Naimi was previously the governor of Khost and Maidan Wardak before being appointed as the Provincial Governor for Lagman. Five languages and numerous dialects are spoken by the Nuristani. Laghman was the base for expeditions against the non-believers and was frequently mentioned in accounts of jihads led by Mughal emperor Akbar's younger brother, Mohammad Hakim, who was the governor of Kabul. The battle stretched on several days until a snow storm affected Jaipala's strategies, forcing him to sue for peace. Sources/Availability of Drinking Water: 46.7%3 Potable Water Availability from Springs, Rivers, Shallow Wells. In CE Bosworth, E van Donzel, B Lewis, Ch. It is in the east of the country and Its capital is Mehtar Lam. 186, Gemstones of Afghanistan, Chamberline, pg. From a comparison of this term with the modern appellation of Lamghan, it seems probable that the original form of Recent and active political players in Nangarhar have connections to HiK. Ethnic Groups: 51.3% Pashtun, 21.7% Tajik, 27% Pashai and Kata. Inscriptions in Aramaic dating from the Mauryan Dynasty were found in Laghman which discussed the conversion of Ashoka to Buddhism. ISBN 90-04-07819-3. The port of Shir Khan Bandar provides an international outlet for Kunduz’s goods and has allowed for importing commercial goods from Asia, Middle East, and the Persian Gulf. It had formerly been a separate kingdom ; but in the seventh century the royal family was extinct, and the district was a dependency of Kapisene. [11] He also established Islam at many places. Qari Muir formerly served as the deputy shadow governor for Laghman and chief of intelligence before he was killed in the village of Qal'eh-ye Jom-eh in Pul-e Alam district, August 2010. Actively opposed to US-led and Afghan national forces. It is in the east of the country and Its capital is Mehtar Lam. [1][22] According to the Naval Postgraduate School, as of 2010 the ethnic groups of the province are as follows: 80% Pashtun, 5% Tajik, 15% Pashai and Nuristani (Kata). Sabuktigin then won one of his greatest battles in Laghman against the Hindu Shahis whose ruler, Jayapala, had amassed an army for the battle that numbered 100,000. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. Laghman province is divided into about 6 districts. Over 10,000 members in Nangarhar. Active NGOs: DACAAR, MADERA, SCA, UNICEF, UNHCR, WHO. These bazaars were the main routes for travelers and merchants passing between India and Kabul through the Khyber Pass. He describes the road as a succession of hills and valleys, some of the hills being of great height. 4 AIMS, Afghanistan Laghaman Province Land Cover Map, April 2002; Nelles Verlag, Afghanistan, 2006. [9] He crossed the Khyber Pass many times and raided the territory of Jayapala. Concentrated in northern portion of Daulatshai District. Bhim Singh Dahiya[11] writes that The Vayu Purana (47, 44) and the Matsya Purana, (121, 45) mention Lampaka: The Chaksu or Oxus river goes to the sea after irrigating the lands of the Sandhrans (Jats) , Tukharas (Takhar Jats), Lampakas (Lamba Jats), Pahlavas (Pehlavi-Iranians) Daradas (of Kashmir) and Chhakans (Chhikara Jats). [23][24] The people of Laghman are overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim. The percentage of births attended to by a skilled birth attendant increased from 3% in 2005 to 36% in 2011. According to Muslim historian Al Utbi, the region was converted to Islam towards the end of the tenth century by the Ghaznavids, led by Abu Mansur Sabuktigin. This has changed as most have converted to Islam. They speak a Dardic language referred to as Pashai. The total population of the province is about 493,500, which is multi-ethnic and mostly a rural society. A few days ago, someone made a comment that Afghanistan has been at war 20 years before 9/11 happened. The country produced upland rice and sugar-cane, and it had much wood but little fruit; the climate was mild with little frost and no snow. Khalis died in 2005 or 2006, resulting in an internal power struggle for control of the party between Khalis’ son Anwarul Haq Mujahid and Haji Din Mohammad. Representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban are holding intra-Afghan negotiations in Qatar, a Mideast country where the Taliban have had a political office for many years. The Aramaic Inscription of Asoka Found in Lampāka by W. B. Henning, Personal and geographical names in the Gupta inscriptions/Tribes, Jats the Ancient Rulers (A clan study)/Jat Clan in India, Jats the Ancient Rulers (A clan study)/The Jats, In the late nineteenth century, Amir Abdur Rahman Khan forced the remaining kafirs (Nuristani people) to accept Islam. Also a Nuristani tribe, which with the Kata, live in the districts of Daulatshai and Alishing. The Mahabharata (Drona Parva, 121/42-43) while mentioning them, seems to indicate their fierce warlike qualities. The percentage of households with clean drinking water fell from 39% in 2005 to 34% in 2011. During the early years of the 16th century, the Mughal ruler Babur spent much time in Laghman, and in Baburnama (memoirs of Babur) he expatiated on the beauty of forested hillsides and the fertility of the valley bottoms of the region. Also reside in parts of Alingar, Mehterlam and Qarghayi districts. In Vayu Purana and Matsya Purana, the Oxus is mentioned as the river Chakshu, flowing through the countries of Tusharas (Takhar Jat clan) (Rishikas? Jaipal in retaliation marched with a large force into the valley of Lamghan (Jalalabad) where he clashed with Sabuktigin and his son.

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