When he decides to investigate the matter, he enlists Darryl to assist him. [6] He enjoys singing in a high falsetto voice, occasionally to the accompaniment of his banjo. In season 3, Andy transferred to the Scranton branch after Stamford closed. The origin of Watchdog Man is currently a mystery, and the hero hasn't even uttered a word yet, but his powers and overall abilities prove that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to this seemingly hilarious side character. During "Garden Party", Andy throws a garden party to impress Robert with his parents Walter (Stephen Collins), Ellen (Dee Wallace) and younger brother Walter, Jr. (Josh Groban) in attendance. While Andy says he's going to infiltrate and change from within the circle, as soon as he steps into Deangelo's office, he calls the meeting place "man cave" and barks like a dog before closing the door. Andy then tells David Wallace that he is going to quit his job, only having second thoughts almost immediately, gets temporarily re hired as a salesman. In a talking-head interview, he brags that he graduated in four years, having never studied once, been drunk the whole time, and sung in the a cappella group "Here Comes Treble", which he mentions often. After Toby refuses to enter falsified information into his record, Andy attempts to grope Toby, reveals to David that he out of spite to Dwight did lose a major client in the past and initiates an ugly argument with David Wallace. After his family leaves, Andy feels dejected and plans to head home himself, but Darryl and Oscar cheer him up with food from their impromptu barbecue, and Andy finishes his day smiling as he enjoys good food and company. He bluntly tells Andy that he asked for his permission before pursuing Erin, and says that Andy needs to accept the situation and move on. Within "Here Comes Treble", his nickname is "Boner Champ," which he earned after engaging in coitus with a snowman to completion. In "Pam's Replacement", Andy, Darryl and Kevin have another jam session in the warehouse where Robert joins them. [5] After Jim is sent to Tallahassee along with Dwight, Cathy Simms, Erin, Stanley Hudson, and Ryan Howard, Pam and Andy are primarily seen hanging out with each other, with him defending her from a group of young girls leading him to a blackened eye and persistent mocking from the rest of the office.[25]. When Nellie makes another quip, Erin snaps and in turn, encourages Andy to finally let his anger loose on Nellie, which later helps Andy get his confidence back and improves their sex life. After Erin broke up with Andy, he hired Gabe to make Erin feel uncomfortable. Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime. Andy's journey on the show ends in a wildly uneven manner. Andy meets "Mrs. California" and at Robert's hasty instruction, is not supposed to hire his wife Susan, for a job in the office. [20] After dating for about seven months, Andy proposes to Angela, during Toby Flenderson's farewell party, and she solemnly accepts. [47], In "Job Fair", Andy is invited to accompany Jim on a major sales call. Still, the anticipated fight between Garou and his former master, Bang, is certainly one that we're looking forward to. After one of his anger outbursts ("Angry Andy") he is fired from Dunder Mifllin. In the last scene of the episode, Kelly and Andy are seen in the men's bathroom, where she is about to give him an ear piercing, something that he fears the pain of, as well as worrying that he will be pierced on the "Gay ear". He resists their urging that he sell off their family boat, which Andy had always wanted to drive, but finally relents to sell it to a dealer in the Bahamas. In "Business Trip", Andy and Oscar bond over Andy's failed attempt to set Oscar up, drunkenly calling Angela and asking why they haven't consummated their relationship. Initially irritated at his actions, David becomes enraged and fires Andy, who then defecates on his car. Garou unfortunately may not have the chance to get a rematch with the dog costume-wearing powerhouse as he was punted into a wall by Saitama while walking down the street with the fake hero, King. He goes to great lengths to try and impress them, even with a toast that gets progressively worse when Andy resents his father and brother performing a duet that Andy tried performing with his father. Later, at Michael's Roast, Andy writes a song about how unintelligent Michael is, aptly called "What I Hate About You". Erin runs to his side out of concern. Deangelo nearly screws up a relationship with a client, but Andy gains enough confidence to salvage the sale. The documentary features footage of both Andy and Kevin engaging in strange antics as a result of hallucinating from drugs. He wants revenge on Nellie for what happened during the second half of season 8. when Dwight uses pressuring negotiation tactics in order to buy Andy's Nissan Xterra at a reduced price, only to flip it for profit on eBay much to Andy's protest. When Andy makes an announcement to the office for them to respect Jim's emotional needs, Phyllis informs him that Jim is just messing with him. He steals an elaborate ice sculpture for Angela's launch party, and serenades her later in the same episode with a rendition of the ABBA song "Take a Chance on Me", receiving a rare, yet quickly suppressed smile in return. But that backfires when Andy decides to renege on the prices with Dwight's client, thus voiding a major sale for the company and wrecking Dwight's sales record. David Wallace chastises Andy in a closed door meeting but allows him to keep his job, thanking Andy for getting him the company, but warns him that he's on very thin ice for his antics. In '"Stairmageddon", as promos circulate for the documentary series about the branch, Andy comes to realize that he's disillusioned about his job. In "Sabre," he believes that after hiring professional drummers for Erin, she should ask him out.

The season is directed by Chikara Sakurai for new production studio J.C. Staff. Though grateful to Erin for cheering him up, he doesn't notice how hurt she is at being left behind. Andy books his first job in an industrial film about a chemical lab in "Paper Airplane", where he plays a lab employee. Andrew Baines Bernard (born Walter Baines Bernard Jr., 1973) is a fictional character from the NBC comedy television series The Office, portrayed by Ed Helms.He is introduced as the Regional Director in Charge of Sales at the Stamford branch of … Andy often refers to himself by his nickname, "the 'Nard Dog". He has experimented with the sitar, eventually learning to play "Deck the Halls". Upon discovering a list that divides the office into winners and losers and being moved into the loser division after questioning Robert about it, he retaliates by hosting a pizza party for the losers and publicly confronts Robert with the positive attributes of the losers. Andy smugly says to the camera that seeing Erin and Pete unhappy has made him feel better. In comedic fashion, the office pools their points and succeeds in winning this prize, to which Andy bravely owns up to, only for the office to change the originally more-raunchy tattoo design to one that honors Andy's nickname of "The Nard Dog."

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