The show was originally going to be set in Illinois but the WB network asked creator Mark Schwahn to set it in a warmer climate, which is how it ended up set in North Carolina. Haley adds another finger, her thumb pressing against her clit as the hand on her breast pinches her nipple. Nathan convinces coach Bobby Irons to field him instead of dumb selfish Devon, who still turns out to be a family man too. The Comet was a romantic novel that revolved around a scientist who felt as though he was lost in the world. She got in the passenger side and fastened her seatbelt while he did the same on the driver's side. To Chase's pleasure, weddings make Mia frisky. She thinks for a moment that she'll tease him about it, feign anger, but when she sees the defeated expression on his face, she knows she can't do it. He glares at her but she only grins in amusement. She wasn't in the mood to go down memory lane, she didn't need reminding of their history, it was painful enough already. "Need to get in this car before I take you right here," he growls harshly, his breath hot against her cheek. With her hands shaking she slowly lifted it from the bed and made herself comfortable preparing herself for a few hours of none stop reading. "So what did you want to show me?" "So what happened?" He starts slowly, taking measured breaths to calm the lust burning fire through him, and leans back. He noticed the nervous expression cross her face and the few steps back she had taken. She grips his arms tightly to maintain her balance as she becomes lost in the kiss. I may not have realised it at the time but I know for sure now. Nathan asks as he scrambles to lift the front seat and climb into the backseat. He had said 'I do' but his fiancée convinced herself that his current book was an epic love story about his ex girlfriend Peyton Sawyer and as a result she left him, she couldn't go through with it because she refused to live a lie and be second place in his heart. He had finally come to the realisation that it was Peyton all along, she was his comet, he finally realised what Lindsey was trying to say and he cried because he knew he didn't deserve another chance, he had already broken her so much. Those words, those four simple words 'I'll be seeing ya' triggered a series of flashbacks, of important memories, memories that had been locked away deep in the bottom of his heart for the longest time, and they were now all flooding back. Before she closed the door she smiled and said, "Thanks for the ride…I'll be seeing ya I guess" She then turned around and walked away as he just watched with a longing look in his eyes. Haley braves the dictatorial new principal's threat to her job ... Nathan can't be home on his wedding anniversary, so Haley comes to Charleston to arrange a romantic dinner in a run-down but charming townhouse. As an original, core character on the show, it is only fitting for Lucas’ car to be a classic to match. He smiled but she didn't return the gesture. With Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Lenz. Nathan and Haley are considering a better school for genius Jamie, but doubt that academic excellence outweighs posh elitism and absence of sports. "It's not Luke.". I just wanted to check is it - Black exterior, red interior, it was a convertible with a white roof? As he got closer the car seemed all the more familiar. "I know but I had to apologise to your face, I feel so bad Peyton I never meant anything I said". He stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets; a nervous habit he never could get rid of. Although it was not met with the same enthusiasm as his original novel, it did come across some success. He complies with no hesitation, and Haley giggles when, in his haste, Nathan flails around and nearly tumbles to the floorboard. See more articles by Meg. ", "Technically, it would be in the Comet, which is sitting in our driveway.". saw this today driving around. . Seeing newborn Sawyer restores his will to live. He now cautiously edged closer towards her and made his presence known. . She has all the sympathy in the world for Peyton right now, and if she comes looking for Nathan for stealing the Comet, Haley will gladly point her in his direction.

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