Newspaper illustrator John Moore meets with criminal psychologist (alienist) Dr. Laszlo Kreizler to investigate a serial killer in New York during the late 19th century. During their visit to his farm in Massachusetts, Adam Dury reveals that he and his brother had been raised in an unhappy home. However, it is important to note that Sara’s purpose in the novel in terms of social commentary is not strictly historical, as Caleb Carr pointed out in an interview with Salon in 1997: I wanted to write a book with a female character whose reasons for being in the story did not depend on her falling in love with somebody. He appeared within The Alienist as the conductor for Don Giovanni. Franz Boas is a famous anthropologist.

Mr. Harper runs an accounts settled office that employed John Beecham as a debt collector prior to the events of The Alienist.

George sexually abused Japheth during his stay on the farm and it is assumed this is why Japheth chose to go by the name John Beecham later in life.

Comstock is not alone in his concerns, with J. P. Morgan joining Comstock in expressing his misgivings about the implications of Dr. Kreizler’s theory as well. One of Theodore and Edith Roosevelt’s daughters, met very briefly within The Alienist. He is mentioned several times within The Angel of Darkness as Kat and Libby Hatch are both involved with the Dusters.

He is an eccentric artist who is able to provide the team with a recommendation for a sketch artist who is required to get a likeness of Libby Hatch within The Angel of Darkness. A famous psychologist who taught Dr. Kreizler, John Moore, and Theodore Roosevelt in an undergraduate psychology course in 1877 at Harvard. Mr. Howard is Sara Howard’s father and a point of interest for Sara’s character. It is an influential and cheap newspaper that pushed for the Spanish-American War during the time Theodore Roosevelt was in the Navy. Upon hearing this story, it becomes clear to Dr. Kreizler and John Moore that Japheth Dury was likely the murderer of his own parents, and that he and John Beecham were really the same person, with Japheth having taken the surname of his abuser after fleeing his parents’ murder scene. It is believed that Matthew and Thomas Hatch’s father is really the Reverend. The engagement, however, was called off two years prior to the events of The Alienist. Smart as you are, you could be a scientist, a doctor, even—”, “So could you, John,” she answered sharply.

She isn’t admitted on the basis that her misbehaviour is due to a physical condition. Harriet is Mrs. Moore’s maid and housekeeper within The Alienist.

Yet I fear that your work does unsettle the spiritual repose of many of our city’s citizens, and undermines the strength of our societal fabric.

Miss Julia Pratt of Washington used to be John Moore’s fiancee.

He is mentioned briefly within The Angel of Darkness as Stevie worked for him before becoming Dr. Kreizler’s ward. After his father’s sudden death, he took over his work.


French baritone who appears within an opera in The Alienist. Leader of the Hudson Dusters, a gang that operates on the West Side and the waterfront below Fourteenth Street. A friend of one of John Beecham’s victims within The Alienist (Ali ibn-Ghazi) who befriends John Moore.

In public he was seen as being extroverted and charming, but in private he was abusive to his wife and children: he shattered Dr. Kreizler’s arm when the Doctor was a child, and was also emotionally abusive to his son. Beecham was never — in childhood nor adulthood — given the space to heal from his trauma. Nosy makes a brief appearance in The Angel of Darkness when he and his friends find decapitated torso in the river. The terrible incident resulted in an unwanted pregnancy that led to the birth of the couple’s youngest son, Japheth.

He is more concerned about the political implications of making his daughter’s abduction public than about her being harmed.

Several years prior to the events of The Alienist, however, he died in a “shooting accident”.

New Year’s Eve in 2014, however, is a particularly noteworthy date for 17th Street. Winter. Lieutenant of the United States Navy. Within The Angel of Darkness, he is one of Clara Hatch’s foster siblings. Mentioned within The Angel of Darkness, Judge Reinhart is in charge of the initial hearing into Paulie McPherson’s death at the Kreizler Institute. Like Ali, he also works at Scotch Ann’s Golden Rule Pleasure Club. Police reporter for the Post, met briefly within The Alienist. With Daniel Brühl, Dakota Fanning, Luke Evans, Robert Wisdom. Sister of Samuel Rieter who is also poisoned by her grandfather within The Alienist.

Runs the “kids auxiliary” of the Hudson Dusters, a gang led by Goo Goo Knox.

Writer of “The Law of Civilisation and Decay”, he is a critic of capitalism and during the 1890s he suggests that a war is needed to “reinvigorate” the American population. Prior to the events of The Alienist, John Beecham rented a room from Mrs. Piedmont, an elderly lady who is obsessive about her pet cats. The Hungarian mother of Berthe who speaks very little English and therefore has difficulty understanding Dr. Kreizler’s assessment of her daughter within The Alienist. As with her brother, Sofia was also murdered by John Beecham. He had another sibling who was also murdered in the same event, Thomas Hatch.

Sara’s inclusion in the novel as an intelligent, fiery, competent, and determinedly single-minded woman with the goal of becoming New York’s first female police officer is no accident. The Alienist opens when a series of haunting, gruesome murders of boy prostitutes grips New York City.

Ruth is the wife of Josiah Weston and foster mother of Clara Hatch. The doorman of John Moore’s apartment building at Number 34 Gramercy Park. He died of a heart attack on the day he finished the building work, probably due to Libby poisoning him. Reverend Parker was Libby Hatch’s lover while she was married to Daniel Hatch in Ballston Spa.

By the time of the events in The Alienist, he had suffered from a stroke and was living as a recluse. Mr. Zweig is the father of two children who were murdered by John Beecham. A young girl who is murdered by Henry Wolff within The Alienist. A patient of Dr. Kreizler who commits suicide just prior to The Angel of Darkness. Stevie used to belong to the same gang prior to becoming Dr. Kreizler’s ward.

He is mentioned within The Alienist and The Angel of Darkness as the restaurant is an important setting for many of the scenes in both of the books. One of the most famous serial killers of the 19th century. Interviewed by John Moore and Dr. Kreizler because he and Mrs Vanderbilt had employed Libby Hatch three years prior to the events of The Angel of Darkness. The mother of Stevie Taggert who relyed on her son to financially support her alcohol addiction.

Puzzled about why Kelly, a notorious gangster, might have decided to help the doctor in such an essential way given his efforts to cause mayhem and disruption earlier in the investigation (see Part One), one of the final scenes in the novel involves John visiting Kelly at the latter’s New Brighton Dance Hall. Comstock claims during this meeting that he believes it is Dr. Kreizler’s intent to “spread unrest by discrediting the values of the American family and society” through the pursuit of an investigation that relies heavily on a theory founded in psychological determinism being found to have merit; specifically, Dr. Kreizler’s theory of “context” in which it is proposed that an individual’s personality and behavior in adulthood is determined by his or her experiences during infancy and childhood. She kept him drugged for many months and eventually murdered him. Within The Alienist, it is found that George Beecham had been hired to work on the Dury farm when Japheth Dury (aka John Beecham) had been a boy. He was never afforded a connection with anyone … The only survivor of the attack was their youngest son, Japheth Dury, who was said to have been kidnapped by his parents’ killers.

A fourteen year old victim of John Beecham within The Alienist. Artistic License in Historical Fiction Hickie is a youth that Stevie knows from his time as a street kid.

He is met briefly within The Angel of Darkness. He was a prostitute who dressed as a girl and worked out of Biff Ellison’s Paresis Hall on Cooper Square. Murdered by John Beecham and found in a water tower. She is considered second to Melba during the era in which the books are set and John Moore refers to her as “she of the legs”. Was also J.P. Morgan’s personal physician.

“Castle in the Sky” is a surprisingly bright conclusion. They were going to marry but before this happened, the Doctor realised that she was a similar character to his mother and he didn’t really love her. Her harsh treatment of her son played an important role within his later development. Hearst is mentioned briefly within The Angel of Darkness as he owned The New York Journal. He is mentioned several times within The Alienist as John Moore’s grandmother is afraid he might escape from his jail cell before his execution. Theodore and Edith Roosevelt’s youngest child at the time of The Alienist. She was found with her brother in a water tower several years prior to the events of The Alienist.

Clara Hatch’s brother who was murdered by his mother, Libby Hatch, prior to the events of The Angel of Darkness.

He is mentioned briefly within The Angel of Darkness as he is a friend of Dr. Kreizler.

Select a Quote “If the need for salvation did not exist, the church would surely find its invention necessary.” “The water was innocent, Caroline.

He indirectly helps the investigation in The Alienist via the phone. As early as Chapter 5 in The Alienist when we are introduced to Sara Howard, a close childhood friend of John Moore and one of the first female police secretaries, the unique experiences—and frustrations—of women in New York society of 1896 are brought to our attention. Important to the formation of Libby Hatch’s character within The Angel of Darkness, Daniel was Libby’s husband while she lived in Ballston Spa. Mrs. Isaacson is the mother of Marcus and Lucius Isaacson who is spoken to briefly within The Angel of Darkness by Stevie Taggert on the phone.

Herr Höpner is a lower-class German whose daughter was enrolled at the Kreizler Institute without his permission. She is a friend of Sara Howard who went slumming one night with the intention to meet Paul Kelly. Sick Louie makes a brief appearance in The Angel of Darkness when he finds a decapitated torso in the river. Adding to Japheth’s traumatic youth, he was also violently raped by a farmhand named George Beecham who his older brother had mistakenly entrusted to care for him while on one of their hunting trips when he was only eleven years old. A recap of TNT’s ‘The Alienist’ finale episode 10 starring Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, and Dakota Fanning. The meeting helps the team gain important information about Libby’s past before she arrived in New York City.

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