Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. Después de conocer a Kiden Nixon, una joven mutante con la habilidad de detener el tiempo cuando está en peligro, y Tatiana Caban, una mutante que puede tomar los atributos físicos de quien sea y lo que sea, al entrar en contacto a través de su sangre, X-23 empieza a recuperar sus sentidos. Laura regresa a la mansión y sin ayuda mata a tres Purifiers que han incapacitado a Surge, Hellion y Emma Frost. The Reavers are eventually defeated in a battle with the mutants. Ellos son emboscados por los Reavers, cuya líder, Lady Deathstrike, hiere mortalmente a Hellion. Dr. Rice and Dr. Kinney did not get along, constantly butting heads, especially when Dr. Kinney produced a female clone rather than an exact clone. However, the charges were ultimately dismissed, largely due to the lack of support she received from her mother and sister Debbie. Un programa de alto secreto tiene la tarea de replicar el experimento original de Arma X que unía adamantium al esqueleto de Wolverine. After seven years, Dr. Rice had X-23 subjected to radiation poisoning in order to accelerate the activation of her mutant gene, and forcibly extracted her claws and coated them with Adamantium. Mysterio | [10]​, X-23 llega a Nueva York y es acogida por un proxeneta llamado Zebra Daddy. Uphold and continue his father's legacy and avenge his father's death by killing Logan via X-24. I study climate forcings (things that affect the planet's energy balance) and feedbacks (processes that speed up or slow down warming).

Wolverine Villains | Antes de que Kinney se vaya, Rice revela una cámara que contiene las vainas de incubación para los sujetos X-24 a X-50. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. Extrae sus garras, las cubre con adamantium y las vuelve a colocar en sus manos y pies, un procedimiento que se lleva a cabo sin anestesiar a la niña. Deadpool Villains | X-23 es el primer miembro en unirse al equipo a pesar de la negativa de Wolverine. [12]​ Dr. Rice [3], Zander helped oversee X-23's development and he was the one to administer the Weapon X process on her.

X-23 se las arregla para proteger a Megan y Debbie.

Impossible Man | Juggernaut | Sentinels | En cambio, le dice porqué había venido. Caliban then threw two grenades, and bombed Zander's van. Dr. Rice also created a chemical compound he called "trigger scent" that sent X-23 into an involuntary berserker rage upon smelling its presence. Unfortunately the y-chromosome at the DNA samples that she had to work with were badly damaged. Shadow King | Dark X-Men | Wolverine knows what Zander is up to, and runs La primera misión del equipo es investigar las actividades de Bastion y los Purifiers.

Laura, junto con la mayor parte de Fuerza-X, acompaña a Cable y Cypher al futuro en un intento de cerrar la invasión Nimrod. Daken | X-23 se muestra incapaz de liberarse de las garras de Zebra Daddy. | Spot | Dr. Zander Rice is the head of Essex Corp., and the main antagonist of the 2017 Marvel superhero film Logan. Tiene dos garras en las manos a diferencia de las tres de Wolverine, pero tiene una en cada pie.

The original comics version of the character is noticeably younger and more attractive than the film version, but is no less monstrous and depraved. Con la ayuda de sus nuevas amigas (y el mutante llamado Bobby Soul), Zebra Daddy y sus matones son derrotados: X-23 lo mata para salvar las vidas de sus amigos. Dracula | Hazmat | Meanwhile, Dr. Rice and the Reavers chase after the mutant kids, almost managing to capture them all, until Logan enters the scene and starts tearing them down. Sabretooth | Cuando los soldados parten, X-23 da cuenta de que Daken había estado en el mismo restaurante, y había estado observando.[25]​.
Like his father, Dr. Zander Rice was killed by Logan / The Wolverine. He came with many soldiers and tanks. Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Dr. Zander Rice is the main antagonist of the 2005 Marvel Comics X-Men storyline, Innocence Lost. Dr. Sutter gave a young Zander the dog tags and comforted him. Morlocks | La pista los lleva hacia Franklin Richards y Valeria Richards. No obstante, no lo mata. X-23 was able to kill Sutter and his wife, Rachel, but was unwilling to kill their son, Henry, whom she left alive. Sauron | La conversación es interrumpida cuando el Capitán América viene a arrestar Laura.

Occupation [2]​ Tras evitar un asesinato en la ciudad de París y en compañía de Ángel, descubre que cuenta con clones. [5] Su primera aparición en los cómics fue en NYX #3 de 2004. En este final utópico, X-23 es parte de las X-tremas Sanciones Ejecutivas de los X-Men. He is the surgical head of Essex Corp, the leader and employer of The Reavers, and the one behind Project: Transigen. Suppress and gain control of the mutant gene and to use it in order to create Laura and X-24 and to control over them and the other children (all succeeded).Recapture X-23/Laura and the other clones in order to exploit their abilities into financial profits and thus to enslave all mutants (failed). la utilice como su propia arma. [33]​, X-23 se presenta como uno de los estudiantes en la nueva Academia Vengadores. Logan: Essex Corp (Zander Rice, Donald Pierce, X-24 & Reavers), Television Lady Deathstrike | Dr. Zander Rice and The Reavers then start attacking the mutant kids, almost managing to capture them all, until Wolverine enters the scene and interferes. As she lay dying, Sarah named X-23 "Laura. Natasha ofrece a X-23 venir a la Academia Vengadores y ella acepta. Las muertes sin querer implican a Wolverine, lo que llevó a sus compañeros a investigar. [2] He tested it by letting putting the trigger scent near a dog,[citation needed] and later her sensei, one of the few people who were nice to her.[2]. Fault Zone | X-23 posee un factor de curación al igual que Wolverine, y tiene sentidos muy desarrollados, es una experta combatiente y asesina, ya que fue entrenada desde niña. [14]​, X-23 sigue a Wolverine secretamente en su investigación de una actividad extraña en la Montañas Rocosas de Canadá. X-Men: Days of Future Past: Trask Industries (Bolivar Trask, William Stryker Jr. & Sentinels) | Magneto | Mystique | Toad | Horsemen of Apocalypse (Apocalypse) [17] They arrived to find that unidentified assailants had beaten them to it, wiping out Essex's men, and making a copy of the massive database comprising genetic material from every living person on the planet. Savage Land Mutates | Cassandra Nova | No obstante, logra escapar de Siniestro.[28]​. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. X-Men Villains, Comics Mientras buscan a Cable y a la mutante recién nacida, Fuerza-X combate a Lady Deathstrike y sus nuevos Reavers. He disagreed vehemently with her decision stating that she was "supposed to be creating a weapon, not a damn Barbie doll." Wendigo | X-23 se muda después con los X-Men a San Francisco, donde son aceptados como héroes por el alcalde, después de haber rechazado la iniciativa de los cincuenta estados. William Stryker | Dale Rice was a scientist working on the original Weapon X program. He conditioned her to do this by torturing her while she was exposed to the scent. Wolverine reprende a X-23 por dejar que la secuestraran. He then proceeded to gleefully perform torturous and horrific experiments on her, including having her kept in a padded room except during training sessions or assassination missions, almost kills her with radiation poisoning to trigger her healing factor at the age of seven, and surgically removes her natural claws one at a time, coats them with adamantium, then re-implants them-all of this without anesthesia-at the same age. Sin embargo, el agente muere a manos de X-23. [6]​, Laura Kinney aparece en la película Logan, de 2017, interpretada por Dafne Keen.[7]​[8]​. Zander's father, Dale Rice, worked on the original Weapon X program where he was killed by an escaping Logan as he fled from the Weapon X Facility with a briefcase full of information about the project. Sarah's traumatic childhood led to her later estranging herself from her family and destroyed any desire for her to have children of her own. Durante la dura batalla entre los X-Men y los Merodeadores, X-23 salva la vida de Wolverine, matando a Scrambler. A while after that, he decided to recapture Laura and program her to be the new Weapon X. Dr. Zander Rice sends Pierce and his men to recapture Laura, and kill whoever stands in his way, mostly the Wolverine. Poco después de su despido de Fuerza-X, X-23 sigue la pista de un científico de Arma X llamado Detlef Metzger a un restaurante. Dr. Zander Rice is the head of Essex Corp., and the main antagonist of the 2017 Marvel superhero film Logan.

Kyriazis, Stefan (9 de diciembre de 2016). He leads The Reavers to attack the mutants near the borderline with Canada. ManipulationIntelligenceStrategyLeadership Fue creada por Craig Kyle para la serie animada X-Men: Evolution donde hizo su primera aparición en el capítulo 41 de la tercera temporada estrenado en agosto de 2003. Ella tiene dos garras en sus manos en vez de tres, mismas que le fueron injertadas por Magneto. What The--?! He later revealed to Laura that he had discovered that part of her genetic makeup came from Sarah herself, making Sarah not just Laura's surrogate, but her biological mother. Origin As revenge for her insubordination, Dr. Rice forced her to act as the surrogate mother for the specimen, and she later gave birth to X-23. Killed by The Wolverine, his son, Zander took over the company.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine: William Stryker Jr. | Sabretooth | Deadpool | Agent Zero | Blob The original comics version of the character is noticeably younger and more attractive than the film version, but is no less monstrous and depraved. Sarah allowed Megan to send her drawings, but refused to make amends with Debbie. Esto confunde a X-23, quien decide tomar la misión con más calma. Caliban then threw two grenades, and bombed Rice's van. Comic Vine. Cuando X-23 intenta suicidarse debido a la infección por el Virus del Legado, Elixir la detiene y se deshace de la herencia del virus.[21]​. [9]​, Kinney le escribe una carta a su hija y le asigna una misión final: destruir las vainas y matar a Rice.,, «X-23: ¿quién es Laura Kinney, la ‘hija’ de Wolverine?», «Logan movie reaction: More like Mad Max than X-Men, female Wolverine X23 upstages Jackman»,,,, «Una sorprendente conexión entre Logan y X-Men: Apocalypse ha sido revelada», «X-Men: Simon Kinberg On That Rumored X-23 Movie... And Alpha Flight?»,, Personajes de Marvel Comics con curación acelerada, Personajes ficticios víctimas de abuso sexual infantil, Personajes de Marvel Comics que pueden moverse a velocidades sobrehumanas, Wikipedia:Artículos con datos por trasladar a Wikidata, Wikipedia:Artículos con pasajes que requieren referencias, Wikipedia:Mantenimiento de la plantilla Altura (metro), Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0, Factor curativo, garras retráctiles recubiertas de, X-23 apareció por primera vez en el capítulo número 41 de, X-23 también aparece en la serie de televisión, X-23 fue mencionada brevemente en la caricatura.

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