This is the Haut-Rhin in Guebershwihr, Alsace -vins Alsace archive. It is known to be a restrictively productive vine, enabling the aromas and sugars to concentrate in the grape. Even the largest winemaking companies/négociants in Alsace tend to be family-owned. I co-founded Wine Folly to help people learn about wine. Alsace wine will change your perception of a traditionally sweet Riesling. Collectors remark at the smoky notes of these fine wines as they age.

Unlike most other French wine regions, there exists no Vin de pays designation for Alsace. These two wines will show you the amazing character of minerality and aromatics of Alsace wine. I had previously thought that sweeter wines had a difficult time keeping their alcohol content sufficiently high. In the same era, Alsace has also experienced a drive to higher quality, which led to AOC status being awarded. An alternative to red Burgundy, although the red Alsace wines are not cheap either. Get our free monthly newsletter, the BKWine Brief and join 25,000 other wine and travel enthusiasts. Because of its Germanic influence, it is the only Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée region in France to produce mostly varietal wines, typically from similar grape varieties to those used in German wine. Within this particularly large vineyard (close to 40 acres) there is also a plot of Pinot Noir, which can’t be classified as an Alsace Grand Cru AOC. 7.5% of the area is planted with this grape variety, used in red wine and also for rosé. This type of Pinot Noir goes perfectly with red meat and game. [2] In the AOC rules, the bottle type is actually called vin du Rhin, i.e., "Rhine wine bottle". ワインについて、僕SFが自分用のメモ・備忘録として書き込む場所です。 Grand Vin(偉大なワイン)は「偉いワイン」とは限らない。 かの有名な僕の名言です。(笑) あくまで自己流に、(お手頃価格の)ワインの世界を日々記録しています。 Wine grown in an exceptional terroir. Vendange Tardive means "late harvest" (which in German would be Spätlese), but in terms of must weight requirements, VT is similar to Auslese in Germany. You can also subscribe without commenting. Alsace as a whole is located on the western part of the Rhine Graben, which is the result of two systems of parallel faults, with a dropped down block between the Vosges and the Black Forest.[9]. Sparkling wines known as Crémant d'Alsace are also made. From north to south, the following 67 communes crossed by the Route are: An Alsatian Riesling from the lieu-dit (vineyard) of Patergarten made by the co-op serving the communes of Kientzheim and Kayserberg. In the range of higher degrees of ripeness, different sources vary considerably in the Oechsle to potential alcohol conversion provided. Strict control of the sugar levels are carried out by the INAO inspectorate (Institut national de l’origine et de la qualité) but they do not control the harvest date. Its perilous location on the border of Germany and France made the area a tug-of-war for centuries. Wonderfully effervescent, elegant and refined, Subtle and refreshing with a touch of originality. Vendange tardive (sometimes “VT” for short) is exactly what the name means: late harvested grapes that have reached exceptionally high sugar content. An elegant and fresh wine, delicately aromatic, A light-bodied, spring-like wine, both elegant and supple, Refreshing, light-bodied and thirst-quenching wine with a discreet fruitiness, Rare, naturally rich with a great aromatic complexity, Wonderful sweet, intense and remarkable wines, A light-bodied, crisp and refreshing wine. The region can be found in the very eastern side of France in a valley along the Rhine River – a river that separates France and Germany. This is way different than US requirements that only require a mere 75% (unless you’re in Oregon). It was once notably light but in an increasingly warm climate its colour is darkening and it is taking on more weight. The geography of the wine growing area in Alsace is determined by two main factors, the Vosges mountains in the west and the Rhine river in the east. Therefore, Riesling VT and Muscat VT tend to be semi-sweet rather than sweet, while Gewürztraminer and Pinot gris tend to be rather sweet already at VT level.

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