Campbell: The morning session was really tough. He's going to be special'., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Friendly; a quick friendly one-dayer that can be played by any two of the nine, World Series; this mode allows a tournament of up to five teams, including. As Gillespie, McGrath and MacGill all toiled for 20-plus overs, Warne – who had undergone shoulder surgery the previous year and missed much of the Australian summer – bowled 15.5 overs for figures of 1-70. The batting controls require strong reflexes and good timing. (Walsh was) very accurate, very skillful, so even on wickets that favoured batting he could still build pressure.

Obviously, Warne wasn't at his best and Stuey MacGill struggled a bit as well, and we just didn't seem to have any answers. The situation.

To (left-handers) Jimmy Adams and Brian, I'd go. We were trying to say, 'Oh guys, please, understand'. But when Griffith fell in the fifth over of the morning, and Carl Hooper followed soon after, the hosts had slumped to 5-105. I'd seen him before the Test when the Aussie boys were playing some beach cricket. Ambrose: From the very first time Ponting came into the Australian team as a young man, I said, 'Hmmm … this guy, he's got something.

That was Test match cricket at its best. I think as a new captain, things may be heightened because you've got the responsibility and you're thinking.

We had to grind it out and survive to lunchtime. Brian Lara Cricket ’99, a follow-up to Brian Lara Cricket ’96, was developed and published by Codemasters for Sony PlayStation and PC.

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All those cricket pitches behave differently, directly affecting gameplay.

And when you've got a great bowler, you tend to trust them sometimes more than maybe you should even, so I kept going.

He loved the challenge of fast bowling. I was coming off a five-wicket haul in Kingston, and they were saying things like, 'Come on mate, I thought you would enjoy the challenge. The hardest thing was walking back into the dressing room to face my coach.

Hard to do, but not rocket science as to why it happens. Campbell: McGrath was so consistent in terms of his pace throughout the Test match. Blewett: A lot of us didn't agree with the curfew. Pedro said to me something along the lines of, 'OK well I can't take a piss, but I can't watch this anymore either'. Waugh won the toss for the third time in the series and again elected to bat. Heals would never have used it as an excuse but it must've been tough to have had both his calves barking at him every time he tried to push off. Then he came out and became the hero again, as great players do. You work your arse off to get that nick, and for it go down was tough. He was always a keen observer and very quick to learn. For example, In hard pitches, the ball will come to your bat very nicely and you will enjoy playing your strokes. I was batting on the third morning and Carl Hooper went early, then Jimmy Adams (next ball), and we were six down in a flash.

He was a physically intimidating presence; he didn't say anything on the field, he just looked at you, and stared a lot.

The wicket brought legendary bunny Walsh to the crease, with six runs still needed and three balls left in Gillespie's over. Concerned some members of the touring party were losing a degree of focus, captain Steve Waugh imposed a curfew on his players. It would prove to be his last Test for more than five years. Sherwin Campbell, Adrian Griffith, Dave Joseph, Brian Lara (c), Carl Hooper, Jimmy Adams, Ridley Jacobs (wk), Pedro Collins, Nehemiah Perry, Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh, Michael Slater, Matthew Elliott, Justin Langer, Mark Waugh, Steve Waugh (c), Ricky Ponting, Ian Healy (wk), Shane Warne, Jason Gillespie, Stuart MacGill, Glenn McGrath, Maybe (the need for a curfew) was my fault – maybe we drank too much after the first Test match (laughs).

How cool is that? Blewett: You could certainly see Warnie wasn't at his best.

Ambrose: I remember walking out to bat with only Courtney to come. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. I've been the same – you start the tour with some optimism but as it gets towards the end you feel like you're not going to make a run, and I think Matty was probably in that space. I knew Shane Warne wasn't at his best, and I would be able to get a few loose ones.

When Steve Waugh walked to the crease, we said to each other, 'OK, three down, one or two more, we could get them out for a low total'. The deteriorating pitch. Then it was crazy scenes at Kensington Oval. He was just normal.

In the dressing room, Lara was just Lara. But I certainly don't blame any individual … we all made mistakes through the whole match, it just gets heightened in the last half hour of a match, when in reality we've probably made 10 or 20 errors that influenced the game.

On the contrary, if you are playing a match on a damp pitch, the ball it will carry a low bounce, making it very difficult to play your strokes freely. I'd kept everything on – my gloves, my helmet, my pads – and every noise from the crowd I knew something was happening for the West Indies. Clive told everybody to keep their positions.

But that just makes the story all the more compelling. Brian Lara Cricket ’99 features multiple game modes, including World Cup, in which you can play the entire Cricket World Cup to win the championship. The only concern modern audiences might have with Brian Lara Cricket ’99 is the lower graphics quality.

I remember just stopping and watching. And he did that very, very well for more than an hour.

He doesn't often get mentioned in those dispatches, but he was just as valuable to the team as Warne and McGrath.

I thought, this is it – the match is finished. (Walsh was) very accurate, very skillful, so even on wickets that favoured batting he could still build pressure. Courtesy of his match-winning 213 in Jamaica, Brian Lara had instantly transformed himself from scourge to saviour among the Caribbean people. And then, of course, there was Brian Lara’s Cricket, a special PC edition of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket, which would kick off Audiogenic’s Brian Lara series.

The company was reformed in 1985 as a game development studio, and that’s when the word Software was added to their name.

The next ball, I came forward and played toward Ponting at cover, I thought it was a little further away from him than it was, and I do believe he got a good bounce, but he left me short. Australia's spearhead had bowled 33 overs in the first innings, and would bowl 44 in the second; no fast bowler has sent down as many overs in a Test match since. Reverse swing. We put on 72 if I'm not mistaken and it was the first 50-run opening partnership of the series.

There’s also World Series (hosted by Australia), Knockout Tournament, Test Series, and Test Season. People were asking me, 'Perry, when you coming out from under that table?' I knew Heals was struggling; he'd tweaked both his calves so he was struggling to push off.

It was just an incredible day, right the way across. This means batting becomes quite a challenge.

And I'd go as far to say it would have to be in the top 10 knocks of all time.

I ducked under the first ball I faced, and I felt pretty good. Marsh: Ponting's decision-making against Ambrose and Walsh was brilliant. Just got on with it. I knew Shane Warne wasn't at his best, and I would be able to get a few loose ones. But we lost three wickets before stumps and with Brian coming in late in the day, I just tried to make him face as few balls as possible, because we were going to need him the next day. The batting, of course, is where you’ll have the most fun, with all defensive and attacking strokes carrying both front-foot and back-foot shots. He loved the challenge of fast bowling.

'Dizzy' (Gillespie) has to be on the verge of the category of 'great' bowler.

I thought it was phenomenal.

Have a bit of fun and get out."
Gillespie: I finally got a nick off Lara (with seven runs needed), and unfortunately 'Heals' (wicketkeeper Ian Healy) went one-handed in front of first slip and shelled the chance. Michael Vaughan played a couple of amazing knocks against us.

I was sitting beside Pedro Collins on the balcony.

But he.

Pedro was busting for a piss and (team manager) Clive Lloyd would not allow him to move. Gillespie: I was trying all sorts of things.

We were dead and buried. It was great to watch – McGrath trying to be aggressive, as usual, and Lara not backing down from a fight. By then I was saying to myself, these guys have just bowled for two hours, they can't come out and bowl after lunch. The Brian Lara Cricket story begins with a UK-based studio called Audiogenic Software Limited, which had actually been a recording studio (simply called Audiogenic Limited) before getting involved in the Commodore PET game manufacturing scene (if that transition seems odd, consider that the Commodore PET had a cassette drive, meaning data could be stored on cassette tapes).

I'd scored a hundred in Australia ... and I'd faced those guys before, so I knew what was coming.

He did that on that last day batting with the tail, with the way he controlled the strike, then put the foot on the accelerator when he needed to.

I was looking forward to the second innings. I remember Brian was pretty confident. (His recall in Barbados) came at a time when he was thinking, Ponting played some very good shots. We heard your interview, you were talking all these things'. Brian Lara Cricket, released as Shane Warne Cricket '99 in Australia and New Zealand, is a 1998 PlayStation and PC cricket game, endorsed by West Indian cricketer Brian Lara, produced by Codemasters, and the sequel to Brian Lara Cricket '96. How Resident Evil 4 Revamped the Classic Resident Evil Series, A Brief History of Every Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Game (The Neversoft Golden Age), Netflix’s High Score Documentary Scores Big, Retro World Series Hosting Crash Team Racing and Pokémon Stadium 2 Tournaments This Saturday. (Ambrose and Ponting had first squared off in an ODI on Australia's 1995 tour of the Caribbean, with the 20-year-old scoring 43 in Trinidad). Once Steve got a start, it was very difficult to dislodge him. Once the wicket settled down though, I didn't feel as if I was going to get out. I remember just stopping and watching.

Of course, the game’s other features are strong enough to cover that up, and fans could expect that graphics would get better in the future versions. To this day I maintain that was the best knock I witnessed against us.

There was a motorcade, we were travelling on the rooftop of the bus.

But it was strange, I'd only faced two balls but I had felt good out there. Ambrose: We had Australia three down for not many.

People were asking me, 'Perry, when you coming out from under that table?' As the series of matches goes on, difficulty increases.

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