Test Your Relationships . The director? I just thought this was an exceptionally well-done movie and was a little stunned at its low ratings. This is a truly awful and Offensive film. This was a well done movie. Not a "great" movie, but nice if you're a dog-lover. The blast knocks him onto a car, cracking the windshield and leaving a huge bloody stain. | I rented it anyway, and ended up buying it. I came across it by accident at the video store. She has a way with words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. | If that was what the writer originally wrote, I will eat my shoe. That it had never enjoyed a theatrical release, was obvious by the comments on the video box. | Infrequent: Thelma is called a b*tch once. Don't rush right out to get this one, but don't miss it if it is on cable. They bond and become inseparable, while Travolta keeps trying to separate the two. Learning to be wisely assertive is a major lesson to be taken by Ellie Raab throughout her life. Trust me, whatever you can come up with in 30 seconds will be better than the crap these people thought up. We see blood on Elizabeth's arm, and she drifts out to sea. It lack of true moral integrity is so offensive it really is a waste of money. A person is shot, and a bloodstain is seen on their clothes. An American retired soccer player, coach, two-time Olympic gold medalist, six-time U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year winner, and FIFA Women's World Cup champion who holds the world record for int'l goals for both female and male soccer players, A Canadian actress, best known for her roles as Kaylee Frye in FOX television series Firefly (2002–03), its spin-off film Serenity (2005), and as Dr. Jennifer Keller on Sci-Fi Channel's television series Stargate Atlantis (2007–09), An American actress who began her career at the age of four appearing as a dancer in several ballet productions and TV specials, and is best known for her roles on the television series Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas, and Nikki, An Indian film actress, who worked as a costume designer in her early career, won her the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut for her acting debut in the action-drama film Dabangg, and has sung a small part in the Imran Khan song "Let's Celebrate" in her film Tevar, An American television host, author, the first female judge and the first female District Attorney elected in Westchester County, New York, and Republican politician, who is the host of Fox News Channel's Justice with Judge Jeanine, and was a frequent contributor to NBC News, including frequent appe, Ellie Raab personality profile | © Copyright 2009-2020 Celebrities Galore and Master Numerologist. Thelma shoots Elizabeth (Ellie Raab) with a handgun several times. Thelma shoots Elizabeth with a handgun several times. An unarmed man, attempting to flee and innocent of the crime for which he is being chased, is shot and killed by police. Ellie Raab‘ mother name is NA. Ellie Raab‘ father name is NA. Ellie Raab may be perceived as a wild child by adults and a source of concern by her family. Change is constant in her world, requiring adaptability and courage. She finds it difficult to commit to one relationship, but once committed, she can be as faithful as an old dog. The flexibility and durability of Raab's body will promote security and confidence within her. Started out a little slow and I was a little worried about the graphic nature of the movie, but Travolta was good in this indie film, as was Raab in her role. Why the low ratings? | CONTACT. Where is Ellie Raab from?, . However, she must not be obliged to hurry her choice of career or family. At the end in the "dog fight " scene, the revolting people who would attend an event like this somehow find their humanity and mug emotions for the camera when the girl identifies the bond she has with the dog, I just wanted to machine gun the lot of them audience, thugs everybody. The movie shows the devotion a dog has for a girl that saves its life after losing a battle against a pit bull. | Ellie Raab, funny in The Ref, is warm, touching and beliveable in this movie. I found the acting to be sensitive, the cinematography to be beautiful, and the story uplifting. Without these, many of the tasks Ellie begins will remain unfinished and she will fail to realize the true fruits of her abilities. Travolta ends up stealing a car and lots of money from Larriva, and heads with Raab to his successful brother's (Geoffrey DeMunn) home in L.A. Adventurous as Raab is today, she can grab the big opportunity that the day brings her. It said it was based on a true story, I don't know how much was true, but it was a sweet movie about a Doberman pinscher dog and a ten year old girl. The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points. Plot Keywords. Who is the father of Ellie Raab? Ellie Raab is sensual and loves to taste all of life. 15 out of 18 found this helpful. Who is the mother of Ellie Raab? Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}} He dumps the dog as they depart Chi-Town but the dog miraculously follows them all the way to L.A. If it isn't an issue you have ever personally thought about, this scene in the movie will make you an advocate against such brutal activity. October 24th 2020 is a hectic day for Ellie Raab. Rank of John Travolta's movies by Box Office performance. Elizabeth is missing and eventually presumed dead. Travolta? A young girl lifts her dress for a moment; we see she has hidden a plot-relevant object in her panties. We were unable to submit your evaluation. The blast knocks him onto a car, cracking the windshield a leaving a huge bloody stain. In the beginning of the movie there are some scenes of dog fights that look brutal, but are an eye opener for those of us who have never seen a dog fight. Throughout the movie, Thelma shows no remorse. Until you get to the end. The end of this movie is so completely lame, you will kick yourself for sitting through the whole thing. Freedom is the key to Ellie's personality. John Travolta is a single father, hard to like in this film, but belivable. FAQ When you realize that this was a docudrama, it's pretty good stuff. Sex, food and other sensory experiences are essential to the enjoyment of hers. We invite you to create your own free personality profile, in private and for your eyes only!. User Ratings No smoking or drugs that I recall. It includes his brother Gary (Adam LeFevre), sister-in-law Connie (Christine Baranski), their two children Mary and John (Ellie Raab and Phillip Nicoll), and Lloyd’s mother Rose (Glynis Johns), who is extremely wealthy and bullies everyone in the family. Better than some movies I've paid $8.50 at the theater to watch lately! Despite the opportunity for extreme corn, most of the flick is really engaging. where to start with so much badness on view. Amazing movie, I loved it! HOME. Nejznámější díla – Ellie Raab | celá filmografie (8) Báječní Bakerovi hoši (1989) Eyes of an Angel (1991) Nezvaný host (1994) Metacritic Reviews. With hard work and perseverance, however, the sky is the limit. Not a 10/10, but 8/10 is what it deserves. I was pleased to see Travolta playing a loser. The ending, which I won't spoil, was what I had hoped for, but was afraid not to get. Little does he know that the dog is following them on their journey, hoping to be reunited with its new best friend forever. I had never heard of this movie, but decided to watch it since John Travolta was in it. She is often a late-bloomer and needs to experience life before she can truly know and commit to her heart's desire. A woman responds to a stressful situation by drinking liquor several times, and we see her drunk once. Who is Ellie Raab? He's usually too smug for my taste, but in this (Probably a reflection on the state of his career at the time) his character is pathetic for most of the movie. We briefly see her breasts from the side. She is a female celebrity. He shows Thelma the prints; they are not explicit. The title was "The Tender" in the TV listing for UPN. Ellie Raab loves travel, adventure, variety and meeting new people, and she longs to experience all of life. I think maybe some folks missed the opening line --- based on a true story. Awards She also loves to be involved in several things at the same time as long as she is not tied down to any one area. Travolta plays a down-on-his-luck widowed dad of a little girl, played by Ellie Raab, who is essentially a slightly younger version of the Tatum O'Neal role in . After the dog ends up left in an animal shelter, it finds its way back to the girl, only for Bobby to tell her that it looks like a fighting dog (used in an illegal dog-fighting ring), and that she needs to get rid of it. His body is shown on the ground, covered and at a distance, thus not grotesque.

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