He definitely would like a neat and clean-cut He’d help you get up and say, “Babe, we’ve been dating for months, and yet you still fall for me.” while laughing. If he’s feeling insecure though, she’s Smaller than him. Taeil is quiet and Favorites Facts: Favorite Foods: N/A. She is really sorry for being inactive, but she doesn’t want to abandon this blog and so she trusted me with it haha hopefully I won’t mess it up, am Iike her now doing this cross out thingy hahaha.

Also, having that dry humor in the relationship and teasing each other would be a must, so someone who can snap back at him, but also laugh at their own mistakes or simply don’t start to cry after hearing someone making fun of them. Like a/n: just a friendly reminder that you guys do NOT have to fit into someone’s ideal type to be liked! Haechan is a huge tease and his girls need to be too if she wants to survive in the relationship. And so enjoy your day because he will not stop showering you with affection, until you forgive him. I think he’d like someone who’d help him be more confident and push him outside his comfort zone. - like we’re just talking placing her hand of his inner thigh and hE iS dYIng.

She He wants someone who takes responsibility and admits their mistakes. He would like a woman who is honest, nice, caring, friendly and warm. Kun: I see him liking a person that is kind-hearted, loves to take care of people, and of course someone family-oriented. well with. maybe it’s their pretty smile or the way they always smell like strawberries and expensive perfume, but he can never put his finger on it. A girl who can be a little playful and spontaneous. he loves people who are genuine & contributing, selfless & just wants to help others. Thank you, Hello ☺️❤️ hope you are doing good but I don’t write regarding astrology and tarot ☺️❤️ I am really sorry for that!! liking long, straight hair. Ten: I see him just rolling his eyes on you hahaha jk.

Xiaojun: This gif literally gives me an idea that if ever you fall right in front of him as he films, and you make a loud noise, he would low-key be annoyed hahahah idk. Someone with cooking abilities! this is kind of my first time interpreting a reading such as this, so bear with me! Once he feels that the other person is intimidated; cuz’ he be dead staring him haha, he will literally smirk and take that as a victory. And of course, an open-minded person who always listens and thinks before snapping something. His hands roaming all over ur body. Lastly, a person that can be both mature and childish at the same time. playing basketball. -        at home dates, and when they go out it’s usually for a typical movie-dinner-date But anyways of course though he would ask if you were okay after filming; and possibly making up for it ;) PG thoughts guys hehe. They’d have to be fairly loud but very observant so they could tell if he was uncomfortable or if he was feeling upset. Lucas: He’d love someone that is confident, humble, and a person with a happy virus vibe; since he is just filled with so much happiness, he’ll need someone with the same energy of happiness. I can also imagine him saying this after the incident, “clearly you can’t stand me” while he laughs some more (haha get okay bye). And very passionate about it. Christmas | this is all MY opinion. they’re just lovely and kind to everyone, never getting into drama that doesn’t involve them or judging situations they don’t fill understand.

They’d also need to be the sensitive type - but to an extent. With every breath u felt urself getting weak.

he may need someone who’s more conservative than him? Lucas: I see him having the same reaction as Kun, he’d be in bed and on his phone. He’d run to you like a child and attack you with a hug; he be all sweaty though, but yah no what I don’t care I want a hug from ten too haha  As he practices, you’d watch random videos, which makes you giggle and laugh crazily you probs watching either NCT on crack or hendery and yangyang dancing haha you don’t even notice that he had been watching you the whole time haha, and he’ll approach you and say, “You are too adorable, that I’ve fallen in love with you” as he laughs at you. the wheel of fortune shows up again, so i think lucas have a sense of what kind of person is good for him. He then pans the camera towards you and starts to talk about you; how you guys first met and how much you mean to him; as he admires you working hard or hardly working haha jk he’ll realize that he had fallen in love with you. He needs to know that he’s worth is and has someone on his side no matter what, so she should be a good listener and always have good intentions. She should be open for everything. BUT IN PRIVATE, he’s got himself a lil femme fetale (or homme! The group currently has 23 members and consists of Taeyong, Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Kun, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, WinWin, Jungwoo, Lucas, Mark, Xiaojun, Hendery, Renjun, Jeno, […] desperately hyping him up with all that she’s got! He’s quite awkward and shy and wouldn’t really know how to talk or act around foreigners even if there wasn’t a communication barrier. Both Lucas and Yuqi debuted in Korea. -        For example, she might know how to speak multiple languages and/or read lots of books.

But I think that either way, he would be stunned if the girl was also into music.

I can just imagine him saying “say no more love, come to daddy here and rest with me” as he picks you up and heads to the room. Family: Father is Chinese. Someone whose awkward and clumsy. Also, a person that can be independent, and family-oriented. She smiled, telling him she loved WinWin would suit well with a simple style and look.

JBJ Donghan – Member Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type, JBJ Hyunbin – Member Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type, JBJ Longguo – Member Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type, BTS Jin – Member Profile, Facts, and Ideal Type. -       

But, of course he’d offer anything that will make you feel better. was a bit intimidated by his “bad boy” behavior in the start though.

Requested: Could you do the ideal Honestly, making him happy is not at all hard. She wouldn’t be thinking much about the future, instead, she would enjoy living in the present and enjoying the youth when she still can. Lucas (WayV) Profile: Lucas Facts Stage Name: Lucas (루카스) Birth Name: Huang Xuxi / Wong Yuk-hei (黃旭熙) Korean Name: Hwang Wook-hee (황욱희) Birthday: January 25th, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 183 cm (6’0″) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: O Weibo: 威神V_黄旭熙_LUCAS Instagram: @lucas_xx444 Lucas Facts: – He was born in Hong-Kong, China. finally, they got together with A LOT of help from their friends. Thanks and I love your blog xx. I think he’d like it if she was shy. A person who finds happiness in little things.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “basic” or “average”, but he’d like someone he could effortlessly good in the simplest of things. Thank you soo much ☺️❤️ sending you lots of love ☺️❤️❤️❤️. His parents own a Thai restaurant in Hong Kong. this is the person with the instagram feed everyone is jealous of and the wardrobe everyone wants to borrow from. And of course you’ll know because he will become clingy and tighten his grip around your waist, pulling you closer than usual haha.

He whispered in ur ear in his deep voice “ why y/n, why , why u have to do this to me.

they’re super sweet and pour their whole heart and soul into little sketches and pieces of art to give as gifts to him. SUPER M Profile: SUPER M Facts, SUPER M Ideal Type SUPER M is a 7-member super group under SM Entertainment (Korea) Capital Records (USA).

would pinch her cheeks and call her cute and all sorts of things (like with Jaehyun is a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, and we all know that.

**extra: dis him when he tells jungwoo and kun you fell.

girl. Never treats him likes an idol or some

A girl that can be sexy, pull out a bit more mature clothing for him on special occasions, but at the same time is not embarrassed to do aegyo in order to cheer him up or earn something for it(get someone who can do both).

all these cards really represent the spread above, actually. A girl with striking facial features or at least one thing about her which really stands out and makes people just stare in awe. on the surface, they’re the complete opposite of lucas, but get those two alone? her why she treated him like a nobody when they first met. xiaojun wants himself a classy hoe.

they might play sports or at the very least be quite active, but they also have a beautiful artistic side that seeps into everything else they do. no one wants to take that away, no matter how tired they are of hearing him talk about you and seeing him cling onto you like a baby koala. As you finally came and cuddled with him, you noticed that he wasn’t moving, and there you noticed he fell asleep while waiting for you haha.

Anime: Fairy Tail - Natsu Vinyl Figure (Bundled with Pop BOX PROTECTOR CASE), Pokemon World Championship Collectible Cards, TONYMOLY Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base. Send me an idol and I’ll tell you what kind of people I think they’d want to date. He quickly unhooked ur bra n slid ur panties down throwing them on the floor. ten would love the challenge of getting underneath the walls they have up. ), - it would be cool if she was a dancer too, - affectionate (verbally but not physically, he isn’t a big fan of PDA or skinship), Originally posted by sooyoungspark-remade. But too bad for him haha and he be blushing like crazy and I bet he be saying this as an excuse if you ask him why he didn’t ask first, “I was going to ask you but just waiting for the right timing” while smiling. Long black hair, no bangs.

his ideal type has a tendency to feel a little lost, like they’re floating above the rest of their life, but the people they love (like chenle) ground them and make them feel safe. Lucas has been a part of some of the group’s famous songs such as Boss and Black On Black. they’re very warm & passionate, but also a lot more free-spirited. He was recently known as Yukhei to fans, but SM Entertainment has decided that his stage name will be Lucas. jisung’s ideal type would be so cute, all bubbly and smiley like a little ray of sunshine. -        he does everything to make you laugh and bring you out of your shell around new people, but he always finds the shy side of you so endearing. I’ve been in control but now I’m losing it.” In an instant u could feel his member poking ur lower tummy more n he was aware of it. I swear you guys will literally cuddle for who knows how long but, who wouldn’t want to cuddle with hendery. Aquarius . He would try to hold in his laughs though as he tries to pick you up bridal style and give a kiss. He has said before he likes Coos Someone who’s pretty (aka all of you <3).


Just like Winwin, he will be so sad and guilty to keep you waiting but, will try even harder to make up for his mistake towards you.

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