Garth's girlfriend Ann (played by Susan Sullivan, aged 34 and only 18 years younger than Heston). There were numerous air attacks by Midway-based bombers on approaching Japanese fleets completely omitted in the script. Byron, Stuart. The plot follows the real battle remarkably well. Good pilot. Senior officer Matt Garth is involved in various phases of the US planning and execution of the battle, while pilot Thomas Garth is romantically involved with Haruko Sakura, an American-born daughter of Japanese immigrants, who has been interned with her parents. : Frank J. As Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully write in "Shattered Sword" (2005), aerial photography from the battle showed nearly empty decks. We caught 'em flat-footed! 1976 was a last gasp for this kind of Old Hollywood movie. [15], Shortly after its successful theatrical debut, additional material was assembled and shot in standard 4:3 ratio for a TV version of the film, which aired on NBC. Both movies would change the way Hollywood did business forever and usher in the blockbuster era we still enjoy/endure today. Matt Garth First, an intelligence officer at Adm. Fletcher's Task Force 17 staff and then the leader of the last attack made by dive bombers from USS Yorktown. Charlton Heston, who plays the lead, was a rapidly aging 52. There's a reason that Hallmark doesn't write its cards in military style. Captain Garth SECOND ANNUAL GROSSES GLOSS There was some additional battle footage that covered the warm-up Battle of the Coral Sea, but mostly there was an invented new plot involving Capt. Adm. Chester W. Nimitz Captain Garth : Admiral, Commander Rochefort has something he would like to tell you. : But I wasn't active! : They've taken the bait, Sir. If you were a kid back then, you know his voice. Release Dates Her parents have been detained and could be on their way to a detention center. In the second air attack on Yorktown, the movie shows two Japanese planes hitting the aircraft carrier. However, these had the same effect as later carrier-based torpedo bombers decimated by Japanese fleet air-defenses portrayed in the movie. We like to call it "analysis.". | Miss Haruko Sakura Captain Garth Matt Garth's further exploits were pure fiction and resembled deeds of at least two more persons. Miss Haruko Sakura Good, he's doing good.

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