At the far end of the beach, there's another Diglett in the corner. The final Stepping-Stone Sea Diglett is on the other side of the big tree. There's a Diglett behind it.

Go back down and follow the opposite path towards the Training Lowlands. Another Diglett is on the far western side, right before the river bank. Then the third is at the other end of the same beach.

Go further east again and you'll find a Diglett by this pair of logs. The first Diglett can be found immediately on your right as you enter the first main room of the cave, next to a raid den. Once you've visited the Isle of Armor for the first time, you'll be able to fast travel back to it even from the mainland. After installing the expansion, you’ll automatically receive the Armor Pass; show that to the attendant inside Wedgehurst Station and you’ll be shuttled to the island at no charge. Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first expansion, The Isle of Armor, has arrived. After installing the expansion, you’ll automatically receive the Armor Pass; show that to the attendant inside Wedgehurst Station and you’ll be shuttled to the island at no charge. Hug the wall to the cliff edge to find the next one. On your left will be a path with a berry tree at the end.

The next Diglett is on the right-hand corner at the top. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Go back to the first bridge and cross over the river.

There's a Diglett in these red flowers. Enter the Workout Sea from the Isle of Armor train station then take an immediate right turn to head west. Here's how to travel to the Isle of Armor. Although the Isle of Armor provides plenty of new things to do to after conquering the Pokemon League, you don't need to finish the main storyline to access it; you can venture to the island at any point in the game after you first reach the Wild Area Station, and the level of the foes and Pokemon you meet there will somewhat scale based on how many badges you've earned. So you don't have to grab anything here.

Turn around now and head to the northern section of the forest. You can’t purchase the expansions individually; they’re bundled together as part of the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, which costs $30 USD. Turn around and check behind the tree for number four. Cycle to the other, secluded beach and this one is against the wall at the back. If players reach level 9 on the isle, they will get the message "Congratulations to level 9! Right at the start of the DLC, you'll be asked to find 151 Isle of Armor Diglett locations. From the last one, go towards the raid den and check behind the rock on the left for the next, by the wild Boldore spawn. Current page: All the Isle of Armor Diglett locations and rewards in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. Most of the Alinor navy was destroyed, but a single warship returned to Summerset to describe the land as a "sea jungle." If you have both versions and want to access the expansions in each, then you'll need to purchase an Expansion Pass for each title.

Go to the smaller, circular island to the south and you'll find two Diglett (a Dugduo?) However, it is uncertain if some parts of the island will be inaccessible due to level constraints. It's helpful because you know when you can leave that specific area, but unfortunately it doesn't make finding the actual locations any easier.

However, there’s one thing to be aware of before purchasing the DLC. Head further east and when you pass the next bridge, you'll find a Diglett slightly beyond. As you'll see though, that only involves going to four locations. On the north-western island, grab this one where the sand meets the grass. On the other side of the large rock is where you'll find this Diglett.

There are a total of seven Diglett to find in Courageous Cavern, but thanks to the layout of the cave, they can be found in any order.

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