Hsu, Immanuel Chung-yueh. [30] Any unit constructed in a city with a Heavenly Hall while the city is celebrating We Love the King Day will gain a free promotion that allows them to pillage improvements without spending a movement point. 8kun /christianity/ - Christian Theology - Hong Xiquan/Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Those events also brought about the alienation of the greatest of the Taiping generals. Under these circumstances be sure to inflict the final blow to the city's defenses with a Changmao unit, as they immediately build all available defensive buildings in any city that they capture. In 1856, his health deteriorated. It is now Yehehua (耶和華). Given the extraordinarily high level of competition in the tests held in Guangdong Province, such failure was the rule; less than l percent of those who sat for the examination passed. In August 184 7, after years of preaching in Hua County, Hong tracked Feng to Zijin Shan. Defeat: I can no longer bear witness to this suffering. The military elements of Hong’s organization had become far more disciplined, subject to careful drill and a strict chain of command. Peasant revolutionaries, most notably Mao Zedong, have praised Hong and asserted the legitimacy of his Taiping Kingdom, in reflection to legitimize his own rise to power. Most were Hakkas, and often they were miners and charcoal burners. I yield myself and my Kingdom to you. As a symbolic gesture to purge China of Confucianism, in 1843, he asked for two giant three-chi (尺) long and nine-jin (斤) heavy swords, called the "Swords that Execute the Vicious" (斬妖劍), to be forged.

Some sources claim that he committed suicide by poison on June 1, 1864 at the age of 52 after the Chinese authorities finally gained a decisive military advantage and all hope of maintaining his "kingdom" was lost and his body was discovered later in a sewer. He was succeeded by his teenage son, Hong Tianguifu. The Taiping unique ability, Brother of Christ, grants a large boost of Faith and restores city HP if you can capture a city surrounded by a number of pillaged improvements. Six years after that series of vivid and terrifying dreams, Hong returned to the Christian tracts he had never discarded and began to read them. Civilization V Customisation Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Now he found himself in an area receptive to his millenarian message because of the local history of secret societies and the need of Hakkas to unite to defend themselves against other groups in the area who posed a constant threat. He was born in Fuyuanshui Village (福源水村), Hua County (Fa Yuen in Cantonese) (花縣) (now Huadu (花都市)), Guangdong to Hong Jingyang (洪競揚) and Wang-shi (王氏). He wanted to go into government service. While Hong promised his followers a heaven on earth, largely shaped by a communitarian plan to divide all land and wealth fairly, he also demanded great sacrifices. Hong’s father was a poor farmer who worked his own land.When Hong showed signs of scholarly aptitude, his family made sacrifices to see that he could attend school, in hopes that some day he might pass the hallowed civil service examinations and become an official in the Qing government. The exact date of Hong’s death is uncertain, since different accounts give differing dates.

Hóng Xiùquán started studying in Book Chamber Building (書房閣), a private school (私塾), at age seven. 手握乾坤殺伐權,斬邪留正解民懸。眼通西北江山外,聲振東南日月邊。璽劍光榮存帝賜,詩章憑據誦爺前,太平一統光世界,威風快樂萬千年. Hong Xiuquan was a 19th century Chinese peasant and member of the Hakka minority. In response, Xiuquan declared open rebellion against the Qing and proclaimed himself 'Heavenly King' of a new dynasty. He studied hard and would probably have passed the government tests. 5 kg), called the "demon-slaying swords" (斬妖劍), to be forged. I am Hong Xiuquan, second son of the Heavenly Father. Born Hong Huoxiu on January 11, 1814, in Fuyuanshui village, Hua County, 30 miles from Guangzhou (Canton), Guangdong (Kwangtung) Province, Hong was the third son of a poor Hakka family. But when Yang attempted to depose Hong in 1856, a bloodbath ensued. The number of Hong’s forces may have reached as many as 30,000 men and women, 10,000 of whom were involved in military preparations. He was able to recite the Four Classics after five or six years. However, it is possible that this was his post hoc rationalization to gain legitimacy for the "Heavenly Kingdom of Taiping". Within a few years, Feng had gained thousands of converts to Hong’s doctrine.

Introduction: I am the Heavenly King, Hong Xiuquan. As a young adult he several times attempted the Qing Imperial Examinations, failing each time and ultimately suffering a nervous breakdown.

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