kajunredhead@cox.net At the Gentle Giant Rabbitry we breed for personality, color, size and body type. trinette.pierce@gmail.com (417)644-9960, Heather Shaw So you need to take special care of their food, shelter, grooming, and health. owlkee@gmail.com (208)908-1151, Josephine Marker

pec.familyrabbitry@yahoo.com, Chris Redding Tree of Life Rabbitry So they like to spend time with you. Green Forest, Arkansas Kila, Montana myersfg11@gmail.com Ljdesign@ymail.com, Kurt Kroninger 4kshomestead.weebly.com As always, we wish you the best of luck in your search.

http://www.flemishgiantrabbitry.weebly.com/ Iron Forge Rabbitry Denham Springs, Louisiana bh602552@yahoo.com, Bronson Dicken Tiffany’s Rabbitry M Rabbitry Bend, Oregon Easton, Pennsylvania kelseyx6@gmail.com, Brenna Chatterton Sugar Acre Rabbits (865)363-3771, Cathy Dyer 386 736-6454, Rachele Ford Sherman, Texas 985-209-6659, Rhonda Zalfen (717)398-6549, Julie Conley Ray’s Rabbits of CT (334)400-2084, Ruth Kime Gentle Giants

(570)578-8461, Kasey Sheppard

richieavery1983@gmail.com Beccas Bunny Ranch Rabbitry

Kelseys Bunny Barn mpaddockfarrell@me.com Red River Rabbitry penrynrabbitfarm.com Plains, Montana Hensley’s Hare Hut Rabbitry Erson4875@yahoo.com, Amy Seibert bellamiranaturals@gmail.com Westport, Oklahoma Maxx Farms Chestnut Hill Rabbitry Central Point, Oregon If they feel threatened or scared then they can injure you by hind legs to protect themselves. bbfrabbitry.com kmsmithfarms@gmail.com Jerome, MO parabbit2000@aol.com, Lauren Fowler 404-823-3216, Trey Butler For your convenience, we have added a list of Flemish Giant Breeders here. (503)312-0888, Maya Wolf Coldwater, Michigan Flemish Giants (Fawn and Sandy) Grayson, Kentucky

sugaracres90@gmail.com, Shelbi Starr 561-719-2451 0r 561-644-4193, Carrie and Joye (740)304-2423, Brianna Hoffman anhalts.rabbit.breeders@hotmail.com We also invite our flemish giant breeders to list there rabbitry again here: Your email address will not be published. Winnipeg, Alabama Ivory Farms Rabbitry We raise three of the seven varieties of Flemish, Blue, Fawn and Sandy. Xenia, Illinois JKs Flemish Giants moesmightygiants.weebly.com Livingston, Tennessee randy.hensley24@yahoo.com The purpose of the NFFGRB has always been to promote and improve the Flemish Giant breed. These wonderful rabbits are fabulous to own and show. amisaacson@hotmail.com, Samantha Ford Whitehouse, Texas (715)927-1831, Rebecca and Scott Luce Taryn@silencio.com, Jonathan Krieger Blessings Farm Two J’s

We first got into showing rabbits when we bought our first show quality Flemish Giants in early 2016, and we immediately fell in love with the camaraderie and knowledge that comes with showing, not to mention fun!!

Troll Under The Bridge Rabbitry Peoria, Illinois 907-376-7359, Rondel Simmons

Barrhead, Alberta, Alabama Rachele080296@gmail.com Raspberry Ridge Rabbitry babywolfc@gmail.com bdlittlered2@gmail.com mary.arends@yahoo.com, Sara Aden (803)242-0555, Paige Morgan 7709008201, Lesley Deyton G & J Rabbitry Get Er Done Rabbitry Seymour, Missouri (903)603-2165, Daniel Anzaldua Clayton, Indiana Our rabbits travel to birthday parties and with petting zoos to spread joy to kids of all ages! Rolling Ribbon Rabbitry bobonthewater@gmail.com, Freddie Bestwick Rachele’s Rabbitry Bundy’s Gentle Giant Royal Rabbitry horsecrazy1@blackfoot.net Wynndel, Alabama 8503231032, NANCY SCHROEDER Reverend Steve’s Rabbitry webbfamilyrabbitry@gmail.com Use our Rabbit Breeders Directory today to find Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale in your area. Gentle Giant Rabbitry 573-674-1262, Natalie Trout

Country Woods Farm All breeders listed below are currently raising Flemish. Piedmont, Missouri Post was not sent - check your email addresses! (334)467-9063, Samantha Smith Cooper’s Rabbit Ranch Dollhouse Flemish Giants So researchers are searching their history for getting complete information about their origin yet.

724-475-4318, Kristin Smith Avery’s Rabbits and more simmonsrabbitry@gmail.com, Crystal Mabb Rabbit is considered the best option for a house pet because of their attractive appearance and good behavior. (618)994-7405, Martha Bauman-Smith

mvh23142@huskies.bloomu.edu, Barry Parks miniacres@epix.net, Steven Malloy islandace1212@gmail.com, Melissa Stephens (573)223-3242, Kelly Dietsch (239)362-4302, Joe R TC.Rabbitry96@gmail.com rhaondar54@gmail.com 970-481-0975, Kennedy Essex sleepinggiantrabbitry.com randsrabbits@gmail.com Brookelincoln1@live.com, Donna Wood Black, Steel and Sandy.

geterdone840@gmail.com, Susan Cady All members are invited and encouraged to submit articles and photos of shows, rabbits, experiences, etc for posting to this website, Please e-mail articles and photo's  to Wayne Bechdel, NFFGRB Secretary at  wbechdel@wildblue.net. gardengaterabbitry.com mvheath50@gmail.com MICHAEL@POGGISANIMALHOUSE.COM

Joe’s Flemish Giant Rabbits & Bunnies (301)746-5939, Timothy Cunningham

South Ogden, Utah Crosby, Texas 304 860 8532, Timothy Lishen Islamorada, Florida The Flemish Giant is considered a multi-purpose rabbit that is originally used for fur and meat. Wasilla, Alaska michiganflemishgiants.com Niswonger Farms is a proud member of the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders. Bridlemile Bunnies Canon City, Colorado Twisted Oaks Flemish Giants While you feed the rabbit, keep in mind one thing that there is a different need of the diet for a pregnant, adult or sick rabbit. Plushkin2@aol.com silverharehollow.com (204)955-6634, Sarah Amber and Rosie Friesen The Funny Bunny Farm tori@redsearanchandrabbitry.com (765)434-4390, Adi Stephens Altha, Florida cranberrycove1@aol.com

We also sell both show and pet quality rabbits. They require 30% mixer of pellets, fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. 717-756-2901, Kayce Shepherd ThreeDsFarm@gmail.com Our breeding focus is calm and friendly personalities, low maintenance, and gentle rabbits.
Aurora, Oregon threeriversrabbitry.webs.com

(780)283-0975, Wayne Weisman rtrabbitry.webs.com

Rabbitry New Haven County, Connecticut You will see us at the majority of rabbit shows held in the Michigan, Ohio and northern Indiana areas.

foothillflemishes@gmail.com, Mary Hammond Lake Odessa, Michigan (770)361-4614, Lesley Deyton redhawk16@cavtel.net angelinasias2003@gmail.com (207)313-0265, Angela Smith Spice of Life Rabbitry Aledo, Illinois Rabbit Village Reno, Nevada Briar Rabbits Farm Giants among us rockyhillrabbits.wix.com/index West Palm Beach, FL Lesleyd@newhopebc.org (931)302-3539, Drake Abernathy Williston, Florida Somerset, Kentucky Backyard Rabbitry Ferndale, California Olivebridge , New York

(731)514-5718, Scott Lang Luhtalan Rabbitry threeriversrabbitry@gmail.com flemish-giant.com

Best Hay For Rabbits – Top Choices For 2020. We raise and show rabbits purely out of the love for our animals - please keep in mind, this is not a business. You can troubleshoot the problem of overgrown teeth by feeding them a large amount of hay. Johnnybraaten699@gmail.com, Mike Heath


B.A. J & R Hoppers miniacrefarmsrabbitry.webs.com

(541)892-6119, Meghan Farrell dayglosigns@gmail.com 903-436-4127, Wes Archambeau Ally’s Paws Rabbitry The Grassy Den bluebuck52@gmail.com The Funny Farm

info@michiganflemishgiants.com, Judi Nelson amberdean1014@gmail.com inthebufffarm.weebly.com (352)535-7055, Pauli Franklin Oswego, Illinois Mommas Miracles Dublin, Virginia johnsonsflemishgiants.blogspot.com West Sacramento, CA foxspride@yahoo.com, Jeralin Molinaro (352)282-5617, Kirsten Goslee serena_lynn023@hotmail.com Fountain, Florida Those Colors are: BLACK, BLUE, FAWN, LIGHT GRAY, SANDY, STEEL GRAY, WHITE

The club does this using this website, quarterly newsletters, a wonderful guidebook, and by encouraging the exhibition of Flemish Giants at ARBA Rabbit Shows through the sweepstakes program. Panguitch, Utah Cusseta, Georgia Detroit , Michigan Lake Hylia Family Rabbitry

Flemish Giants (checkered) JRWRABS@gmail.com

(660)281-6466, Tim Zimmerman Mdean1595@gmail.com krb423@msn.com, Kristopher Howell Rabbitry Readfield, Maine

whitetailfury@gmail.com, David and Michelle Waltz Siktberg’s Flemish Giants Rabbitry St. Clair Rabbitry Urban Rabbitry Boise, Idaho ivoryfarmsca.com D&J Rabbitry Bucks and does.... by angelsrob - Frazeysburg, Ohio - - Sep 25, 2020 Flemish Giant babies - $80.00. When we aren't with the animals on the farm, Justin works in Accounting & Finance and Samantha is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). 203-237-7338, Louis Dominguez CRC Continental German Giants (435)616-5278, CANYON GALE Tammy’s Frenchies and Flemish Sapphire Blue Flemish rabbitry Backwater Hobbyfarm Rabbitry Wilson , North Carolina (928)379-0145, Laura Ungvary Myers’ Flemish Giants Webers Rabbitry waltzsflemishhoppers.webs.com Boone Doc Boers and Bunnies We have received only this information about the Flemish Giant rabbit that in the 1890s this breed came from Belgium and England to America. www.lbrabbitry.webs.com Bigfoot rabbitry (386)266-6927, Ashley Feagle Eclectic, Alabama Foothill Flemishes snowrob.rr@gmail.com

Nichol Back Rabbitry

Flemish-giant.com is a website that was created by flemish owners and breeders. Edgar, Nebraska

(615)569-5264, Danielle Perdue Confederateroserabbitry@gmail.com Nanafranette@gmail.com All our flemish giant rabbits are of pure breed and come from fantastic loving homes i have owned and raised these placid rabbit giants for over 9 years all ..... gumtree.com.au . Weed Flemish Giants Byers, Colorado centralvalleyrabbitey@gmail.com nepsa197224@gmail.com Big Rapids, MI Deerfield, Michigan weebeetrackin.com Webster, FL Our focus is on improving mass, bone, length, and weight. bundysgentlegiants.weebly.com 936-223-4302, Jauson King Rabbitry & Fox’s Pride Dairy Goats Bugs Rabbits raspberryridgerabbitry@gmail.com, Dawna Berry Raymondville, MO Rabbit Foot Farms (352) 428-5907, Amber Dean

(208)329-3862, Dave Rigg Little Meadow Farmstead Longg Ears Bunny Barn This breed is not so active as other rabbits’ breeds, still, they can take full advantage of the outdoor playtime.

Robert.anthony.granato@gmail.com Oak Summit Farm South River, Alabama Heavenly Kisses Rabbitry Scottpayneutmshepherd@gmail.com If they become dirtier then you can clean them with a damp cloth. UbbenLooken Rabbitry familyfluffers.com 3-B Rabbitry In the Buff Farm Rayne, Louisiana Kayce1812@gmail.com, Tony Inzillo oaksummitfarmvt.weebly.com/ Countrywoodsfarm@hotmail.com (304)886-8273, Sally Burns Due to the short coat of the rabbit, you do not have to do more grooming. Bridlemile Bunnies Bedford, Kentucky Frost, Texas Defiance, OH Las Vegas Willow Creek Rabbitry darneshia reese Lexington, Kentucky The toys prevent rabbits from attacking the furniture and keep them busy. Denver, Colorado jefbogle@bellsouth.net pecatonicafamilyrabbitry.weebly.com If you keep them in pairs in the cage, yet they prefer to interact with you. steven52187@hotmail.com El Dorado Springs, Missouri Phoenix, Arizona kingofqueensrabbirty@gmail.com (785)506-5045, Mikayla Haeberle Harvest Moon Rabbitry O’Neill’s Flemish Summers, Arkansas (763)670-2452, Lily Klumper
However, the Flemish Giant rabbit is well-mannered, so you do not face much trouble. derynilady@gmail.com Leominster, Massachusetts

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