The camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities.

People of the American Civil War by state, Articles with German-language external links, Articles with Polish-language external links, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2014, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, German camps in occupied Poland during World War II, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics, Research Materials: Max Planck Society Archive, List of concentration camps and their outposts.

Budy 10.

This rapid expansion and military success resulted in an influx of forced laborers as the Nazi army captured prisoners of war and more opponents of the Nazi policy. Currently, the largest of these facilities is just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Many also have an airport nearby.

According to the table below, an estimated 7,991,460 people lost their lives in the camps.

List of Subcamps of KL Auschwitz (Podobozy KL Auschwitz). Expansion at the Outbreak of World War II, Women and World War II: Concentration Camps, Dachau: The First Nazi Concentration Camp, Arbeit Macht Frei Sign at Entrance of Auschwitz I, Overview of the Holocaust During World War 2, Reinhard Heydrich, Nazi Who Planned Murder of Millions, Role of Kapos in Nazi Concentration Camps, 11 Facts About Dr. Josef Mengele, the Auschwitz "Angel of Death", Industry and Agriculture History in Europe, B.A., History, University of California at Davis. Accurate numbers for exactly how many humans died as a result of the Nazi plans are simply not available and never will be.

Extermination camps are marked with lavender, Concentration camps are marked with light blue, Labour camps are marked with grey, while Transit camps and Collective points remain unmarked.

Construction and Expansion of KL Auschwitz ("Budowa i rozbudowa KL Auschwitz").

Brunn / Brono 11.

Almost every major German city had at least a slave labor camp nearby. In this map of concentration and death camps, you can see how far the Nazi Reich expanded over Eastern Europe and get an idea of how many lives were affected by their presence. Russia Historical facts have proven, time and time again, that Nazi Germany, planned and implemented their plan to rid Europe of those whom they considered sub-human. And the potential for

facility in this list is being used for this purpose, but many existing

Some of these camps were under Romanian control; e.g. These huge groups of incoming prisoners resulted in the rapid building and expansion of concentration camps further across Eastern Europe.

Death camps, constructed for the sole purpose of mass executions by means of poison gas, shootings, starvation, disease, and torture were used by the Nazis to exterminate those fellow humans--men, women, children , and infants--by design. Only three months later, the organization of administration and guard duties, as well as the pattern of ill-treatment of prisoners, had already been implemented. Belgium
Partial list of prominent concentration camps Edit. Erzeugnisse), Berlstedt (Deutsche Erd- und Steinwerke Dest), Dortmund (Dortmund - Hoerder - Hutten - Verein AG), Dusseldorf (Rheinmatall-Borsig AG - 2 kommandos), Elsnig (Wasag - Westfälisch- Anhaltische Sprengstoff AG), Giessen (Sanität-Ersatz und Ausbildungabteilung), Harzungen (Wirtschaftsforschungs- geselschaft WIFI), Hinzert (Special SS camp with 23 kommandos), Langenstein (2 kommandos, 1 for the "Organisation Todt"), Magdeburg (Braunkohlen und Benzin Brabag), Salza-Thuringe (production of V flying bombs - see, Sonneberg (Tandradbedrijf C.G. Note: Dora-Mittelbau was the cover name of the subcamp situated at Salza/Thuringe.

Germany officially declared war and began taking over territories outside its own in September of 1939. This database was designed to investigate mortality and morbidity in the camps during the war. submit info to us. The Nazi plan displaced millions of families from all over Europe.

The following list contains the name of the major camps.

During the Holocaust, it is estimated that the Nazis established approximately 15,000 labor, death, and concentration camp. Chrzanow 15. Mikhman, Dan; Gutman, Israel; Bender, Sara (2005). Dachau, the first concentration camp, was established near Munich in March 1933, two months after Hitler's appointment as chancellor of Germany.The mayor of Munich at the time described the camp as a place to detain political opponents of the Nazi policy.

Note: the German names of the camps are followed by the actual Polish names.

just click here.).

In 1942, three more death camps were built (Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec) and used solely for mass murder.

Poland April 1940- January 1945. Most of them were deported first to the ghetto Theresienstadt, and from there later on to the extermination camps.


Akmétchetka or Bogdanovka where 54,000 were executed between December 21 and December 31, 1941. Annihilation; Forced Labor.

Unlike many other concentration camps, which were intended for all categories of prisoners, Mauthausen was mostly used for extermination through labour of the intelligentsia – educated people and members of the higher social classes in occupied countries.

(If you think it's inappropriate to refer to these as concentration camps, Ellrich was known as one of the worst external kommando. Dead victims of KL Auschwitz per nationality and/or profile of deportees ("Liczba uśmierconych w KL Auschwitz ogółem wg narodowości lub kategorii deportowanych").

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