During U-Turn's funeral, Clinique reveals that she is pregnant with Sanjay's baby, and decides not to give it up. She travels to Ren Mar for Celia's intervention. Ouellette agrees to bust Pouncy House so Silas and Shane can get a second chance to live legitimate lives. Peter grew increasingly hostile towards Nancy and is eventually killed.

On the finale of season 8, Doug makes amends with his gay son, Josh, that he had kicked out at a young age for coming out as gay; telling him that he had also messed up once himself by giving voluntary oral sex to a man. He and Guillermo take her hostage and briefly reclaim Stevie Ray.

Silas tried to seduce Adelita, but she sees him as lacking sufficient sophistication for her tastes. When they re-unite, Pilar orders a hit man to kill Nancy, which ends up hitting Shane in the arm accidentally.

2 Episodes (2005-2006), Devon K. Shepard

He has a habit of speaking in allusions, metaphors, and similes. 2 Episodes (2005-2006), Paul F. Tompkins

After the raid, Emma offers her customer base to him for a 20% cut. The leader expels Doug once he discovers the operation. Megan meets Silas at a party in an unfinished home in the Agrestic development. When the other Agrestic council members learn that Celia got a house from Groff, they refuse Majestic's request to build a sewer line under their town. In season three, it's revealed that Peter and Agent "Fundis" Fundislavsky had run an illegal operation of unknown design. In response, Esteban has Nancy kidnapped to give her a lecture and warns her not to walk through the tunnel. 2 Episodes (2008-2008), Julanne Chidi Hill Although they took to each other immediately, Nancy has many problems committing to their relationship. As he leaves, Nancy enters cardiac arrest.

Complications arise with Esteban's boss Pilar Zuazo at the end of the fifth season, and the family is forced into living on the run from Esteban and his men, as well as the American and Mexican authorities.

After Conrad attacks a college security guard who “jacked” Nancy's weed, Heylia orders him to stay away from Nancy, believing that his feelings for Nancy “brought out the stupid in him” and threaten Heylia's interests. Kid However, when he dates a woman hand-selected by Pilar, his desire for Nancy prompts him to return to her. Brad Doug moves to New York City with his adoptive family when Nancy leaves prison. He is the principal at Agrestic Elementary. After fleeing to Denmark, Andy becomes a tour guide under the name "Wonderful Wonderful Tours", much like the season five premiere episode, "Wonderful Wonderful". 1 Episode (2009), Carrie Fisher

At the beginning of season seven, he works as a pot messenger to the employees at Vehement.

He is Agent Scottson's partner within the DEA. She is very happy to see Shane again and offers to teach him to surf for an extra fee. While in prison, she made fermented yam wine in the toilet of her cell.

Associate Warden, Richard Olsen Andy is not overtly concerned because Esteban "is too big to fail", a reference to the 2008 US bank bailout.

He gets angry at her again and decides to leave the halfway house and go try to start his modeling career in New York City.

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