I thought this book was tender and poignant, and the characters, particularly Lucky, were very sympathetic and three-dimensional. I did enjoy this book, though I didn't think it necessarily merited a Newberry. This is a special book, perfect for children. This is one Newbery winner that definitely earned the distinction! And yet all of this comes to pass. Does it make sense for the author to take a heroine who has been enormously likeable and sympathetic through 75% of the book and (with just a few strokes) turn her into an unrepentant mean-tempered brat at the very end? They huddle together until the storm subsides and everyone comes looking for them. The Higher Power of Lucky tells the story of Lucky, an anxiety-ridden ten-year-old girl in the dusty Mojave village of Hard Pan, population: 43. This particular winner typifies my dislike for the winning choices. "It is just not a well written story.". Outside of town, however, she finds Miles, lost and injured in the storm, and takes him with her. We’d love your help. Ten-year-old Lucky lives with her guardian in a vivid little desert town. I say this realizing the intent of the prose--to channel a child's voice and often fluid and imaginative thought process without succumbing to a traditional style of narrative. We've got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day. Pub. Her mother died only a couple years ago, and to her knowledge, she has never met her father.
Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. THE HIGHER POWER OF LUCKY (Genre: Fiction/Young Adult) Bibliographic Data Title: The Higher Power of Lucky Author: Susan Patron Illustrator: Matt Phelan Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publication Date: February 2007 ISBN: 9781416901945 Plot Summary: Lucky, a ten-year-old girl, struggles with her life in Hard Pan, California. The trust issues these events may have elicited a greater fear about people leaving her, and to avoid this pain, this may be the reason why she decided to run away first.

Must have been a rough town . Brigette, her father's exwife, leaves her home in France to take care of her. So Lucky and her guardian, Brigitte, live in their trailer-home in the tiny, impoverished desert community of Hard Pan, subsisting on government surplus food and the occasional support check her father sends. In this particular case, I think it worked better than, say, Criss Cross, because THPOL really is about being in a town that’s perfectly happy with the status quo. When she discovers Brigette's suitcase and passport lying out, she becomes convinced that Brigitte will abandon her and return to France. I do like that Brigitte is French. To avoid being dumped in an orphanage, Lucky decides to run away and live in the desert. Summary Lucky is a young girl who lives with her guardian, Brigitte, in a tiny, California desert town named Hard Pan.

I'll admit that aside from reading mostly serious fiction, I read a lot of children's books as well, although only seldom do I review one. Lucky is honestly portrayed, and I truly felt that many 10-year-olds could relate to the way Lucky thinks and behaves.

Genre: Modern Realistic Fiction As silly as this is, I feel like I have to get that out of the way however, because in reality, while the "scrotum" issue is ridiculous, there are a fair share of legitimate problems with this book (Newbery Award notwithstanding). Date: 2006. She wishes she could have Brigette stay with her, but she knows she misses France.

(Thank you, censorship flunkies!)

Not many authors succeed to come close to this benchmark, but. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Strange and somewhat funny.

To be honest I felt like all the characters were lacking.

I didn't. ( Log Out / 

[6][7] Kristen McLean, executive director of the Association of Booksellers for Children, provided the industry's response.
This is a Newbery Medal winning book. After the death of her mother two years ago, and being abandoned by her father, Lucky is in the care of her father's first wife, a French woman named Brigitte. I've made it a habit to read the Newbery Medal winning books, and often I read the runners-up as well. Ten year old Lucky struggles to find her place.

To see what your friends thought of this book, I don't know because it did not explain it to anybody, The Higher Power of Lucky (The Hard Pan Trilogy, #1). After her mother died two years ago from being electrocuted, her father called upon his first ex-wife, Brigitte, to come to the United States from France to take care of Lucky.

The group is speaking about an elusive mystery called the "Higher Power." The Higher Power of Lucky.

Reading this book was like eating raw broccoli. Patron has served on many book award committees, including the. Those who listen carefully can find comfort in the experiences of others. And for a plot so blatantly convenient--the conveniences could at least be a smidge more believable. There is a lot of talk about scrotum in this story. The main character, Lucky, was quirky and intelligent and her adventures were entertaining and ultimately heartwarming. Leave this one on the shelf, it stinks. In all, though, an excellent story that deals subtly yet astutely in themes of class difference, friendship, death and loss, sadness and kindness.

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