�A/��dN�d�ͺH�ע0C$�Zƭ`��. Overview . The story, What Happened During the Ice Storm, by Jim Heynen is about how one winter there was a freezing rain. Farmers moved their livestock into the barns, and most animals were safe. R:�֊� e�n�%ķ���U���!c��ܐ{��Q��i��j��R&�'Q����F'h�F��`V`��/�?�����&�5}�:}�y6�Ska,l�?)�i4I��. E8�Y���������'(����9�*�~m`�_Z�U��{N��V�kGۿ����AhFH��_߾bJ�~c���3�@�'p�b@�2 F���خV�U],��( ��:\�/����.,��uw3\{�3�K�2��4���`�4(��@�w�� �U]Xt#+yFEn Ǔ;�.k��]T�v��k��s�\o*�Y=j�J���4�aTy��[�":�T��� Author. How beautiful! The conflict between them was the pheasants are freezing and the group of boys warm them up by giving them their jackets and now they're freezing. What Happened During the lce Storm Unit 1 One winter there was a freezing rain. They saw dark spots along a fence. people said when things outside … Share/Print. Then broke like glass. The boys went out into the freezing rain to find pheasants too. A ice storm had ice up to 6" (15 cm) thick in northwestern Texas during January 22–24, 1940. Notable ice storms. What Happened During the Ice Storm written by Jim Heynen, the author was trying to show that the boys where caring.

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