We were self driving on touring around Japan with a whole day for this outlet which claimed to be the largest on Japan. Enjoy fresh seafood and clam chowder, and watch a professional geisha perform and play games. The outlet mall is also very close to the hot springs of Nagashima Onsen and within daytrip distance of the Ise Shrines. - MITSUI & CO., LTD. ※クレジットカードの番号ではありません。, 三井ショッピングパークカード《セゾン》、ラゾーナ川崎プラザカード《セゾン》をお申込みのお客さまは、カードがお手元に届いてから約1週間後にご登録いただけます。カード下部に記載の12桁のポイントナンバーでご登録ください。, {{ next_year }}3月31日までに、対象施設にて三井ショッピングパークカード《セゾン》、ラゾーナ川崎プラザカード《セゾン》などの対象カードで30万円(税込)以上クレジット払いをご利用いただくと「三井ショッピングパークスペシャルメンバー」として特典が受けられます。, ポイントはレジでのお支払い時にご利用いただけます。 The Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang is a factory outlet shopping mall located just 6km from KLIA and klia2 airports. You can use the free shuttle bus to get there from the airports, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see familiar brands are priced between 30% and 70% lower than their original retail prices!. You need to catch the shuttle bus and wait at the bus station in advance to secure a seat. Hotels near Michi-no-Eki Kisarazu Umakuta no Sato, Hotels near Kisarazu City Tourist Information Service, Things to do near MITSUI OUTLET PARK KISARAZU, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Kisarazu, View all hotels near MITSUI OUTLET PARK KISARAZU on Tripadvisor, Kaju Kobo Karin Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, PRESTO Salvatore Cuomo, Mitsui Outlet Park Kisazaru, Miyatake Sanuki Udon Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu, View all restaurants near MITSUI OUTLET PARK KISARAZU on Tripadvisor, View all attractions near MITSUI OUTLET PARK KISARAZU on Tripadvisor. コンテンツは、左記のプラグインソフトの最新版をインストールすることでご利用いただけます。, カード下部に記載の12桁もしくは16桁の数字 Mitsui Outlet Park located near KLIA, offers a myriad of upper-middle to high-end off seasoned brands and products at attractive discounts. Honestly speaking, she could improve by providing some Europe brands to attract both local and foreigner customers. ここは、日本全国でも有数な売上を誇るアウトレットです。入店しているブランドはもちろんの事、ゆったりしている空気感が魅力的です。買い物だけでなく、ドライブついでにランチをとるだけでもオススメです。 Here is huge sales compare with to other Outlet Store in Japan. Since there are many outlets nearby, you are free to choose the one next to you, more important, the sale period is of paramount important. 三井アウトレットパーク 横浜ベイサイドは横浜にある本格アウトレットモールです。国内外の有名メーカー&ブランド・セレクトショップから選りすぐりのハイクオリティな商品をアウトレット価格で提 … The only drawback of this outlet. ポイントには有効期限がございますので、お支払いの際にご確認いただき有効期限内にご利用ください。 Can buy the 5000 yen package on the shuttle, which includes a round trip shuttle ticket, and 3000 yen of shopping coupon. Up to 2 hours of shopping time will be provided whilst the driver standby in the car park. コンテンツは、左記のプラグインソフトの最新版をインストールすることでご利用いただけます。, カード下部に記載の12桁もしくは16桁の数字 This outlet mall is only a short subway ride from central Osaka. Mainly were Japanese customers, maybe not clash with the sale period, things were not so attractive in terms of money. Full view. 英数・カナ・かなで2文字以上入力すると、 Nearby attractions include the city of Sendai and the beautiful coastal town of Matsushima. When is MITSUI OUTLET PARK KISARAZU open? You could spend at least one day here for shopping if you like Japanese brands such as Blue label Crestbridg, Been to many outlets in Japan this is counts for in a of the best we've been to. should come in. Good but be careful, always price check! If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. There is a bus running directly from Tokyo Station to this outlet so it is very convenient. We paid RM300 for a. basic, average lunch. 候補のショップがプルダウン表示されます。, 当サイトを快適にご覧いただくには、下記のブラウザを推奨いたします。 Just 30 minutes from central Tokyo, Mitsui Outlet Park - Makuhari is one of the easiest outlet shopping malls to get to from the city. is the transportation to Tokyo city Centre Shinjuku is not so frequent. MITSUI OUTLET PARK JAZZ DREAM NAGASHIMA! 推奨環境以外でご利用いただいた場合や、推奨環境下でも、お客さまのブラウザの設定によっては正しく表示されない場合があります。ご了承ください。, 本サイトでは、PDFを使用したコンテンツがあります。 You could spend at least one day here for shopping if you like Japanese brands such as Blue label Crestbridge/ Black label, ABAHOUSE, Franc Franc, etc. Best way is via direct bus service or by car ( if you drive ). A convenient location for local people to drive and park for a day out, for visitors, unless you travel by car, otherwise, getting there needs consideration.

Note: This tour is popular for departing guests due to the close proximity between Putrajaya and the airports (KLIA1/2). As outlet is new the crowds are overwhelming. It is the largest outlet mall in Japan, with 240 stores divided into two floors.

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