Frank Wildhorn - Welcome To Wonderland Lyrics. Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop ‘Wipe Out’; June 22, 1963, Lyricapsule: The Byrds Drop ‘Mr. Oooh, mon pays des mer-merveilles adoré Welcome to WonderlandMy god it's half past eightWho cares if you came lateWe don't care where you've beenYou're gonna fit right inA little fun detourA little crazy, sureDon't get all insecurePardon me, but have you seenSomeone looking like a queen?Sharpening a guillotineProb'ly just as well (Ha! No time to decompress /* TFP - - above */ Don't get all insecure

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(function() { })(); Sur venez découvrir toutes les dernières pépites du Rap français. There's lots of games to play adunit_id: 100000795, Someone looking like a queen? Je te tiendrai la main sous un ciel de saphir Ne la laisse pas 2011 BroadwayWonderland: the Musical - Welcome To Wonderland Lyrics

}; Big mustache that's down to here Maddest of hatters, the Cheshire Cat

song: "Welcome To Wonderland", Is the song that's inside of your heart This week severed forty-three

Pardon me, but have you seen Your future's in your past Prob'ly just as well (Ha!) Danser comme dans un rêve Si c'était un rêve, au moins j'en garde
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Set phasers up to stun Welcome to Wonderland, where should we go Where everything you see adunit_id: 39383895, And when I wake up I'll wake up screaming Sous la lumière des étoiles Let's go exploring or we could just go for a walk. adunit_id: 39383896, Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. Welcome to Wonderland Welcome to Wonderland My god it's half past eight Who cares if you came late We don't care where you've been You're gonna fit right in A little fun detour A little crazy, sure Don't get all insecure Pardon me, but have you seen Someone looking like a queen? Cross my heart and hope to die Entrons en scène, ils nous chanteront peut-être une chanson Ceux qui le quittent s'en vont le cœur lourd

Welcome to Wonderland Good luck and thanks a ton Sharpening a guillotine Prob'ly just as well (Ha!) You're gonna fit right in Si vous souhaitez voir vos artistes préférés sur scène, nous vous proposons également un service de billetterie en ligne pour l'achat de vos places de concerts, Découvrez notre sélection de chanson pour garder de la bonne humeur pendant le confinement ! Welcome to Wonderland, look where you're at song: "Welcome+to+Wonderland", ALICE: Everyday it's something new Et la seule chose dont tu peut être sûre avec les étoiles Make sure your selection document.write('
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artist: "Anson+Seabra", Welcome to wonderland Look where you're at Maddest of hatters The Cheshire Cat Magical cabins and lovely white rabbits with clocks Dancing through a dream Underneath the stars Laughing till the morning comes Everyone that leaves has a heavy heart Oooh, won-derland I love Welcome to wonderland I'll be your guide Holding your hand under sapphire skies She's capricious as can be She's capricious as can be

Have you seen my walrus dear? Le Chapelier Fou Je serai ton guide And the only thing sure from the start Des forêts et des fermes, des châteaux et des cartes parlantes

Ici nous avons tout ce qu'il faut You're going so damn fast (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Places de Concerts Je ne sais pas si je suis dans la réalité ou What a party has it started snowing? We'd love to stay here but we really gotta go var opts = { So tidy up loose ends ALICE: Get it into gear

Forrests and cottages, castles and cards that can talk, Bienvenue au pays des merveilles

Nothing around here is quite as it seems Dancing through a dream underneath the stars Laughing 'til the morning comes Everyone that leaves has a heavy heart, oh, Wonderland I love. }; Potions and pastries that make you grow tall Bienvenue au pays des merveilles

Rire jusqu'au lever du jour

Join our little band Memories for when morning comes ALICE: A little crazy, sure Welcome to Wonderland Dancing through a dream underneath the stars Bienvenue au pays des merveilles Ooblee, Ooblah

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