fans will be pumped to see her in action. The soap opera, a reboot of the super popular 1980s classic, follows two feuding families and their schemes for power. Known for playing the beloved character Jade on “Victorious”, Liz Gillies continues her reputation of portraying complex, sassy characters with the role of Fallon Carrington. While some of the characters may have the same names as the original “Dynasty” series, it’s a fairly original story. Riele: Michael Jackson! Behind the Scenes: Victorious GROUP HUG & COLLAPSE! Preferably one of those sparkly ones from “Twilight.”. Thomas Kuc: You could say me and Benji are the pranksters on set. Behind the Scenes: Victorious - On Set Silliness!!! Get ready to LOL! I’m not sure who exactly but bringing back an Olympic fast runner would be cool to see. cast, just to name a few.

I used to be afraid of falling out of a roller coaster because they seemed too extreme but I overcame that. In an interview at Cornell University, Josh reveals a few things about himself, including the fact that he’s proudly Jewish and that he and, didn’t like each other at first. I used to be afraid of falling out of a roller coaster because they seemed too extreme but I overcame that. It’s time to “toon” in to an epic journey with some of your favorite Schneiderverse characters. Long story short: Josh goes to jail, gets beat up by an inmate named Bludge (Kimbo Slice), and must outwit a cop who has it out for Christmas. Which one is easier to kill again? Do you think you could handle eating a lemon?! Cree: Last minute cat. I’ve only seen one scary movie all the way through because I’ll freak out and run out of the room! The former star of Dan Schneider’s “Victorious”, Liz Gillies, is taking her own steps towards professional success with a lead role on the hit TV [...], Favorite TV Actor at the upcoming 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards. My mom had to turn it off. There’s plenty more hilarious DanWarp videos for you to get your laugh on. But how did Liz Gillies decide to play a character from such a vintage TV show? In an interview with Teen Vogue, Gillies says, “I just really fell in love with Fallon, and how they re-imagined her to fit 2017. Q: Who would you like to switch bodies with for a day? I like all movies. There are also the classic horror characters like Jason or Freddy Krueger. We’d be great in a Zombie Apocalypse. Boom. Cooper Barnes: Rodimus Prime, 8 years old. Not only that, Liz says she is super stoked that her “Victorious” fans can watch her portray a new character…and so they can have another example of a super-empowered and smart businesswoman on TV. Can you say drama?!? Okay, Elf. Q: Favorite scary movie? Alexander Hamilton!! I’m pretty sure that would be a unanimous vote. Wait until you see some of the cringe-worthy faces on the. Dan Schneider has devoted his life to behind-the-scenes production of hit shows on Nickelodeon including “ All That,” “ The Amanda Show,” “ Kenan & Kel,” “ Drake & Josh,” “ Zoey 101,” “ iCarly,” “ Victorious,” “ Sam & Cat,” “ Henry Danger,” and “ Game Shakers.” Follow Dan Schneider on Instagram! Maddie: Thomas because he’s athletic, tons of fun to be around, and if we survived we would just have the time of our lives! The series was produced by Dan Schneider, an American actor, TV and film actor, and producer. Nickelodeon: Sam & Cat SPECIAL ALERT From Dan Schneider! Rodimus Prime, 8 years old. Q: Which fellow cast member would you bring with you to battle a zombie apocalypse? Fans of this Dan Schneider show know they made four seasons, but did you know they made a Christmas movie a few years later? Now, the story and setting are updated for modern day fans to enjoy. Can you say drama?!? I’d give him brown hair and eyes. Exclusive Halloween Interviews with Dan Schneider’s “Game Shakers” and “Henry Danger” Stars, Dan Schneider’s Most Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Cast Videos. But Liz takes it up a notch with her scheming character and. Unbeknownst to Drake, the bottom is about to fall out from under both him and Josh, making it exceedingly difficult for them to fulfill their promise. Thomas: I would have to say Benji! I’d love to see “Thriller” performed live by him instead of the endless renditions out there! Q: Would you rather have candy corn for the rest of your life for every meal or be transformed into a piece of candy corn for a day? Cyma Zarghami, the president of Nickelodeon Group, says she is super excited for the popular TV series to get a spin-off so fans can get the opportunity to see beloved characters “play in fresh, new ways.” An animated version of “Henry Danger” shows how much the Schneiderverse wants to reach and cater to it’s wonderful audience in new and exciting ways. Take and look as we share this behind the scenes, NEVER BEFORE SEEN, footage of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell from season one of All That! is actually Jewish. The best halloween costume I think I’ve ever had was a werewolf only because it was fun to scare people. “Drake & Josh” is an American television sitcom created by Dan Schneider that aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons, from 2004 to 2007. I wore a wolfman costume underneath a pottery smock and went around holding various ceramic items. A piece for a day. Cree: The ones that aren’t scary.

Seeing how much fun these cast members had in between takes really shows how freakin’ awesome it is to work on Nickelodeon show! I wouldn’t even be scared. Cree: Someone hiding in the back of my car, waiting to attack me.

Behind the Scenes: Filming Victorious - Tori & Cat. Sean Ryan: I would be a piece of candy corn for a day because I feel like eating candy corn every day could make you sick.

Michael Jackson! I’d rather not drink the unclean, unfiltered blood of randos. I would have to say Benji! I’d find the witch or warlock who presented me with these two cruel options and burn them at the stake. What would your answers to some of these questions be?! Check back soon for more Throwback Thursday videos! Maddie: I’m not the best at doing pranks. As Nickelodeon celebrates the spooktacular holiday with fun TV specials, we’ve got another special treat to get you excited for one of the most freakin’ awesome holidays on [...], Dan Schneider has created some of the most beloved characters on Nickelodeon. She says she wants the best Christmas ever, and Drake tells her he’s going to make it happen (Remind anyone else of a certain “Kenan & Kel” Christmas special?). Riele: DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors’ powerhouse shooting guard, to experience what it feels to ball like that! Thomas and Benji are the pranksters on set. Thomas. It’s called “Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh,” and was the third most-viewed TV movie on cable.

As the ambitious businesswoman and daughter of an oil tycoon, Fallon’s goal is to take over the family business from her billionaire father — until he marries a rival employee. There’s plenty more hilarious. It’s time to “toon” in to an epic journey with some of your favorite, characters.

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