Of course many sixteenth century portraits of learned men contain objects that reflect their occupations and interests, but Holbein's picture is particularly impressive owing to its extraordinary attention to detail, and the sheer amount of information it contains.

In our studios each day you would be likely to cast your eyes upon such a huge variety of different styles, from Renaissance to Cubist; the range may cause your head to spin, leaving your nose where your eyes once were! Foister Holbein and England, London and New Haven 2004S. Your painting will last a lifetime. Ordering from us is risk-free.

Every painting that comes out of our studio is a genuine masterpiece and each stroke, texture and nuance is created by hand in the same way the original paintings were created. Jochen Sander has recently argued that at least one assistant produced works while Holbein was in England in 1526-8.

Anatomy lessons were quite fashionable at the time. The complex scene means it can be viewed again and again, with new detail coming to light each time

The other is the quality of Holbein's work: no imitator could easily reach the level of his achievements in painting or drawing or composition.

However, the painting was made to memorialize its human subjects, namely Jean de Dinteville, French ambassador to England and his friend Georges de Selve, Bishop of Lavaur. You don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate this painting. 14525 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR, 97005, Commissioning a Portrait – old way vs new way, Hotel Art: Why hotels hang paintings (and why you should too), Choosing a painting- So you want to give someone a painting…. Though settled in Basel by 1516, he was born in Augsburg in southern Germany. You can visit this page to know more information about this painting. He died in London in 1543. The Ambassadors. Nevertheless, Holbein's work has usually seemed isolated from the rest of the production of the English sixteenth century. X. Brooke and D. Crombie, Henry VIII Revealed: Holbein's Portrait and its Legacy, exhibition catalogue, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 2003L. We use NO printing, pressing or technological techniques to create our paintings. Whilst Holbein also uses a similar range of materials his techniques and styles are again different in certain respects, and his accomplishment as a painter is extraordinary.

We're so confident in the quality of our work that we'll refund your money in full if you are unhappy. Hans Holbein: Paintings, Prints and Reception. The Ambassadors from 1533 is Hans Holbein the Younger's most famous painting and is also amongst the highlights of the National Gallery's collection in London, taking a prominent position within its permanent display. All our art is painted in the Company of Painters' art studios. In the Museum of Modern Art in New York since 1941.

The influence of Holbein's portrait patterns clearly continued after his death: the recent Walker Art Gallery exhibition explored the relationship between the image of Henry VIII he created for Whitehall and a number of full-length portraits of Henry VIII. The lute’s broken string suggests ecclesiastical disharmony during the Reformation.

No printing or digital techniques will be used. ), Early Northern European Painting, National Gallery Technical Bulletin 18, 1997S. Two reasons stand out: one is that Holbein was a German painter, and, apart from Gerlach Flicke, from northern Germany, other artists whose work survives were Netherlandish or English. It’s a “great” painting, in impact, size, and meaning The painting was commissioned by the government of Spain and was one of the first modern paintings to show the horrors of war In Basel none are documented, though Holbein was offered a licence to sell his work abroad, which might suggest a sizeable production. Campbell, S. Foister, A. Roy (eds.

This is a 100% handmade oil painting, painted by an experienced artist. 97-107J. All paintings are shipped in a dual layer protective tube. Studies in the History of Art 60 National Gallery of Art, Washington, New Haven and London 2001 pp. Search over 215,000 works, 150,000 of which are illustrated from the 16th Century to the present day. The French church was also torn over the question of the Reformation. As an alien until 1541 he could not legally employ assistants in England, though his position at court might have offered protection in doing so. The complicated use of books and scientific instruments suggest that the artist intended to represent contradictions during the time he painted the artwork. The Ambassadors 1533 (NG 1314) is a large and complex picture, with simple, economical techniques for the carpet and curtain, but bravura painting of Dinteville's pink satin sleeve and minute application of mordant gilding for the tassel of his sword. The scene shows events after Napoleon had tricked the Spanish leadership into allowing his troops into the country…a good talking point on which to educate any curious guests who ask about the painting! Holbein's Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling c.1527 (NG 6540) shows his mastery of painting wet-in-wet to suggest the squirrel's toffee-like fur as well as the small pelts of ermine making up the sitter's fur hat. The original was a huge painting.

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