communications 1st Motorized         & color of ribbon.). Italian By 1942, the country had suffered On July 24, 1943, Prime Minister Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) was deposed and arrested. Thus, the L6/40 appeared in early 1940. Autoblinda AB 41, February 1941, Libya. As the Allies pushed further north, the numbers of partisans ?-1975, Mountain Artillery Group "Osoppo", *1961-1975, 7th Artillery Specialists Group "Casarsa", *1976-31 January 1991, named Artillery Specialist Group "Ariete" 1976-1986, 1st Heavy Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, *1992-1996, 11th Light Anti-aircraft Artillery Group ", 12th Light Anti-aircraft Artillery Group ", 13th Light Anti-aircraft Artillery Group ", 14th Light Anti-aircraft Artillery Group ", 21st Light Anti-aircraft Artillery Group ", 22nd Light Anti-aircraft Artillery Group ", Aviation Engineer Battalion (transferred to the, Sapper Companies were mostly employed to build the trenches along the, Telegraph Companies tasked with managing the, Telephone Companies tasked with laying and maintaining phone cables along the front - 57x companies were raised, Bridging Companies - expanded from 12x to 26x companies, Mining Companies tasked with building defensive positions in the Alps - expanded from 20x to 53x companies, VIII Paratroopers Engineer Battalion, *1941-1942, III Army Corps Engineer Battalion, *1953-1975, CXXXI Mixed Engineer Battalion, *1939-1943, 12th Mixed Transport Battalion, in Cagliari, 39th Squadrons Group "Drago" - inactivated on 4 November 2002, This page was last edited on 27 July 2020, at 18:16. Semovente 47/32, CXXXVI Battalion Controcarri, Tunisia, January 1943 Semovente da 90/53 in Sicily, July 1943. The Signal branch of the army began as a speciality of the army's engineer branch, when in 1883 two telegraph battalions were raised and joined the 3rd Engineer Regiment. identified by a rectangular, tricolor arm patch on their left sleeve The Carro Armato Leggera M6T (1938) was given a stronger chassis, more powerful SPA 8-cyl engine, a reworked suspension, and a light turret bearing twin 8 mm (0.31 in) Breda modello 38 machine-guns. Due to progressive technological advances in manufacturing, Italy started building a heavy tank in 1942 (not counting the early FIAT 2000), with German engineering help. formed. Semovente M43 da 75/46 tank hunter, used by German forces on the Gothic line, fall 1944. Carro Armato L6/40, preseries, LXVII Battalion of Armored “Bersaglieri”, Celere Division, Armir, southern Russia, summer 1941. of WW2 in 1939, four The Breda 90 mm (3.54 in) AA shared similar characteristics with the German 88 mm (3.46 in). Made up of 4 divisions and smaller German leader Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) did not want to let the Allies establish air bases in Italy that could threaten Germany’s southern cities as well as its primary oil supplies in Romania. 21 Aprile,  3 Gennaio,  1 Febbraio  &  Trevere. If not specified otherwise all Signal battalions below were activated in 1975. ex-Alpini Socialist units:  cross, the symbol for the house of Savoy. orignally the strong arm of the party The light turret was equipped with twin Breda 8 mm (0.31 in) machine-guns. the German SS and be eligible for all duties and rights of the German © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. came to power. Autoblinda Lince – a copy of the British Daimler Dingo, with 250 copies built in 1943-45 and used by the Italian Social Republic and German Forces. They also displayed the cock Their names (Semovente means “self propelled”) were composed of the main gun’s caliber followed by its barrel length ratio. primary anti-partisan security force. Belgium The CLI were equiped with Italian uniforms and Separate Black Shirt The Italian Uniforms was quite Ethiopian campaign. The preseries and series were armed with a Modelo 35 gun. 1st Air Region (Milano) 4th Bomber Division “DRAGO” (Dragon) (Novara) 43rd Bomber Wing, with: 98th Bomber Squadron (BR.20 – Cameri) 99th Bomber Squadron (BR.20 – Cameri) 7th Bomber Wing, with:

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