Students get checklists, contracts, client tracking, and finance tracking tools that are easy to use and help keep you focused, moving forward, and on track to be successful. Financial scams also often go unreported or can be difficult to prosecute, so they’re considered a “low-risk” crime. Review our list below, so you can identify a potential scam. 30 DOL to VA Success is more text-based and way less video. THE SAVVY SYSTEM TEMPLATE VAULT SAVES LOTS OF TIME. It depends…. The only complaint is the 4 to over 12 weeks to … THE SAVVY SYSTEM HAS A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. This often occurs after natural disasters. No matter what course you take, results are not easy, guaranteed, or handed to you. I’ve personally taken the course, been in the Facebook groups, and talked with Abbey Ashley and her team. Abbey has a thing or two to offer. SPOILER ALERT! Those considering reverse mortgages should be cognizant of people in their lives pressuring them to obtain a reverse mortgage, or those that stand to benefit from the borrower accessing equity, such as home repair companies who approach the older adult directly. 5. If you’re a visual learner, you’ll love that this course is all quality, video-based lessons. A stay-at-home mom with two toddlers who's obsessed with reading reviews, sharing legit work-from-home jobs, and productivity hacks to help busy moms make the most of their time and money. Ready to dive in right now? The con artist tells the individual that he/she has found a large sum of money and is willing to split it if the person will make a “good faith” payment by withdrawing funds from his/her bank account. From pyramid schemes like Bernie Madoff’s (which counted a number of senior citizens among its victims) to fables of a Nigerian prince looking for a partner to claim inheritance money to complex financial products that many economists don’t even understand, investment schemes have long been a successful way to take advantage of older people. However, they’re devastating to many older adults and can leave them in a very vulnerable position with little time to recoup their losses. Plus, the Facebook community with other VAs where you can ask questions and the extra training from Abbey and her team offer serious value if you don’t want to figure this out alone. ), to be paid via Western Union or MoneyGram, which don’t always require identification to collect. Because seniors are thought to have a significant amount of money sitting in their accounts. It really depends on the topic. Every U.S. citizen or permanent resident over age 65 qualifies for Medicare, so there is rarely any need for a scam artist to research what private health insurance company older people have in order to scam them out of some money. This scam is growing in popularity—since 2000, the FDA has investigated an average of 20 such cases per year, up from five a year in the 1990s. Once “in,” the fake grandchild will usually ask for money to solve some unexpected financial problem (overdue rent, payment for car repairs, etc. Doing nothing could only make it worse. I'm Val! But... We have you covered when it comes to your home and/or condo. These classes literally walk you through all the steps, for brand new people wondering “What exactly is a virtual assistant and how do they make money?” to experienced virtual assistants who want to know “How can I make $60 or more per hour?” This course covers it all. 7. It’s not just wealthy seniors who are targeted. In one approach, scammers read obituaries and call or attend the funeral service of a complete stranger to take advantage of the grieving widow or widower. 2: Solicitors on the Phone … This program is the same price as a top competitor, yet I honestly think The Savvy System is more valuable because it includes more. The pros, cons, and how it compares to other virtual assistant courses. Low-income older adults are also at risk of financial abuse. I’m obsessed with reviews. There’s an entire Template Vault with over 25 scripts for landing, working with, and making changes with clients! Botox scams are particularly unsettling, as renegade labs creating versions of the real thing may still be working with the root ingredient, botulism neurotoxin, which is one of the most toxic substances known to science. The launch classes will help you launch your brand new virtual assistant business from the ground up. 10. It’s a giant program, but it’s organized and broken down in three main phases that make it easy to follow: From choosing what service you should offer, how much you should charge, the legal and tax stuff, where to find clients, how to stand out from the competition and get paid, this course covers everything. I’ve seen about 1 new virtual assistant job lead per day in there. Need some non-toy boy gift ideas for Christmas, birthday, or another special occasion? Go sign up now! Making money as a virtual assistant requires work and ongoing effort from you after you pay the course fee, but The Savvy System is certainly not a scam. It’s almost like she’s right in the room with you walking you through everything, step-by-step. But there’s a lot of value in having a good virtual assistant website when you’re trying to land clients, especially clients that pay well. Because it fills the gaps in coverage... Shopping for insurance can be difficult, for that reason,  we do the shopping for you. Once buried in debt, stuck in a stressful 9-to-5 job, she hated that money stood in the way of her dream to be a stay-at-home mom. Even though Abbey is a mom living in the United States, she has added tips and resources for aspiring virtual assistants who live outside the United States. A senior receives emails that appear to be from the IRS about a tax refund. I’ve personally taken both courses and have a lot of respect for both women. Scammers can take advantage of older adults who have recently unlocked equity in their homes. THE SAVVY SYSTEM INCLUDES JOB LEADS AND OPPORTUNITIES. Abbey covers things like health insurance options and how to overcome mindset obstacles that might get in your way. It’s taken her years to figure out what she’s learned and gather it all together in a step-by-step package. Val Breit empowers women to create a life they love with simple money hacks and productivity tips. Both will teach you the basics to get started as a virtual assistant, including picking what services you should offer, how much you should charge, and how to find clients.

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