Grab a fresh mug of coffee and sit a spell for ideas, encouragement, and to refresh your heart! 8.6 What suggestion does father make about determining if something is edible? Write about it. – If you were one of the Robinsons, would you have chosen to leave the island? Your email address will not be published. because its recklace, boys out of controll. 2.2 What items did they decide to take ashore with them? – Start keeping a nature study journal like Ernest and sketch any birds, beasts, and flowers you come across as you’re out and about. 37.3 What two things does Fritz want to build on Shark Island? Join thousands of homeschoolers in the Everyday Graces Homeschool Community! DK Eyewitness Books- Amphibian– Barry Clarke, The Swiss Family Robinson Maps Iguanas Kangaroos and Other Marsupials Robinson Crusoe Condors From Seed to Plant DK Eyewitness Fish Pocket Genius Mammals Birds Every Child Should Know Ultimate Reptileopedia DK Eyewitness Amphibian.

(Ch.11; Science, Art, Critical Thinking) (Ch.13; Critical Thinking; Character) 4.7 When they return to the beach, what is for dinner and how did they get? �Lpjl;����=�R�y����ӓZ��r�ҷ��O�+���}�ƨ�7J���\ᖮ���fT}�UC��^��/T�G⣮;uZ��T\�P�/.je���|�X]�Sݻ };C=�U�کj&��^�F���u�Ѵ��aDq^��Z���V/�mմjP�W���[��/���՞5��h�Z�v��[�/S�1�P5�B�b��մj�z��峧?O�TSu�U��׻�la�L;T����3��}U�mL�xh}��'���§|�.���]��|./�Ť�7�0�J>PnD�ʳ�?sPµ*��gx ��U�=�or�L3�C�M}�%(1�bɋ��D\WZk��Je�4m_uèN[�:��g��n��^ ����A�������ԓW�?���࢑��ůQ�4�U7N�XK�� soundly prowess reckless drawing courage earnestness utmost wetting 1. 12.3 Describe some of the valuable items they decide to bring back? My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not!

14.6 Why do you think he keeps this idea a secret from the boys? Maps– Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski Vocabulary: Choose a word from the list to complete each sentence. 32.8 Why is the final statement in this chapter ironic?

It’s wonderful to combine the two and have all sorts of hands-on learning. wants something swifter/more managable/ faster/easier. 9.10 In waht did they sleep that first night?

34.2 What new item does father make to assist him with the newly killed animals? Answer: The masts had torn apart and gone to the side of the ship, leaks appeared in every direction, and the ship began to fill with water. What other animals live there that cannot be found elsewhere?

16.9 What does father give the boys to make it easier to climb the trees? mixed posion with milk, hung with coconuts too high for animals to reach.

lol it did not even take me 5 minutes at all!

42.6 Why does Jenny say not to worry about Coco? How big can they grow to be? I’ve just purchased the Swiss Family Robinson movie resources and was wondering how it is delivered? This tale of a family stranded on an island is a grand adventure full of many wonderful morals, geography, ingenuity, and fun. The Swiss family stepped out bravely into their respective tubs, along with the help of two paddles, they managed to make their way into the sea.

they throw stones, monkeys follow by throqing coconuts, they collect them.

24.2 What do they use a mixture of oil of aniseed for? contrivance 5.10 What does Fritz shoot as they head back to the island? = ''; by chasing on horseback or stratagem-run around them til they tire (tighter circles).

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British officer dad in india, left india at 17, mom died at 3, trained to be competent inside and outside, strom threw vessel off course, safe boat capsized, she was the only one who reached shore. 20.3 How did they rid this place of poisonous gas? 19.1 When Grizzle returns, what has he brought with him? 11.1 How are they going to use the driftwood? 33.4 What is the purpose of the "swimming dress" that mother is making and how does it work? It’s a tale suited to every child and adult.

Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook. Why or why not? 9.9 Once they are up in the tree, what tool does father use to get the beams up? 10.4 What method are going to use to preserve the meat of the birds? 28.3 Why are the minerals in there useless to them? 2.9 What were the cakes made of that they boiled? Choose one (or find another animal that lives in groups) and write a report. antediluvian Signup for Bonus Swiss Family Robinson activities and Everyday Graces Homeschool Community access! that the three boys can go as long as they dont spend the niht.

5.11 Along with the ham, what has been found that will also get eaten tonight for dinner? 39.1 What secret does Fritz tell his father? :D���&�Ǝ���(���$В!|0ǻ 9.8 What weapon does he make and how does he really use it as a tool? Will you be joini, We are accidentally having a pajama day But h, Autumn and soup It’s like peanut butter and, Has a simple gift ever made you cry? 30.6 What use does father see for this discovery? (Ch.4; Science; Geography) – There are many types of whales, including humpbacks, sperm whales, blue whales, and narwhals. to make a large supple of vessels and untensils - guords. I have also shared the questions and answers of Romeo and Juliet, The Great Mouse Plot and Merchant Of Venice so, you can check these posts as well. 31.6 How did father get the ostrich to stop struggling initially? 17.2 Why did father not take the two oldest boys to help him look for the donkeys? 16.5 How much time goes by as they are working on Tentholm? 1.5 Why did the ship not completely sink?


30.1 What does Fritz mistaken the ostriches for? What do these characteristic behaviors reveal about eaach boy? 10.3 What does father say about valuable discoveries?

27.3 How long did it take the creature to kill him/her? 18.3 What does mother ask father to build for her in the tree house? providence – Plant some bean seeds in an egg carton. 8.1 How does mother help to capture the chickens before they start their move?

1.1 For how many days was the storm goin on before the ship wrecked? (Ch.10; Science, Geography)

34.1 Why does father refuse to make goggles for Jack? 43.1 What does the family hear in the distance that excites them? no animal fat or not sure how to make them. Answer: The courageous words that the narrator gave to his family were – “Courage, dear ones”. 34.7 Why does father not mind that the chickens are eating the grain they created from their harvest? Crossing out or placing an X next to the unintended answer on the answer sheet cannot be computer-marked. 7.5 When father and the boys discover the dead body of the shark that Franz killed, they take a piece of the skin for what purpose? 14.3 What adjustment to livin arrangements has mother made? Why did you choose those names? Reading and Comprehension Read the extract from Swiss Family Robinson and the map of the island to answer the following: • Why does the family decide to name places on the island? – Imagine you were stranded on an island with your family for ten years, until one day you came across another human being.

telescope, steer toward turtle, trutle tries to drag toward sea. so many fake sites. 5.8 List the items they ather from the wreck? eagles dont lay their eggs on the ground. pinnace Answer: They felt so because when daybreak broke, there was no sign of hope.

16.1 What 2 reasons does father give for his reasons of doubt in candle making? menagerie


2.5 What useful tool did Jack remember to bring? – Go to a creek and catch some crawfish. What can you learn from his example? shoal The main characters of this classics, fiction story are Fritz, Ernst.

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