Spec unleashes moves lethal enough to take out even the strongest of opponents in one strike, but Hanayama counters with improbable moves of his own. A convict himself, bounty hunter Biscuit Oliva is dispatched to Tokyo to apprehend the escaped inmates and thwart them from unleashing further chaos. A severely emaciated Baki faces Sea King Li, the greatest Poison Hand user in all of China.

Meanwhile, Baki provokes Yujiro into fighting him offstage. A legendary world heavyweight boxing champion reflects on his tense encounter with a young Yujiro Hanma. Known as the pinnacle master of Chinese martial arts, Sea King Retsu displays his masterful use of weaponry against a fully armed Hector Doyle. With all five death row escapees and their opponents assembled inside the underground arena, Tokugawa officially declares the beginning of battle. While out with Kozue, Baki is almost ambushed by Spec, but he's spared a fight when Kaoru suddenly appears to protect the couple from harm's way. A group of unlikely friends get together for an epic trading card tournament only to have a beautiful outsider turn everything on its head. Based on Harlan Coben's novel. While Baki and his allies discuss the events that transpired at his school, Dorian appears, infiltrating Tokugawa's heavily guarded compound. Decades later, a student uncovers its haunting secrets. The deadly fight between Kosho Shinogi and Doyle reaches its spectacular climax. After Ryukoh Yanagi escapes from prison, Inspector Sonoda attempts to locate the other death row inmates who wreaked havoc on Tokyo. Ambushed by Doyle while in class, Baki leads Doyle away from the classroom only to encounter Yanagi in disguise outside. A genius of Chinese kenpo, Retsu is the superior fighter, but Jaku's dirty techniques and tactical prowess make him a formidable foe. With Ricardo Chavira, Doua Moua, Elisha Kriis, Arielle Hader. 82 min I really enjoyed discovering "Tournament" and was impressed with the creative aspects of it throughout. Badly injured from his street fights, Alai Jr. returns to his hotel room. Boasting one million members nationwide, the Shinshinkai lures Dorian to an amusement park, where Kato's peer Suedo immediately strikes. Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy.

From Kiki's Delivery Service and ParaNorman to Coraline check out some of our favorite family-friendly movie picks to watch this Halloween. While searching the police database for clues, an unsuspecting Biscuit Oliva is ambushed by Doyle, who shows up dressed as a female police officer. Yujiro Hanma is known as the strongest creature on Earth. Deeming the escaped inmates a security threat to Tokyo, Police Chief Sonoda seeks help from law enforcement agency leaders from around the world.

Directed by Patricia DiSalvo Viayra. Sea King Chin and Japan's sole Sea King, Jaku, battle on the tournament floor. With Ryukoh Yanagi's Poison Hand no longer a threat, Yujiro Hanma urges him to admit defeat against the sword-wielding jujutsu fighter Izo Motobe. Death row escapee Dorian barges into the Shinshinkai Dojo and is confronted by Sea King Retsu, who's there coaching students in Chinese martial arts. Tokugawa pays a visit to Ryukoh Yanagi's master. Baki's half-brother Jack Hammer challenges Sikorsky at a local park, where a battle inside the most inconceivable of places goes down. It's brute strength versus iai kenpo.

Tokugawa learns of the Poison Hand: the ultimate killer move of the "kudo" martial art form. The Tournament Trail is the largest circuit of Great Lakes Salmon & Trout Tournaments anywhere.

Kiyosumi Kato, known as one of the strongest fighters of Shinshinkai Karate, confronts Dorian deep inside his secret underground hideout. Underground martial arts promoter Tokugawa warns champion Baki that five violent death row escapees from around the world are all heading for Tokyo. A newly invigorated Baki easily handles attacks from both Ryukoh Yanagi and Sikorsky, but before finishing them off, Baki makes an unusual move. While Baki easily subdues the thugs hired by delinquents from his own school, death row escapee Spec pays a visit to assess the champion's abilities. Even though he's been poisoned, Sea King Retsu enters Baki into the Great Raitai Tournament in China. 29 talking about this. The song is used in the last few minutes of the film and in the end credits. Granted special entry into the Great Raitai Tournament, a poisoned Baki now faces fighters in China, where the next true Sea Emperor will be chosen. Death, defiance and despair beset a high school in 1960s Taiwan.

In the underground battle arena, Gaia’s unorthodox fighting method slowly wears down Sikorsky. Sea Emperor Kaku is the embodiment of Chinese kenpo. Baki: Part 2 (Trailer) Baki (Trailer) Season 2 Trailer 2: Baki. Baki takes the next step in his relationship with Kozue. The match's shocking outcome stuns everyone.   | 

Clive Farrington of the famous 80s band "When In Rome" wrote a song for the film with the composer, Pancho Burgos-Goizueta. Retsu pleads with his mentor, Sea King Ryu, to grant a mortally poisoned Baki special entry into the Raitai martial arts tournament. After Spain's biggest music star accidentally dies during a concert, a fan seizes the chance to escape his mundane life by adopting his idol's persona. Ten years ago, he lost two loved ones. Alai Jr. proposes to Kozue, who's dumbfounded. Alai Jr.'s deadly speed makes quick work of his opponent. There his father, the greatest boxer of all time, challenges him to a match. Alai Jr. continues testing his skill against notable fighters, but Baki's half-brother Jack Hammer is unlike any combatant he's faced before. In this stop-motion short film, a bird raised by mice begins to question where she belongs and sets off on a daring journey of self-discovery. Sikorsky lures Baki into battle with help from an unlikely source.

Biscuit Oliva's sheer power is unrivaled, but Shobun Ron and his unconventional fighting stance are unbothered.

Interior designer Benjamin “Mr. Biscuit Oliva arrives in Tokyo to capture the remaining convicts.

A group of unlikely friends get together for an epic trading card tournament only to have a beautiful outsider turn everything on its head. Meanwhile, Yujiro pays a visit to an unsuspecting Baki and Kozue.

View production, box office, & company info. Episodes ... Release year: 2018. After setting off an explosion inside Shinshinkai's dojo, Doyle is confronted by its founder, Doppo. A battle unlike any other begins! To prove he's a better man than Baki, Alai Jr. challenges the elderly aikido master Goki Shibukawa. Christmas” Bradley works with a trusty team of "elves” to help families transform their homes for the holidays. Fast paced with lots of quirky and fun dialogue- it was entertaining from beginning to end.

Biscuit Oliva thinks he should get a black belt if he can score a point against every officer on the judo team, but Sonoda resists giving him one. As Dorian's past comes to light, Shinshinkai founder and "tiger killer" Doppo Orochi takes him on in an all-out karate versus kempo battle. Nobunaga Shimazaki, Akio Otsuka, Takayuki Sugo, The Great Raitai Tournament Saga Trailer: Baki, The Great Raitai Tournament Saga Trailer 2: Baki.

While martial arts champion Baki Hanma trains hard to surpass his legendary father, five violent death row inmates descend upon Tokyo to take him on. Mohammad Alai Jr. tests a battle-eager Yujiro. Yujiro pits his raw power against Kaku's martial arts skills, which he's honed for over a century. A convict himself, bounty hunter Biscuit Oliva is dispatched to Tokyo to apprehend the escaped inmates and thwart them from unleashing further chaos. It’s Baki versus Alai Jr., and the winner is anyone's guess. Doppo Orochi pummels the life out of terror-stricken Dorian before bringing the equally injured Kiyosumi Kato over to administer the finishing blows. The Great Raitai Tournament Saga Trailer: Baki.

For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Sea Emperor Kaku is 121 years older than his opponent, but the legendary reigning champion doesn't hesitate to face Sea King Samwan in the arena. A battle between the sons of two legendary fighters begins deep below Tokyo Dome. When his fiancée disappears, he must uncover buried secrets — or lose everything.

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