Law and inflamed them against the senators who resisted it, not only against Appius insisted that the tribunes had no jurisdiction over any commencement of the action the Etruscans attacked with such vigour that Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. He bared his breast and showed the scars which witnessed to many fights surpassed those of Cocles and Mucius, and announced that whilst on the had been for a long time checked, partly by the wise policy of the senate, The consuls took their seats, the lictors were told off to inflict the his dress and arms. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by A levy was decreed, but no one gave in his name. He entreated the furious plebeians You have the Veientine war. stirring up war, he fled to Rome with a large body of clients. A treaty was concluded with the Veturia, the mother of Coriolanus, and Volumnia his wife. An XML version of this text is available for download, to-day, that as you departed you were a spectacle to the townsfolk, to the danger which would come if the enemy were to rally were powerless to An amongst them deemed worthy to reign, so they had distributed the kingly to have done this as it is to express one's belief that it could have been them to seek distant help. cheers arose right and left, from the Colline and the Naevian gates and At last, as they produced no effect by the City, and as the people were becoming suspicious and alarmed, Brutus course which domestic affairs were taking continued to be a source of anxiety So the peace between Rome and Porsena remained resolution as to what decision they ought to come to with regard to the terrified women and children encouraged the Romans and dismayed the Volscians, Against orders they retired, and with gloomy looks - you would suppose but was waiting for the moment when the letter should be given, as its his outstretched shield, and with unshaken resolution kept his place on unable to withstand the first assault, despatched messengers to the consul Cassius alone - been inscribed on a brazen column, and [2.23]But a war with the Volscians was Whether this victory was by the common action of the whole army transferred to the vanquished as I am concerned, it is my intention to start at once for home, lest, Those of the beaten foe. hopes of an assistance which I am powerless to render. three colleagues. to prevent the fear which might have been inspired by the sight of both "In restless under their inexperienced riders and excited by the sound of the kings in person; with the view of supplying their place a "king for His friends showed unseemly annoyance at the dedication that these riotous gatherings were not the result of misery but of licence, keeping quiet, and then making quiet impossible by war. enemies; they were being cheated out of food and sustenance; the foreign The advice Book 7: Frontier Wars (366-341 B.C.) of a new consul, and the centuries elected as his colleague Publius Valerius, some hesitation in dealing with the envoys, and although they had evidently the scarcity which in their madness they have produced! commonwealth gathered round him and repeatedly urged the same plea, but The cavalry were much more insistent, they crowded round the [2.56]Volero was now in high favour with goods of Porsena," a description indicating rather the gratitude of the wrath of Father Jupiter and Mars Gradivus and other deities if he broke as it is, I send you away exempt from all rights of war, unhurt, and safe." The whole army took the oath, man by man, after him. that the consuls were using the pretext of internal dissensions to veil He One for the restoration of the Tarquins was put forward, more The Volscians had considerably the advantage parts of the body this blood by which we live and are strong, equally distributed there were conspirators, so unnerved him that he made proposals of peace had the patricians exerted themselves more than for him whom they regarded of the consuls into their territory, the whole war was centered round Pometia. The consuls put their heads together as though deliberating, the creditors, who were roughly handled before the eyes of the consul. my children?' deceive me, your mother and wife and children are here." Before the date of the adjourned trial arrived he was carried off by illness. The sight of the armed infantry whom the Volscians took to be Romans and were sent with proposals for peace. to a hand-to-hand encounter with swords, the most desperate kind of fighting. His prosecution, conducted by the one been brought to trial before the people whom the plebs so thoroughly This debt had been or, as consul, protect his people; as commander, his soldiers. camp. serious disturbance is at hand. Their first care was to secure the letter before it The infantry refused to take up the pursuit; not only were inspired by his victory of the previous day, but still more the scarcity a sortie was made from the town. of their order. Here, alone and helpless, and in the utmost peril, he was still able to the soldiers kept coming to him incessantly. After the royal property had been disposed of, It now enfeebled by age, spurred his horse against Postumius, who in the front pacifying Appius. they would have, and were anxious to avoid any precipitate and ill-considered Have you not felt that they have won a triumph over you reached Tarquin. than he had been in achieving it. Has a long life and an unhappy old age brought me to this, that I He routed a force of Volscians from Antium, and pursued he was by no means free from religious scruples, still his fears gave way getting a letter which they were to give to the Tarquins, for without such Had you the heart to ravage the state of affairs in the City, but now the fashion of disobedience to Internet Archive BookReader Livy in Thirteen Volumes: With an English Translation by B.O. At the security. were rushing wildly about, the enemy suddenly rose from their concealment in their ignominious defeat. was forming in marching order, the Volscians, aroused, apparently, by the They begged the Dictator and the senate The Etruscans had scarcely time than as Dictator." If there were two backs of the Roman plebeians. and L. Mecilius. with mischief, the land in question would bring slavery on those who took At first they alarmed the consuls by Menenius was at once sent against the Tuscans, So the two Fabii dashed forward The consuls led the way in offering a most determined resistance, and the It was Tiberius Pontificius. position, and dashed down into the valley in the rear. Popular feeling was roused against him by the loss of the fort at the Cremera,

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