The following day, May 8, citizens around the world celebrated the news of “Victory in Europe (V-E) Day.” It was the first hurdle on the path to ending World War II. His deputy Nikita Khrushchev telephoned to congratulate the Soviet leader on his victory, and Stalin reportedly snapped at him, “Why are you bothering me? Here, VE Day veterans recount the powerful reunions and parties of 1945 - and share moving insight into what a “VC” day might look like, when we all emerge from lockdown.

They made me stateless.

In London, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill learned of the German surrender at 7:00 a.m. on May 7, but no official announcement was made until 7:40 that evening. Then, later, the Gestapo knocked on his childhood home’s door in Breslau, looking for his father. Eventually, he was transferred to a Luftwaffe camp, where he joined other prisoners of war. Stalin himself seemed less than enthusiastic. As in Wales and elsewhere, whatever reserves of sugar could be found were used to bake desserts and special treats. But the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the U.S. has sidelined those plans. The tide had changed in favor of the Allies after the Soviets held back the German army at Stalingrad, in a bitter five month campaign in 1942-43. 900 Ohio Drive SW 20024. A People’s Victory March in Christchurch drew 25,000. Events included speeches, thanksgiving services, and the singing of the national anthems of New Zealand, America and the Soviet Union. In Wales, street parties broke out. Let us get on with the war.” Now that Europe would no longer be receiving the bulk of troops and materiel, officers and enlisted personnel in the war against Japan hoped they would be given more men and equipment quickly, in order to end their war sooner. A century ago, his twin brother died in another pandemic. (The Republic of Ireland remained neutral during the war. The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia greeted V-E Day with the question, “Since when has it been customary to celebrate victory halfway through a contest?” The war with Japan had been the great threat to Australia itself, and the country’s sons were still fighting and dying in that war.
Harry Miller will tune in from his iPad; Cohn will also watch. V-E Day commemorates the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany to the Allied forces in 1945, ending World War II in Europe. Miller went by “Wing” and flew more than 20 missions as either a pilot or co-pilot. “I still get watery eyes whenever I think of these young guys that are still 19 years old,” Miller, 91, said as he fought back tears. “Immediately, the vision in my head was of my father’s business friend having been killed by the Gestapo when they took him to the headquarters,” Cohn told USA TODAY.

"It didn’t matter where you came from, how long you’d been here – we were Americans. A World War II vet died from coronavirus. Put your hands up and get rid of your gun. Parades were held again in 1985 and 1990, after which they have been held annually. Commemorations, including one scheduled at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., have either been postponed or adapted into virtual events.

In February 1945, gliding over Vienna, his plane – Sleepy Time Gal – took fire that struck the aircraft's bomb bay. “Obviously it was disappointing not to be at the (World War II Memorial), and it presented great challenges. President Harry S Truman announced the victory in Europe to the American people and appointed Sunday, May 13 — Mother’s Day, appropriately enough — a day of prayer for thanksgiving. V-E Day was observed on May 8, 1945, in Great Britain, Western Europe, the United States and Australia, and on May 9 in the Soviet Union and New Zealand. It’s the cemeteries. In 1975, the government announced there would be no official observance of the end of the war, which drew protests from veterans. “It’s not something that I will forget for a long time.”. Finally, Churchill growled that he was not going to give the Communist leader the satisfaction of holding up the news that was already spreading. New Orleans took on the appearance of Mardi Gras, with people dancing in the streets. Cohn said he “never really thought of it as a sacrifice,” reflecting back to when he was drafted. In the United States, President Harry Truman, who celebrated his 61st birthday that same day, dedicated the victory to his predecessor, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had died less than a month earlier on 12th April. I really didn’t feel strange at all. “It was different there,” he said. The experience won’t quite be the same, but all three veterans said they would be watching. The grateful Dutch joyously swarmed Canadian troop convoys, throwing flowers and sometimes knocking men from their tanks in the enthusiasm to thank them. In Belgium, the old buildings of Brussels that had witnessed so much history in a country known as “the crossroads of Europe” were illuminated by fireworks, spotlights and bonfires as thousands thronged the streets after the news was announced on the evening of May 7. This schism of our nation is really regrettable. English novelist Mollie Panter-Downes wrote in a letter that ran in New Yorker Magazine on May 19 that even dogs trotted along wearing immense tricolored bows, and “American sailors and laughing girls formed a conga line down the middle of Piccadilly.” Others, however, noted that many faces in the crowds were glum, too deeply affected by the war to be jubilant. It would be another four months before Japan would surrender to the Allies in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945, known as “Victory over Japan (V-J) Day.”.

Victory in Europe was welcome news to Allied troops in the Pacific and the China-Burma-India theaters of war. “Europe” was not placed after “Victory” for the Soviets’ Victory Day on May 9; it was simply Victory Day, marking the end of what they called the Great Patriotic War in which 25-30 million Soviet citizens had died, two-thirds of them civilians. Most importantly, the majority of factories would continue to hum, producing war materiel, although a few declared a holiday or planned to close at noon. Cohn’s father then left for the U.S., seeking to start legal immigration processes.
For the humble veterans, well-rooted in sacrifice, celebrations aren't what matters. The Allied forces of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and the Soviet Union had forced the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. The Home Office declared, “Bonfires will be allowed, but the government trusts that only material with no salvage value will be used.” The Board of Trade lifted rationing of cloth just a smidgen: “Until the end of May you may buy cotton bunting without coupons, as long as it is red, white or blue, and does not cost more than one shilling and three pence a square yard.”.

They escaped in 1938, when Cohn was 13. Eventually, she obtained a visitor’s visa. Upon entering the war in December 1941, the United States agreed on a “Europe first” strategy: concentrate on defeating Germany, Italy and their satellites rather than focusing the bulk of men and resources on the war in the Pacific. Germany’s partner in fascism, Italy, had switched sides in 1943, though many Italians continued to fight alongside their German comrades in Italy. It had to be defended.”. There was really no alternative.

“Because if my mother hadn’t done what she did – we walked out of the house leaving everything behind – by 1941, I would’ve been dead.”. Long live the cause of freedom! Italy, under the control of the fascist Benito Mussolini, was allied with Germany, and the two nations fought against the British (and later the Americans) in North Africa and Italy. “There are cemeteries all over this country full of them, and in Europe. But it actually presented greater opportunities because we are able to tell the story in a more comprehensive way and share it with a greater and potentially younger audience,” said Holly Rotondi, executive director of Friends. In Toronto, ticker tape and other paper rained down from the windows of businesses and from some Mosquito medium bombers that circled the tops of buildings.

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