Par conséquent, elle est capable de parler anglais et coréen[3]. Le 28 septembre, Chungha ainsi que Seulgi de Red Velvet, Soyeon de (G)I-DLE et SinB de GFriend sortent le single "Wow Thing", dans le cadre du projet ‘Station Young’ pour l’album SM Station X 0 de SM Entertainment[20],[21]. All my songs are dear and meaningful to me! October 22, 2020 by admin. © 2020 Billboard.

La piste de titre vendu plus de trois millions d' exemplaires numériques et elle est devenue la première femme K-pop artiste solo pour atteindre 100 millions de vues sur une seule vidéo de musique sur YouTube. Personnalité : Hyun A (1992), K-Pop, Actrice, Mannequin, K-Hip-Hop, Parolière, Compositrice, K-Electro, K-Dance. .. HyunA luôn là cái tên gây tranh cãi mỗi khi trở lại, vì cô nàng đại diện cho hình tượng thần tượng sexy nên sản phẩm Cựu thành viên 4MINUTE thường xuyên vấp phải những tranh luận trái chiều và tạo nên cơn sốt khắp KPOP và cộng đồng fan quốc tế. But because that "sexy HyunA" image is so embedded that most people think that I would be like that offstage, which isn’t true. There is a huge discrepancy between my onstage and offstage persona. Làm thế nào để xung đột một cách tích cực. Is there a fan you remember the most?I can’t really pick one specific fan. I get praised and reprimanded all the time. Honestly, I don’t think I’m exceptionally pretty or talented. The group consisted of five members, namely Ji-hyun, Ga-yoon, Ji-yoon, HyunA, and So-hyun. Trong MV 365 TươiCả 3 thành viên đều là tội phạm bị truy nã: HyunA – cô gái tội nghiệp vô tình bị giết khi bị một người đàn ông mò mẫm, Hui – chàng trai bị băng nhóm truy đuổi và luôn sống lẩn trốn.

I participated in composing and writing for one of the tracks in my latest album, which was fun. Đúng với tinh thần của từ “Fresh”, Triple H (nhóm nhạc nam – nữ 3 thành viên gồm HyunA kết hợp với Hui và E’Dawn của Pentagon) mang trong mình sự trẻ trung, phóng khoáng, “chất chơi” và tràn đầy màu sắc. 2009: Debut with 4minute PSY appeared in your "Ice Cream" video. . I can’t tell you exactly when, but 4minute’s album will come out sometime this year. Previously, HyunA was a member of a girl group under CUBE Entertainment named 4Minute. He was back in Korea for a commercial shoot, while I was shooting for my music video so the timing worked out perfectly! Is there a specific genre that you would like to try out next? The sneakers that I wore during "Ice Cream" promotions, I picked and re-designed myself. I don’t have that many friends, so I like to keep the ones that I really care for close to me.

MV này cũng đánh dấu khoảng thời gian hơn 5 năm kể từ khi Trouble Maker – một nhóm nam – nữ khác của CUBE ra mắt vào cuối năm 2011 với MV đầu tay. (with 47 million views), "Ice Cream" (35 million), plus 4minute’s "Volume Up" (14 million), prove an interest further than just K-pop fans. HyunA originally began her idol career by debuting as a member of the girl group Wonder Girls. We spend more time with each other than we do with our own immediate family members.

Le 24 juillet, Chungha a été révélée comme une nouvelle participante de l’émission de danse, Hit The Stage[9]. What are your goals for 2013?I would like to continue the way I am, but I would also like to take up new ventures and improve myself. Có thể thấy, 2 chàng trai cô gái của chúng ta vẫn mạnh tay vung tiền vào game, vẫn thoải mái tung tăng trên xe chạy dọc đại lộ, thậm chí khi yêu nhau rất sexy, dù phạm vô số tội danh như giết người, cướp tài sản ,. it may surprise many to know she originally debuted … I go to In-and-Out [Burger], because the franchise is not in Korea. Và đừng quên tiếp tục theo dõi Haru -để cập nhật những tin tức KPOP nóng hổi nhất, các bạn nhé! You worked with producer Shinsadong Tiger for your singles "Change," “Bubble Pop," and "Trouble Maker." As a girl group member, solo singer, and a special co-starring role in "Gangnam Style" (the most watched YouTube video ever,) HyunA has become one of the most visible and in-demand stars of K-pop.

Le 21 décembre, M&H Entertainment a confirmé que Chungha débutera en solo dans le début de 2017 après avoir terminé les promotions avec I.O.I[10]. It was interesting to work with a lot of international directors and producers. Le 21 avril, le titre "Week" est publié servant de pré-single pour ses débuts[11], suivi le 7 juin par son premier mini-album, Hands on Me, avec le titre principal "Why Don't You Know"[12],[13],[14]. In 2009, she made her debut with 4Minute and promoted until their disbandment in 2016. HyunA recently received a sweet surprise for her debut anniversary from her boyfriend Hyojong (E’Dawn) and her staff! I consider myself a visual performer. Le 2 janvier 2019, elle sort le single XII accompagné du titre principal "Gotta Go"[22],[23]. Where is your go-to place in the States? In July, her parents removed her from the group due to health concerns, particularly chronic gastroenteritis and fainting spells. En janvier, elle a représenté son agence lors de l’émission Produce 101 [6].Elle a terminé 4 e lors de la finale de la compétition [7] qui lui permit de débuter le 4 mai au sein d’I.O.I avec leur premier mini-album, Chrysalis [8].. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. What are you interested in these days other than music?I am very into fashion. Chungha sort son quatrième EP Flourishing le 24 juin, avec le clip vidéo du titre "Snapping"[24],[25]. We went to Brazil and London for our "Cube United" concert and that was just beyond awesome. 4Minute debuted in June 2009 and went on to become one of the most popular girl groups in the country.

Chungha est née le 9 février 1996 en Corée du Sud. It wasn’t hard acting like I was mad at him for eating my ice cream, because he really enjoyed it! After leaving the ensemble shortly after, Hyuna subsequently left JYP Entertainment and joined the girl group 4Minute, under Cube Entertainment. Mei tacimates suscipiantur et, pri an iudico voluptatum philosop... Chẳng còn nghi ngờ gì nữa, V chính là thành viên mặc đẹp nhất BTS! I can go from doing an electronic track to hip-hop to even folk songs.

I just have really good people around me. I like to be provocative and enthralling when I’m on stage. I just want to be me and show what I have been doing for all these years. It took us about 30 hours to get to Brazil, but it was all worth it because the amount of love they showed us. Every time you release a video on YouTube, it goes viral! I think I learned a lot in 2012 working hard with my staff members. I cry a lot alone out of frustration. [My bandmembers] are the ones that complete me as an artist; they are like my family. It was a crucial step for me to include a ballad track in my album. When I look back at last year, I was such a lucky person. I think it’s because I’m just curious about so many things. What do you like to eat?I prefer to eat pizza over Korean food so American food fits my palette pretty well. So far, fans have seen your hip-hop side as well as your writing and composing talents. 14.3m Followers, 0 Following, 5,236 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) HyunA took time to talk to Billboard in a rare interview. I did not want to burden him by asking whether or not he would want to make a cameo appearance in my video. Découvrez sa biographie, sa carrière en détail et toute son actualité.

I think people are taking more interest in me because I’ve been getting a lot of exposure lately. Chungha sort son deuxième mini-album, Offset, le 17 janvier 2018. I think people are more attracted towards my personality, smile and energy [once they get to know me].

Hyuna - HyunA (현아) is a South Korean soloist. HyunA has blossomed into a true superstar in the past years and the good company she keeps laid the ground for a successful pathway.

Nhìn sơ qua, có lẽ đây sẽ là MV tạo nên làn sóng tranh cãi dữ dội trong thời gian sắp tới! Later she found the opportunity to promote as a solo artist and even with exciting unit projects like the Trouble Maker sub-unit, with labelmate Hyunseung of boy band Beast, and Dazzling Red with other K-pop all-stars. Hyuna (현아) may refer to: Hyun A, soloist, formerly of 9MUSES HyunA, soloist, formerly of Wonder Girls, 4minute, Trouble Maker, and Triple H Hyuna of MARMELLO HyunAh (Lina) of WANNA.B, formerly of BELLA4 Hyun A, formerly of ASHA Hyuna, formerly of Black Queen Hyeon Ah, formerly of Icia

On April 4, Cube Entertainment announced that Hui and E'Dawn from the boyband Pentagon were the other members of the group, which would be called Triple H, and that they would star in a reality show called Triple H Fun Agency.

I cry a lot alone out of frustration', Exclusive: Nelly Talks 'DWTS' & Previews New Song 'Lil Bit' With Florida Georgia Line | Billboard News. HyunA debuted in 2007 with the girl group Wonder Girls but left the group a few months later. HyunA’s position was visual of the group and also a … On August 3, 2018, HyunA revealed that she has been dating E'Dawn, member of PENTAGON and Triple H, since May 2016. It is all because of PSY and I have been very lucky.

Tuy nhiên, băng nhóm của HyunA không hề cuống cuồng trốn cảnh sát mà vẫn ung dung tự tại. Your email address will not be published. Từ những suy luận trên, Triple H có thể coi là đối thủ mạnh nhất của KARD – một nhóm nam – nữ khác sắp ra mắt trong thời gian tới, hứa hẹn sẽ tạo nên một cuộc chiến KPOP vô cùng độc đáo và vô cùng hấp dẫn giữa các nhóm. But as long as I work hard and get good results, I think everything will connect. The group's first mini-album, The Wonder Begins, was released on February 13, 2007. "Very Hot" is another meaningful track, because I participated in writing and composing. But he thought nothing of it! Le 27 avril 2020, elle sort son "pre-release single" nommé "Stay Tonight"[26] qui annonce alors un prochain album. Because we never saw her again, she lingers in my mind. Pendant huit ans avant de retourner en Corée du Sud pour devenir chanteuse. People tell me they like my personality more than my face [Laughs]. I prefer aroma, jasmine and bergamot. In March 2017, Cube Entertainment announced that Hyuna had formed a project group with unnamed label mates, that was set to debut in May. She launched her solo career in 2010 and recently signed with PSY’s new label P NATION after parting ways with her longtime agency, Cube Entertainment. What are some common misconceptions of HyunA?Every time I hear that I crave for attention, it hurts a little. Thank you.” In the accompanying video, Hyojong and HyunA’s staff surprise the artist with a cake that they’ve prepared for her special anniversary. When we are promoting as a group, we focus on our teamwork and the harmony of our each individual characteristics. L’EP contient cinq pistes dont le titre promotionnel "Roller Coaster"[16],[17]. Eu mazim fabellas insolens pri, sed eu utamur nominavi. Le 22 novembre, le premier épisode de son propre reality show, "Chung Ha's Free Month", a été mis en ligne sur Youtube et NaverTV[15]. I don’t usually dress up for my daily activities or when I meet my friends. Required fields are marked *. En janvier, elle a représenté son agence lors de l’émission Produce 101[6]. Elle a terminé 4e lors de la finale de la compétition[7] qui lui permit de débuter le 4 mai au sein d’I.O.I avec leur premier mini-album, Chrysalis[8]. tránh, và E’Dawn – một chàng trai lạc lối và có chút “thần kinh”. I received more than I can ever ask from him that it actually worries me. A daily briefing on what matters in the music industry, Red Velvet's Irene Apologizes After Verbally Attacking Fashion Editor | Billboard News, Aaliyah Book 'Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah' Dropping Next Year | Billboard News, Kanye West's Epic Interview With Joe Rogan Has Arrived: Watch it Here, Hilary Duff Is Pregnant With Her Third Child: 'We are growing!

I think people like that variety in me. Do you have plans to debut in the States?I can't specifically talk about my plans, but it is true that positive ideas are being discussed. The group debuted in 2009 but unfortunately, they disbanded in 2016.

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