I think we have played more than enough reunion shows and now it's time to either stop doing reunion shows or to move on with a new album. Unfortunately, Heavy New Year 2016 set for the 31st of December has been cancelled. Terms and Conditions. I cannot find the words to describe how much i enjoyed every single gig. No scars, tattoos or disfigurements were found. Coroner will be performing on Sunday, 20th of May @ 16:45 – 17:45. This process is a formal legal process used to establish the cause, manner, and mode of death. And never forget! This victim was found in the river without teeth. Recorded from Hellfest 2011, in Clisson, France. Thank you so much not just for the great sounds coming from your magic organ but also for documenting all the shows with your 46 cams. Mass.gov® is a registered service mark of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Call 911 immediately if the missing person is disabled, requires medical attention, is considered to be at risk or is 17 years of age or younger. is now available for purchase directly from the band! This will *blow your mind*! Info/Tickets: https://www.metalfestival.ch. More info at: http://www.hellfest.fr/. The Coroners Service of British Columbia is responsible for the investigation of all unnatural, sudden and unexpected, unexplained or unattended deaths. Coroner is confirmed to play at Stereo Plaza - Kiev, Ukraine on September 9th. (Note: Thanks to John Holback for editing.). Use the code "spring sale" and get a 15% discount on the winter products listed at this link (2 hoodies; 1 beanie): Spring Sale. Festival date in Switzerland confirmed: Palp Fest in Monthey on the 11th of August. CountyOffice.org does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Thanks, Daniel Stoessel. Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Coroner's thrash metal classic, "No More Color"! The unidentified victim was found 1 to 2 months after his death. Unnamed friend dropped him off at Martin Luther King Medical Center in Los Angeles and told them that the victim was named Salvador Jimanaz and that he overdosed on drugs. Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. About Us Contact Us Help the coroner identify this woman who was found behind a Target store in Palm Desert fully dressed with superficial contusions to her legs and head. Giger: February 5, 1940 - May 12, 2014The world has lost a genius, visionary, and legendary artist. Happy New Year, everyone! Check out these Coroner group shots with new drummer Diego Rapacchietti. Check out these awesome video highlights of Coroner's recent tour of Australia in June 2014. While riding a bicycle, this man was struck and killed. Learn more about this unidentified victim found in 1994 in an open field. Bundle' and 'No More Color Bundle' - Each bundle includes an Autograph Card + T-shirt or girlie at a great price! Autopsy is a 3 x Blu-ray + LP or a 3 x DVD + CD set that is jam-packed with live recordings, a documentary movie of the band's history, previously unseen interviews and a best of compilation. County, Date Range (within a year), and Manner of Death Due to the promoter's family emergency, the Coroner South American Tour scheduled for this fall has been postponed to 2015. An unidentified man was found with a thin "Fu Man Chu" style mustache and 1" long goatee beard. Added more photos to the 'Media' section of the site - see 'Friends'. Then, in 2011, Tommy Vetterli, Ron Broder, and the then drummer and founding member, Marky Edelmann returned to the stage. The inquest may be held with or without a jury, at the Coroner’s discretion and shall be open to the public. Accreditation provides a means by which Medico-legal Death Investigation agencies may evaluate and improve performance. We have plans to add a couple more songs to our set list, but we’re not quite sure yet which ones. Coroner is a public official whose principal duty is to inquire into any death that appears to be unnatural. May 29th, 2014 (Salzhaus Winterhur, Switzerland) will see the debut appearance of Diego as the new man on the CORONER drum set. On January 4, 1999, the Coroner’s Office consolidated with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, becoming the 42nd county in the state to consolidate the Coroner’s Office with the Sheriff’s Office. For more info visit: Here's an updated flyer. Now, after 23 long years since the release of the bands last album Grin, (1993), CORONER are pleased to announce plans to release a new studio album with Sony Music and Century Media Records in 2017. Enjoy! It is exactly one year ago today, April 23rd, that Coroner embarked on their highly anticipated reunion. Duis tincidunt augue purus, sagittis consectetur risus. Magura Wave Fest in Simeria, RO on the 26th of August. A special thanks to all the other bands that shared the stage with us! Coroner jurisdiction is over certain kinds of deaths (as detailed in State Statute Title 16 P.S., County Code) that occur within Chester County. Learn more about this suspected homicide victim found in 1992. 5th February 2016 @ Traffic Live Club - Rome, Italy Tickets: http://bit.ly/1QBn5EE, 6th February 2016 @ Circolo Colony - Brescia, ItalyTickets: http://www.circolocolony.org, 7th February 2016 @ The Cage Theatre - Livorno, ItalyTickets: http://bit.ly/1PiNEgS. Metal Fest in Hüttikon, CH on the 8th of September. Associated with a known or alleged rape or crime against nature, Deaths in the custody of law enforcement, in prison or while under sentence, Deaths in state hospitals serving the mentally or developmentally disabled, The deceased has not been attended by a physician in the 20 days prior to death, Following an accident, or injury (primary or contributory, occurring immediately or at some remote time), Involving any criminal action or suspicion of a criminal act, in whole or in part, Known or suspected contagious disease constituting a public health hazard, Occupational diseases or occupational hazards, Physician unable to state the cause of death, Related to or following known or suspected self-induced or criminal abortion, All deaths in which the patient is comatose throughout the period of physician attendance, whether at home or hospital, All deaths of persons who are charges of the State, All deaths where a patient has not fully recovered from an anesthetic, whether in surgery, recovery room or elsewhere, Deaths occurring under 24 hours in a hospital, Deaths of patients who have had surgery during the current hospital admission, Deaths with known or suspected contribution by a therapeutic procedure, Solitary deaths (unattended by physician or other persons in the period proceeding death). Please note the following updates below!!! So, a very warm welcome to DIEGO RAPACCHIETTI! Learn how to request public records from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. New festival date confirmed: Metalmania Fest 2017 in Katowice, PL on the 22nd of April. Check out the live video of "Grin" from Coroner's show at the Stereo Plaza - Kiev, UA on September 8th: New section: 'Art' includes artwork of the band, etc. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner investigates the cause and manner of death for deaths that occur under violent, suspicious, or unexplained circumstances. The state of Texas is ranked 50th in Coroners & Medical Examiners per capita, and 49th in Coroners & Medical Examiners per square mile. For fans whom simply cannot wait for their next fix, CORONER have a special treat in store with Autopsy. A second female body was found in a burning structure on Highway 74 in Meadowbrook area between Lake Elsinore and Perris, CA. More details at the link below: Also, added more links to the 'Videos' under the 'Covers' subsection. These skeletal remains were found in the open desert area north of Palm Springs, CA, and south of the I-10 freeway. Three new show dates in Italy are confirmed: 5th February 2016 @ Traffic Live Club - Rome, ItalyTickets: http://bit.ly/1QBn5EE, 6th February 2016 @ Circolo Colony - Brescia, ItalyTickets: http://www.circolocolony.org, 7th February 2016 @ The Cage Theatre - Livorno, ItalyTickets: http://bit.ly/1PiNEgS. Daniel Stössel, our “fourth“ member! 2. Added an interview Marky did with Portugal's 'País Relativo!' Apparently a homicide victim, this body was found dumped down a hillside. You made it possible!!! This unidentified man potentially went by the street name of Taquachi or Tacuache. Get your Coroner Official Merch while it lasts! You guys did an awesome job and we hope you will be with us on the road till the very last show!!! So thank you all once more and I hope we are gonna see you very soon! The Vinyl + Blu-ray Box, which is limited to 3,000 copies, is a real collector's item and every copy of the box is signed by the band members themselves (See top photo!). We have a NEW Official North American Merch Store - check out the following link: Coroner is confirmed for Label Suisse Fest 2018 on the 16th of September in Lausanne, CH. There are 24 Coroners & Medical Examiners in Texas, serving a population of 27,419,612 people in an area of 261,181 square miles. Now, after 3 years, we have performed 27 shows all over the world! We work with families and funeral homes to provide information to those affected by sudden or traumatic loss. Also, photo galleries for never-seen-before photos from the band's private collection have been added to the 'Media' section of the site - enjoy! On January 8, 2005 the Coroner's Department merged with the Sheriff's Department. Suggest Listing

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