Gordon’s conclusion was based not only on the preceding investigations, but also his own interviews with witnesses and co-passengers, done in 1979. ‘Biriyaani’ Star Kani Kusruti Is Sick Of Being Labelled ‘Unconventional’, Hansal Mehta On The Success Of ‘Scam 92’, Scars Left By ‘Simran’ And The Fear Gripping Bollywood, Heartwarming father-son pics flood internet after troll calls Biden photo ‘Creepy’, Biden Trolls Trump With Spoof COVID-19 Plan Website, Time magazine makes history for what's NOT on the cover, Mirzapur 2's Impressive Cast, and Riveting Twists And Turns Keep You Hooked, These wildlife photographer of the year pics are just what we needed, America's daily COVID-19 case count hits all-time high, 'A Suitable Boy’s' Accent Coach Explains Why Its Actors Sound The Way They Do, 25 Years On, Kamal Haasan’s ‘Kuruthipunal’ Has Aged Better Than Many Of Its Contemporaries. The committee was criticised for not visiting Taihoku – and also because neither Shahnawaz nor Maitra had judicial experience. A decade later, in February 1966, Suresh Bose announced to the press that his brother, Subhas, would return in March. Unsurprisingly, nothing new came out of the Khosla Commission. He had made three radio broadcasts from Siberia. Credit: Declassified GOI files. The first Indian investigation was conducted by Harin Shah, a war correspondent of Bombay’s Free Press Journal. He was very moved by seeing the [Netaji’s] watch and said ‘same watch …same watch’.” (para 4.105), In Brothers Against the Raj, an authoritative biography of the Bose brothers, Dr Leonard Gordon concluded, “The tremendous weight of evidence, I believe, supports his death following the crash.”. As one of 14 children in a wealthy family, he acquired a decent education from an early age and went on to study at the Presidency College. The final report, signed by Khan and Maitra, was submitted on August 3, 1956. The Formosan government sent the eyewitnesses’ accounts to the UK Mission, who in turn sent it to the GOI. Netaji was born Subhas Chandra Bose on January 23, 1897. He said: “When he was laid on the bed, I personally cleaned his injuries with oils and dressed them. However, his family members and a legion of his admirers do not subscribe to the plane crash theory. One of the highlights of Shah’s investigative journalism was the testimony of Tsan Pi Sha, a nurse at the NanMon hospital. He concluded: “It is confirmed for certain that SC Bose died in a Taihoku Military Hospital sometime between 1900 hours and 2000 hours local time on the 18th August 1945.”, The Figgess report. Ten investigations into the death of Subhas Chandra Bose reached similar conclusions. Strangely, soon after signing the draft report on July 2, 1956, Suresh Bose took a different view and did not sign the final report. In 1953, members of the Indian Independence League (IIL), carried out an investigation based on circumstantial evidence and individual contact. Subsequently, he pursued philosophy at Scottish Church College and ma… It was accepted by the Indian parliament in September 1956. Last year, on Netaji's 119th birth anniversary on 23 January, as many as 100 secret files were made public by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yet the Khosla Commission also patiently recorded new ‘sightings’ of Bose – of an MP’s chance meeting with him at Marseilles airport in 1946 (para 7.3, 7.4 of JKCI Report); of an ardent admirer of Bose, who claimed that a Soviet Army officer saw “a well-dressed Bose publicly going to the Kremlin with high dignitaries on 24 Dec 1956” (para 6.52), and another MP’s claim about “Bose languishing in cell no. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose has found an enduring place in the hearts and minds of his people. Between May and July of 1946, Figgess interrogated six Japanese officials in Tokyo. And another insists that he was betrayed by Nehru and Gandhi and imprisoned in a Soviet gulag. These included that: i) there had been an air crash at Taihoku on August 18, 1945, in which Netaji met his death. The reply was given even as the government had ordered the declassification of Netaji files. After he attacked a professor who reportedly spoke out against India, Netaji was expelled for the incident. It contained the “Principal points agreed to”, which all three members signed. SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE DEATH: DIFFERENT CONSPIRACY THEORIES. ii) Independent of the Americans, in September 1945, the British India government sent two superintendents of police, Finney and Davis, assisted by Inspectors H.K. Solving the Mystery of Netaji's ‘Disappearance’: Part One, Laying to Rest the Controversy Over Subhas Chandra Bose’s Death, The Netaji Files Reveal a Tale of Nehru’s Warmth – Not Sinister Conspiracy, On the Declassification of the Netaji Files and His Place in Indian History. ^ "the Provisional Government of Azad Hind (or Free India Provisional Government, FIPG) was announced on 21 October. Even with these investigations by recognised authorities at home and abroad, many people – including some of Netaji’s family – would not accept the findings. iii) the ashes lying in the Renkoji Temple in Tokyo are his.

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