", Faust smiled again and turned back to the man in the chair. I can no longer see details, only hazy shapes. At that sudden roar, the man jumped and opened his eyes without thinking about it. ", Faust spun back around, his labcoat whirling. No score yet His voice was light, his tone cheery. My dear Max did not die, und neither did I. "I think I should show you," he remarked casually. Three horror games. Enter up to 375 characters to add a description to your widget: Copy and paste the HTML below into your website to make the above widget appear. ", Faust turned from him and faced the door. But I am almost blind. It was empty, but for a battered, elderly gramophone in the corner and an operating table in the center, equipped with straps and cuffs and other restraining devices. Nerve and retinal damage, I have been told. "Because of you!" Und I cannot let this go unpunished. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Sign in to add your own tags to this product. Awaiting 4 more reviews Seriously, of all my characters, Faust is my most tortured, in form and in mind, but for this one guy I had that was missing an arm... anyway. he roared. The man screamed behind his muzzle, straining at his bonds. I can see the scars from here! #con #convention #kawaii #nonfiction #otaku #stories #wapanese #weeaboo #weeb ... 10 true and mortifying stories of bra-wearing disasters. Some of the prolific writers of short stories like King, Poe, Lovecraft, Bradbury, and Barker could easily have had dozens of their stories in a best-of list. he said cheerfully. Faust's left eye was practically nonexistent, forced nearly shut by a mass of ugly red scar tissue, which extended partially across the bridge of his nose. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the creepy horrors that weeaboos do! The developers describe the content like this: The collection contains body horror, blood, gore, as well as acts of suicide, murder. The light in this room ist nearly blinding to me. The scientist would keep him alive as long as he could, if only to draw out the torment. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. My eye can no longer adjust to changing light; it ist frozen so. Research might haf been set far behind… but! Weeaboo Horror Stories Fanfiction. Another scream slipped out of his covered mouth. by Kacie McCoy. The glasses somewhat ruined the effect. You vere so lucky that Eckstein heard the commotion and vos able to stop Kessler in time! Find the hottest peekaboo stories you'll love. Because of you. Muffled whimpers escaped his mouth from behind the muzzle. I wanted to give him his time in the spotlight, since I think he rather deserves it. - 87% of the 16 user reviews for this game are positive. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. What's this? The iris, once deep cadet blue, was very faint, the whole eye almost white, as of a cataract. A mad scientist and the man that nearly killed him meet in an operating room, and not on favourable terms. "You are so lucky Max did not die. This is the one and ONLY book where you can read horror stories about Weeaboos! He leaned back, a smile curling his thin lips. He reached up and removed the sunglasses, folding them and tucking them into a pocket of his stained labcoat. Michelle, age 24. I am wery mad at you." Playing peekaboo. The lab was dingy, grimy, the walls stained rust-red, the light flickering epileptically. Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow. He wound it up slowly, seeming to take some enjoyment from the man's distress. Rated for disturbing content, and implied M/M slash. You haf nearly stolen my sight. Faust left his side and crossed to the gramophone. So, I shall make you pay for my sight, und for those few veeks of agony, vhen I did not know if my so-beloved Max vould survive.". "You vere so lucky that day, that I vos in pain und that you managed to get those cheap shots in on Max! "From vat I understand, Kessler so nearly did! I must vear these glasses, und even then I am near-blind. VAT included in all prices where applicable. Read more about it in the, There are no more reviews that match the filters set above, Adjust the filters above to see other reviews. The man's eyes rolled wildly in his head, trying to look anywhere but the doctor's face. he screamed. Three horror games. Death was no comfort to him, for he knew that it would come slowly, with great pain and anguish. You stabbed him in the heart, those few weeks ago, right before you nearly bashed his skull in. "Und if Doctor Zeiters had been in his laboratory, und not on his vay here to speak vith me… I might haf lost the love of my life. "I can no longer stand any but the dimmest candle light. The right eye fared somewhat better, though scarred as well. You are lucky, too, that his intelligence has not suffered from your... so-stupid attack; he vos quite lucid vhen he avoke. If you've read my story Oliver's Army (which is roadblocked, unfortunately), you've met him. A lot of these stories come from generous contributers around the web. Hallo, mein so-good friend!" "Do you?" Three different stories exerting you into dark twist, forcing you confront face to face with the creatures that lurk there. "Do you know what you did to me?" The heavy door opened, the man jerking unconsciously.

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