You may believe as you wish concerning God’s chastisement. Alas, the relics of the holy martyrs were thrown into unclean places! Nothing was more difficult and laborious than to soften by prayers, to render benevolent, these wrathful barbarians, vomiting forth bile at every unpleasing word, so that nothing failed to inflame their fury. It was weak because it saw advantage in allying itself with Turks to subdue other Orthodox peoples, thus helping the Turks establish themselves in formerly Christian lands, particularly those on the European shore, and thereby winning the enmity of its neighbors. Learn more. Then the bishops commanded the pilgrims to confess their sins and receive the communion devoutly; and said that they ought not to hesitate to attack the Greeks, for the latter were enemies of God." Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. After World War I, the best chance presented thereafter for the recapture of Constantinople came when the Greeks decisively beat the Turks in the early stages of a war. "LXXIII. What are the odds of our reconquest of our beautiful city to celebrate Divine Litergy in the Haiga Sophia again? I encouraged Tex and whoever else wants to read it, to do their own research. … How shall I begin to tell of the deeds wrought by these nefarious men! 57-58. They blame the Catholic Church for it; though that’s not deserved.

This event marks the end of the Byzantine Empire, and so it was the end of the Roman Empire, which had lasted for nearly 1,500 years. The Eastern empire was weak in the end for a lot of reasons. It was weak when 200,000 much better-armed Turks later took it. I did warn Tex that EO blame the Catholic Church for it, and you do. One could say that the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire in 1453 greatly accelerated the advance of the Renaissance. Momigliano, Arnaldo & Schiavone, Aldo 1997., Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. The fall of Constantinople was when the Ottoman Empire took over Constantinople, the capital city of the Byzantine Empire, on 29 May 1453. The one thing that might be worth thinking about it this. Nor can the violation of the Great Church [Hagia Sophia] be listened to with equanimity. lxxiii-xxiii, in Hopf: Chroniques, pp. In doing so, I think you have inadvertently answered his question concerning your view of the theological implications of the event. I pray that the efforts of Pope Benedict and Patriarch Bartholomew to reunite the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church (east and west) will be fruitful. Though the Venetians had an appreciation for the art which they discovered (they were themselves semi-Byzantines) and saved much of it, the French and others destroyed indiscriminately, halting to refresh themselves with wine, violation of nuns, and murder of Orthodox clerics. You couldn’t leave well enough alone…like to stir up the pot don’t you?

Telling the OP what to expect and putting your words into the place of Orthodox, who were quite content to let the subject rest in this forum, which is not intended for Orthodox Christians and where Orthodox Christians rarely visit any more. But with one consent all the most heinous sins and crimes were committed by all with equal zeal. The Turks were so powerful at that time, and the Byzantine Empire so weak, that it’s imaginable, but barely so, that had all the Christian powers in Eastern and Western Europe not then already under the dominion of the Turks (and lots were) joined together, they might have been able to defeat the Turks.

Humans keep sinning, even those who ought to know better. Nor, indeed, were these crimes committed and others left undone, on the ground that these were of lesser guilt, the others of greater. The Latin Patriarchs in the west may be different some how. You might then consult the archives at the Catholic university of Fordham, for a more objective account: You are being so deceptive I wonder how you can post here without feeling pangs of guilt and remorse. If they were as you describe them, what in the world were they doing deep in the Roman Empire without visas?

The victim of priest sex abuse sees the church differently than I do, understandably so. Then it was announced to all the host that all the Venetian and every one else should go and hear the sermons on Sunday morning; [Apr 11, 1204] and they did so. In the alleys, in the streets, in the temples, complaints, weeping, lamentations, grief, t groaning of men, the shrieks of women, wounds, rape, captivity, t separation of those most closely united.

To make the leap of assigning blame for the greed, ambition and violence of individuals to the divinely appointed structure of the Church is as much a tragedy as the violence itself -because it only perpetuates the hatred. None of us have felt the urge in the last (almost) 24 hours to say much.I believe it is God chastising His Church for her sins, though He certainly used Rome to help achieve those ends. Is there any theological significance to this event? You should be grateful that southern Russia, most of the Balkans and Greece were liberated from their dominion, with considerable direct and indirect help from the West in doing so, instead of blaming Catholicism for something Catholicism didn’t cause and, of itself, almost certainly couldn’t have prevented. Russia has historically wanted to “own” Constantinople, and, had the Reds not taken over the country, Russia might have done it after World War I, due to the weakness of Turkey at the time. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions. They were well fed, because they had the whole countryside at their disposal. He may have excommunicated them, but he took full advantage of the situation as it presented itself. The Crusading movement thus resulted, ultimately, in the victory of Islam, a result which was of course the exact opposite of its original intention”. It was weak because Islamic Arabs took advantage of those divisions and the consequent lack of loyalty it inspired in its Middle Eastern subjects. It was very well organized. But Turkey is determined not to allow that, and has killed a lot of Kurds in preventing it. Are you? © 2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Right now, there seems to be little prospect of Christian renovation of Hagia Sophia, as Turkish Islamists would like it to be a mosque again, and the Turkish government is unlikely to cause further unrest among the already restive Islamists by handing it back to Christians. The leaders were experienced professional soldiers, some of whom had launched an invasion of the Byzantine nation before and were repulsed. It was weak because it abandoned the West to the tender mercies of Germanic invaders, thus causing the West to turn its back on the East. Oh, immortal God, how great the afflictions of the men, how great the distress!". And 60 years ago… The circumstances change, but the root cause doesn’t. And 700 years ago. Whoever attempted it was derided as insane and a man of intemperate language. But the Turks did take Constantinople and turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque. Alas, the images, which ought to have been adored, were trodden under foot! They smashed the silver iconostasis, the icons and the holy books of Hagia Sophia, and seated upon the patriarchal throne a whore who sang coarse songs as they drank wine from the Church’s holy vessels. and installed a Latin Bishop on the Patriarchal throne, and received a great wealth of stolen relics, icons and precious metals into the churches of the West. I’m willing, as I was before, to let people research their own history. What are the causes and effects of the Fall of Constantinople? But we have been over this before, so you have no excuse. Some places, like the Morea Despotate and Empire of Trebizond were not defeated by the Ottomans until several years later. I’m willing, as I was before, to let people research their own history. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. There is no possibility at all of “recapturing” Constantinople, now Istanbul, without getting into a war with Turkey that would make the war in Iraq x 5 look like a walk in the park. The Aftermath of the Fall of Constantinople . 4. [3], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Compare and contrast the Code of Hammurabi and today's legal system.

Then the bishops preached to the army, the bishop of Soissons, the bishop of Troyes, the bishop of Havestaist [Halberstadt] master Jean Faicette [De Noyon, chancellor of Baldwin of Flanders], and the abbot of Loos, and they showed to the pilgrims that the war was a righteous one; for the Greeks were traitors and murderers, and also disloyal, since they had murdered their rightful lord, and were worse than Jews. “The Latin soldiery subjected the greatest city in Europe to an indescribable sack. The sultan soon proclaimed Constantinople his new capital, and Islam gained a foothold in Eastern Europe. Why was the capture of Constantinople in 1453 significant for both the Ottoman Turks and Europeans? I’m truly sorry that Constantinople was taken by the Turks. The process of liberation took 74 years of war, essentially three or four generations. But, it must be recognized, finally, that if it couldn’t resist the 7,000-8,000 poorly organized, half-starved and outnumbered Franks of the fourth crusade. The “real” Turks (and nobody knows how many there really are) are a harsh bunch. What are we to make–if anything–of the conquest of the Holy City of Constantinple by Muslims in the 15th century? The trouble with history is that you can’t ask the people what their motives were. The attack was planned well in advance, contracts were signed with Venice to provide ships, munitions, food.

I simply advise Tex, if he’s interested in the real history of the Byzantine Empire, to independently investigate the history of the era.

Have you forgotten how many years the looting of Constantinople went on for after the fourth crusade.and why was the Roman Empire so weak? This was dwarfed by the Greek massacre of 10,000 civilian Italian merchants in Constantinople that preceded it and was part of the vengefulness of the Venetians who brought the excommunicated crusaders to Byzantium to start with.

No one was without a share in the grief.

They ain’t talkin’! [2] Previous Sultans had taken most of the Empire in previous centuries. They snatched the precious reliquaries, thrust into their bosoms the ornaments which these contained, and used the broken remnants for pans and drinking cups,-precursors of Anti-christ, authors and heralds of his nefarious deeds which we momentarily expect. Manifestly, indeed, by that race then, just as formerly, Christ was robbed and insulted and His garments were divided by lot; only one thing was lacking, that His side, pierced by a spear, should pour rivers of divine blood on the ground. It was, nevertheless, evil of them to do it, and nobody in the West justifies it. Someday, that whole structure might fall apart. What are the odds of our reconquest of our beautiful city to celebrate Divine Litergy in the Haiga Sophia again?

I’m not going to argue history with you for the umpteenth time. But the Greeks advanced too far into Anatolia (and underestimated their adversary), and ended up losing that war. In what ways were the English colonies alike in the 17th and 18th centuries, and in what ways... What are the differences between the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. It had been stripped of its wealth by the fourth crusaders. While I am by no means an expert on the fall of Byzantium, nor that era of history in general, I am not sure what good the constant scratching at scabs and scars does. I am Orthodox and I never really think about these things, but you like to inflame the subject and put us in a position of explaining it all over again. As you know, the Pope condemned both the taking of the formerly Venetian city of Zara, which you mentioned, and the attack on Constantinople. What is the significance of the fall of Constantinople?

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