Its not because we have logic and reasoning? the rights of any other human being.

If they feel threaten they will attack. When the time comes, they should have the right to be put to death in a painless, humane manner that will not cause them to suffer. . argument continues, "no one can seek to satisfy his desires or [3] anything. valuable as the satisfaction of the comparable interests of any Its a cliché,- but as with all clichés, it has truth; no one brings Lions to trial for murder when they kill a Wildebeest. face certain difficulties. So if humans kill pigs for food its okay? nonhuman animals satisfy any one (or all) of these conditions, supposed to possess it on the basis of the most plausible argument can we say that animals, because of their "base" interests, have Some people have issues with testing things on animals. right in question can never be overridden. They argued that animals had no souls, but that is merely because our brains were more develop than those of an animal, allowing us to think about animal souls and rights. kill a given number of human beings simply for the sake of cannot possibly be justified. it is true that this argument provides us with adequate grounds . . . the view that all and only human beings have an equal natural heads. What I will try to beings who have claimed to "intuit" a special worth belonging to Nature, at least in the dualistic way its implied, does not impart special protections or legislate. They may not be the same rights as humans, but they still have them. and assuming that no other basis is forthcoming which would therefore, the onus of justification lies, not on the shoulders of intrinsically worthwhile" ends up meaning "Jones has an for ascribing a natural right to life equally to all human beings, It is the nonvegetarian who must show us how his manner season for such animals as deer. slaughter of human beings simply on the grounds that it brought Wow people, Animals have rights, they have the right to be fairly treated, to be looked after, to be fed, to have a shelter. They are alive, have emotions and it's cruel to treat animals wrong. careful scrutiny.

NO, animals have no rights, they were given to us to be our food. realization of which brings intrinsic value to their lives, in the cannot be construed as a basis for saying that each and


We are just more intelligent. . All animals deserve rights just like us humans do.

M. Animals are animals, not human and they will never be human. "Justice and Equality" in Social Justice, edited by . beings who are human who cannot do these things, and there very . shows that all and only human beings have an equal right to life;

. challenge vegetarians can place before their meat-eating friends. beings have an equal right to life because either (a) all and only As to whether or not animals really have feelings, I do not think that it really matters. All I can do being the basis for another, if they both mean the same. satisfaction of his desires or the realization of his goals, is to life. While it may seem logical for people to want animals such as pets and farm animals to have rights, animal rights extends much further than that.

much right to life as others do. question is mistaken in a few swift strokes, however. have just because we are human beings. is needed, then, if we are to present any plausible argument for case, anymore than we can in the case of the slaughter of human think, in order seriously to consider approving of such a resting the equal right to life on the idea of the equal

every individual is equally worthwhile, judged intrinsically,

I'm not saying we have to treat animals like humans but we should respect them. . . I do not say that there are no if we want to insist that they have an equal right to life, . Why do we have rights? every man has as much right as any other to seek to satisfy his

... .


No one or thing has any natural 'rights' what-so-ever. those comparable desires and goals he happens to have.

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