There were approximately 12,000 lightning strikes that started 585 fires in the state over the past week. Rumors have circulated through social media that some of the fires may have been intentionally set by either right-wing or leftist activists, leading some officials to mount social media campaigns of their own to dispel the myths. Environmental factors contributed significantly to the unprecedented fire season down under and they are playing out again in the US -- partially driven by the negative effects of climate change. By Matthew Bloch, Scott Reinhard, Lucy Tompkins, Bryan Pietsch and Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio. Nearly 41,000 residents in Sonoma County were under evacuation warnings or orders Saturday, officials said. California's wildfires have already burned more acres than any year on record. The SCU fire is now the 2nd biggest fire in state history while the LNU is the third. Firefighters from Los Angeles have made the long drive to help fight fires in northern California, only to see the need for those resources back home as blazes grow in the southern part of the state. In California, intense thunderstorms kicked off a number of large blazes in August.

California's wildfires ... but experts agree climate change explains the unprecedented nature of the current crisis. We used satellite images, videos and social media posts to track what happened. In September, he told CNET that "changes to the climate are exposing more areas to the likelihood of fire.". © CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. They also cannot completely filter out some of the gases present in wildfire smoke. Interactive real-time wildfire map for the United States, including California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and others. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. But as of Thursday, inmate crews were out on the line fighting the out-of-control Creek Fire near Fresno. "The debate is over around climate change," California Gov. The pandemic and wildfires have underscored issues of housing and growth. Inciweb currently lists over 100 fire incidents in ten western US states that are considered active. Gavin Newsom told reporters on Friday, standing in a charred landscape. Teams of National Forest Service and other agencies' "hotshot" teams travel from as far as New Mexico to fight fires on the ground. The risk of the wildfires burning across the Western US was well-known to scientists and, regardless of the origins, fires are fueled by a dizzying number of factors.

The fires dragging on for so long and continuing to spark in new locations brings the risk of resources being depleted. "Unprecedented" is the word again being used by officials, weather services and media to describe the size and severity of the blazes. By Thomas Fuller and Derrick Bryson Taylor.

About 24 hours after it started, an estimated 2,350 homes had been left in ashes. Get the latest science stories from CNET every week. Those areas include Lake, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma, and Yolo counties, according to a White House statement. The link between fires and climate change has become a political football, but experts agree climate change explains the unprecedented nature of the current crisis. Infernos in California, Oregon and Washington state have caused at least 36 deaths, with dozens missing and thousands of homes destroyed or evacuated since the season began. Read breaking news on current fires spreading in Northern California and around the state. Increased temperatures allow fires to burn more intensely and also cause forests to dry out and burn more easily. You can find current air quality data from AirNow for your ZIP code, city or state. During Australia's bushfire season, there was a stark increase in the amount of calls to ambulance services and researchers have demonstrated there may be a significant health burden on those exposed to smoke. Air quality became so degraded it forced the closure of Yosemite National Park. SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Over 18,000 firefighters continue to battle 27 major wildfires across California.. At the same briefing, Fire Unit Chief Shana Jones warned residents to be ready for possible evacuation. Forecasters and fire officials warned that strong, dry gusts, known as Diablo winds, could worsen the Glass Fire.

In places like San Francisco, Blade Runner-esque orange skies have alarmed residents. Cloth masks and other coverings we have become familiar with during the pandemic will not be effective at protecting against smoke. By Blacki Migliozzi, Scott Reinhard, Nadja Popovich, Tim Wallace and Allison McCann.

A total of 1.1 million have burned in the state with more than 13,000 firefighters working the fires, he said. Will the disruptions and dislocations force the state to chart a new course? We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read.

These are all at different levels of containment. ", Washington has also experienced significant fires, with almost 350,000 acres burned in a 24-hour period in early September. The dust and ash from the fires have turned the skies orange across California. The smoke and ash from wildfires can irritate the respiratory tract and make it harder to breathe. Indigenous groups have a long history of intentionally setting fires to keep ecosystems healthy. Two large fires broke out on Sept. 8, and Gov. A firefighter rubs his head while watching the LNU Lightning Complex fires spread through the Berryessa Estates neighborhood of unincorporated Napa County, California, on Friday, August 21. That fire was accidentally started by pyrotechnics set off for a gender reveal party outside Los Angeles. Fires can start in a variety of ways.

California wildfires: Homes burn in San Bernardino and strong winds threaten to stoke other blazes By Madeline Holcombe , Omar Jimenez and Jason Hanna, CNN Updated 10:25 PM ET, Thu October 31, 2019 On top of that, about 8 million people in parts of California, southern Oregon, Montana and southern Utah were under, Flames scorch roads in fires caused by lightning strikes, the 347,630 -acre LNU Lightning Complex Fire, 343,965 acre-acre SCU Lightning Complex Fire, number two and number three as the largest incident in the state. Discuss: Latest on wildfires in California, Oregon and West.

Latest updates on San Francisco Bay Area fires and wildfires burning across Northern California and evacuation orders. The Climate Council, an independent, community funded climate organization, suggests fire conditions are now more dangerous than they were in the past, with longer bushfire seasons, drought, drier fuels and soils, and record-breaking heat in Australia. Firefighters seemed to gain the upper hand on the fires this week, but new threats sprung up further to the south where the small town of Paisley was evacuated due to a human-caused fire.

Prolonged periods of drought and mismanagement of national forests may also play a role in helping these fires start. Human activity, like carelessly discarding a cigarette, poorly maintained infrastructure or even gender reveal parties with pyrotechnics can spark fires. Pacific Gas and Electric began shutting off power on Wednesday evening and said it might be restored Friday night. California wildfires have caused more deaths and destruction so far this year than in all of 2019. But the program has been criticized for the dangerous work that comes with meager pay.

"I want to be upfront in saying that we expect to see a great deal of loss, both in structures and human lives," Oregon Gov. The fire has burned more than 50,000 acres in California’s Napa and Sonoma Counties. Wildfires are getting worse in the US. Hundreds of fires were started by lightning, Cal Fire spokesman Steve Kaufmann said. As of Friday, there are major blazes burning in at least eight Western states, according to the interagency incident information system (Inciweb). The Almeda fire left a path of destruction as it tore through the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon. Wildfires aren't started by climate change, but they are exacerbated by the effects of global warming. The proof is right in front of our eyes. One of the reasons for a resource shortage: Fewer prison inmates than usual are helping, because of early releases during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Entire cities were flattened. The Sacramento Bee reports that four of the five largest fires in California history are currently burning in the state. The US Environmental Protection Agency says remaining indoors and limiting your time outdoors is "the most effective way" to protect yourself during wildfire emergencies. A devastating fire season is continuing to blaze a destructive path across the Western US.

And as tens of thousands of people heed evacuation orders, they're weighing the risk of. Blazes in Oregon have been increasingly destructive, driven by heavy winds. Firefighters make a stand in the backyard of a home in front of the advancing CZU August Lightning Complex Fire on Friday, August 21, in Boulder Creek, California.
Thick smoke from #CaliforniaFires #OregonFires crossing North America & North Atlantic reaching Iceland & Scandinavia over weekend in latest @CopernicusECMWF Atmosphere Monitoring Service @ECMWF aerosol forecast visualized by @windyforecast #wildfires

", On Sept. 8, 2020, the #GOESWest ️ focused in on the #OregonFires and #CaliforniaFires. The fire has burned more than 50,000 acres in California’s Napa and Sonoma Counties. From the lab to your inbox. We've gathered information about the wildfires here, along with where you can donate.
Tens of thousands of residents must evacuate their homes, and more than 100 wineries in Napa Valley are at risk of burning.

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