Terms and Conditions Policy, © Copyright 2017-2020 Legends of Learning What kind of hero are you? This has eliminated down time in my classroom. More, Custom assessments with the ability to choose from varying DOK levels, Hands-on lesson plans for each standard & grade with Legends of Learning games and offline activities. Policy, Learn

Legends of Learning games provide a great opportunity for students to learn about content. Explore our library below, view our case studies, and then get started today. Customize playlists for individuals and groups within the class. Use games to introduce and help master a topic, personalize learning, review lessons, and much more. and Teachers share their experiences with Legends of Learning! Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Learn More, © Copyright 2017-2020 Legends of Learning

Sun, Moon & Stars: Patterns of Apparent Motion, Earth Processes: Matter Cycling and Energy Flowing, Earth Processes: Scales of Time and Space Science Games, Gravity and the Birth of our Solar System Science Games, Human Impacts on Earth Systems Science Games, Increasing and Decreasing Human Impacts on Earth Systems Science Games, Influence of Oceans on Weather and Climate Science Games, Role of Sunlight and Gravity in the Water Cycle Science Games, Seafloor Spreading and Subduction Science Games, The Milky Way Galaxy and Other Galaxies Science Games, The Water Cycle and Weather Patterns Science Games, Weather and Climate Factors Science Games, Chemical Reactions in Cellular Respiration Science Games, Chemical Reactions in Photosynthesis Science Games, Chemical Reactions: Arrangements of Atoms Science Games, Chemical Reactions: Evidence of a Reaction Science Games, Conservation of Matter in Chemical Reactions Science Games, Effects of Temperature and Pressure on State Science Games, Electric and Magnetic Forces Science Games, Electromagnetic Waves vs. Two types of math & science classroom games, content mastery (M) and question based (Q). Not convinced? How to Create a Routine for Your Kids While They’re Home From School Legends of Learning provides an engaging educational experience for at-home learning. When you are considering which activities to blend into your lesson plan, nothing builds engagement like a fun learning game. Homeschool teachers can find a game for every elementary and middle school lesson they are teaching this school year. Policy, © Copyright 2017-2020 Legends of Learning Privacy Policy, How to Create a Routine for Your Kids While They’re Home From School, Tip Sheet: 5 Ways to Teach With Playlists, 35 Earth Day Ideas For Your Science Classroom, Privacy More. Our math and science games are specifically designed from national and state standards to support your lesson plans.

Legends of Learning offers more than 2,000 math and science games and simulations for grades K-8 across 350+ learning objectives. Learn More, © Copyright 2017-2020 Legends of Learning Legends of Learning offers more than 2,000 math and science games and simulations for grades K-8 across 350+ learning objectives. Our games and platform have been tested, reviewed, and refined by teachers. Check out our research demonstrating the impact. Homeschool teachers can find a game for every elementary and middle school lesson they are teaching this school year. Terms and Conditions Students also review individual games, giving you a sneak preview into how they will receive the content. Privacy Policy, Learn

See how our games can help your child learn.

Here are the two modes for learning from home: Copy an old playlist, access student performance, and more! If you are looking to supercharge your Homeschool account, we also offer a host of premium features, including: We know new math & science standards and teaching methods require new content. Students are engaged, motivated to complete assignments, and even play on their own time! See how our games can help your child learn. Parent Keep up with your child’s progress. Animals Science Games, Plant Growth: Effect of Genes and Environment Science Games, Plant Reproduction Strategies Science Games, Reconstructing Evolutionary History Using Fossils Science Games, Reproduction and Gene Transfer Science Games, Sexual Reproduction and Genetic Variation Science Games, The Body’s Information Processing System Science Games, Variation of Inherited Traits Science Games, Multiplication And Division Word Problems Math Games, Multiplication and Division Equations Math Games, Multiplicative Comparisons and Equations Math Games, Multiplicative Comparison Word Problems Math Games, Whole Number Multistep Word Problems Math Games, Prime, Composite, and Factor Pairs Math Games, Terms and Rules in Numerical Patterns Math Games, Unit Rate As A Comparison To 1 Math Games, Use Rate Of 100 To Find Percent Math Games, Ratios To Convert Measurement Units Math Games, Divide Multi-Digit Numbers Fluency Math Games, Determine If 2 Ratios Are Equivalent Math Games, Unit Rate in Proportional Relationships Math Games, Represent Proportions As Equations Math Games, Legends of Learning in Forest Middle School, Different Types of Math & Science Games for the Classroom.

Looking for math and science games and simulations for your homeschool students? Privacy Policy. We’ve built a platform that’s perfect for anyone teaching their students from home! Teacher Launch your perfect playlist to your class. Kids will love the educational games on the platform, and parents love the data that comes out as they automatically progress.

I have used it as an incentive tool to supplement instruction after students have completed an activity. Mechanical Waves Science Games, Energy Transfer in Chemical Reactions Science Games, Equal and Opposite Reactions: Newton’s Third Law Science Games, Factors Influencing Motion: Newton’s First and Second Laws Science Games, Reference Frames and Scale Units Science Games, Reflection, Absorption, and Transmission of Light Science Games, Relationship Between Energy And Forces Science Games, States of Matter and their Structure Science Games, Temperature and Total Energy Science Games, Temperature, Thermal Energy, and Particle Motion Science Games, Transmission and Refraction of Light Science Games, Animal Reproduction Strategies Science Games, Artificial Selection via Selective Breeding Science Games, Biodiversity and Health of Ecosystems Science Games, Changes in Ecosystems Over Time Science Games, Competition for Resources In Ecosystems Science Games, Competitive, Predatory, and Mutually Beneficial Interactions Science Games, Conversion of Food Into Matter and Energy Science Games, Embryological Evidence for Common Ancestry Science Games, Factors Influencing Growth of Individuals and Populations Science Games, Multicellular Organisms and their Subsystems Science Games, Parts of the Cell – Plants vs. See whether students are getting the lesson BEFORE the test. Play Awakening, customize your avatar, and access mini-games at home or outside of class.

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