1.) Premium Jerry is thrown into a "paralysis of grief," and his wife, Nancy, begins to think he might be clinically depressed. People like Dan Dalgard and Bill Volt aren't necessarily careless, but like the veterinarian at Marburg, they are unaware of the possibility of a virus like Ebola and fail to grasp the gravity of what might be occurring in the monkey house initially. leader of reston biohazard operation, what was the purpose of the conversation between Jahrling and Geisbert after thanksgiving, to determine if it was necessary to turn themselves into the slammer, what came of the conversation between Jahrling and Geisbert after thanksgiving, they did cited not to tell CJ which results in them not going to the slammer, describe Jahrlings test with the monkey virus samples, he used three different blood samples from three different Filo viruses and input the monkey virus to see if it would react, what were the results of Jahrlings test with the monkey virus, what is meant by a "chain of command" in relation to biohazard work, protocol and procedures of dealing with a virus, Who is Jarvis Purdy and what happened to him, he worked at the monkey house and received a heart attack, how were the dead monkeys shipped to for Detrick, double wrapped in plastic garbage bags and carried in the trunks of a red Toyota, what were the results of the monkey autopsy, they were inconclusive it show that the monkeys could have Ebola SHF or both, euthanize monkeys in one room to see if the virus spreads gather scientific specimens and ensure human safety. Chapter 11, - Blood, Malaria, Infection 1216  Words | The Hot Zone: A Scary Truth Veterinarian Dan Dalgard is on call to take care of monkeys if they become sick at the Reston Primate Quarantine Unit. Chapter 13, - disease-causing agent smaller than a bacterium, consisting of a shell made of proteins and membranes and a core containing DNA or RNA. Chapter 1, - Chapter 20, - The first is temperature; if a country lies near the equator it tends to be hot; but if it’s near the poles it tends to be colder. AIrborne, in water, direct contact, through blood. She actually wanted to get into the Level 4, or the highest-risk part of the program, because there is no vaccine for those agents. The word is divided into 6 climate zones. She actually wanted to get into the Level 4, or the highest-risk. 2.)

A country can also have a cold climate if it’s very mountainous with most of its land sitting well above sea level. Chapter 22, - The monkey house itself comes to symbolize the Ebola virus, threatening to destroy an unassuming suburban community from the inside out as a kind of "virus bomb." Copyright © 2016. Raphael, a fourteen year old dumpsite boy narrates this part of the story and it entails many interesting ideas about the Behala dumpsite. Dan worries there might be some kind of infectious agent going around the monkeys, possibly simian fever, which isn't a threat to humans. Human oversight and carelessness also seem to have played a role in exacerbating the potential for destruction by ignoring warning signs of sick animals.

24 Oct. 2020. Chapter One Course Hero, Inc. As a reminder, you may only use Course Hero content for your own personal use and may not copy, distribute, or otherwise exploit it for any other purpose. chapters 1-6, Part 1 2. After opening them up, he is disturbed by what he finds and called Dan back to have a look.

Drivers were the carriers of this disease and spread it when they traveled from town to town Premium Chapter 18, - The frightening spread of the EVD (Ebolavirus). May 17, 2019. Chapter 30, - Course Hero. Nancy Jaax is often depicted at home caring for her family or handling hot agents in a space suit. Stuck? Chapter 17, - 3  Pages. This section details Charles Monet’s visit to Kitum cave, which is located in Mount Elgon, Kenya. One room, in particular, seems to have been where most of the deaths occurred. In this laboratory, monkeys being used in scientific experiments quickly sicken and die due to a filovirus... three ways the Kinshasa Highways quickened the spread of the HIV virus. Humans and monkeys share a close enough makeup that a virus seems to jump easily from one to another, but humans use monkeys for research in the hopes of saving humanity from the very viruses that can wipe out monkeys. outbreak that occurs in a suburban Washington, D.C. laboratory in 1989. 39  Pages. Chapter 8, -

The story begins on New Year's Day, 1980, when Charles and a woman take an overnight trip to Mount Elgon, a formerly active volcano. After returning to his quiet life, Monet becomes ill. Reston, Virginia, Ebola, Viral hemorrhagic fever 1423  Words | Upload them to earn free Course Hero access! Each year, around 16,000 wild monkeys are imported into the United States. In October 1989 Hazleton Research Products accepts a shipment of 100 wild monkeys from the Philippines, known as crab-eating monkeys, a species that does not get along with humans. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. PART ONE: THE SHADOW OF MOUNT ELGON Preston often juxtaposes the seeming normality of human settings with the extreme and tense environment of a place like the Level 4 hot zone or the foreign nature of a place like Kitum Cave.

Find a summary of this and each chapter of The Hot Zone! Accessed October 24, 2020. https://www.coursehero.com/lit/The-Hot-Zone/. Wind direction can also influence climate. The Hot Zone Summary. Chapter 9, - Chapter 21, -

The Reader, Prison cell, The Police 2384  Words | If winds are being blow from a hot area they will raise temperatures, the opposite is also true. Section 1: The Shadow of Mount Elgon Chapter 26, -

Purpose: to identify the strain and determine how it travels.” Chapter 5, -

6  Pages. Richard Preston wrote a New Yorker article titled "Crisis in the Hot Zone" in 1992. a. Is the first to realize the virus is a Filo virus, what significant event occurred over the Thanksgiving holiday in the monkey house, five monkeys died in room H three rooms down from F making him worry that it was not just SFH.

The Hot Zone 3.)

Premium c. Drivers often enter different towns, StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. They are also known as Biosafety Level 4 agents because they are extremely dangerous to humans and have no treatments or cure. Chapter 6, - A week later, three more monkeys die. 3  Pages.

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